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Confession. I’ve traditionally not been the best present wrapper. I’ve been known to just tell people to close their eyes in the past and whip out a present from the bag I bought it in. Oh the shammeee – Martha Stewart would not be proud. So in the spirit of attempting to right these prior wrongs, I’m setting out on this Christmas season with the intention of wrapping the hello dolly out of my presents. People are going to think Martha herself was behind the magic they’re going to be THAT good. Ready to get crafty, America? In 3 … 2 …. 1.

Here is the loot I started with. A nice kraft paper base layer. Great since you can get a big old roll of the stuff for a $1.50 at JoAnns. Sweetness.

Kraft Paper Bag Wrapping

Now, I had a few options at this point. Past Mary would have looked at these bundles of Christmas joy and said, by George, they are wrapped!! DONE. Current, Martha Stewart inspired Mary, was singing a different tune. Time to spice these brown paper bags up.

To get started, I looted our craft container, aka, all the stuff left over from our wedding (5 YEARS ago) that I didn’t want to be wasteful and throw it away, so it sat collection dust. Things like crafty paper and ribbon, and lots of it.

Easy Holiday Wrapping

Since this whole wrapping presents thing was a pretty foreign concept to me, I had varied results. Some, I think, are ready for the prime pages of pinterest. Others … ummm … more like a kindergarten craft. What can I say, I’m finding my mojo. 😀 Here are some of my favs.

Inexpensive Holiday Wrapping Ideas

Simple, festive message. All in big old fancy pants block letters. I’m doing celebratory jazz hands as I type this.

Noel Gift Wrap

After I mastered the art of the block letter, I thought that some simple round ornaments might be fun, too. I used the ribbon box as a template and cut out some circles.

Voila. Round little ornaments of goodness.

Creative Holiday Wrapping

Since we also had some spare evergreen branches around the house, I thought a simple way to make some of the packages look a bit nicer would be to add a branch into the wrapping. Lurrrrvvve. Best part – totally freezie.

Kraft Paper Wrap with Evergreen

And another simple and sweet evergreen inspired gift.

Using Evergreen for Wrapping

In an effort to use up some of the extra wedding ribbon we had, I wrapped my madre’s present with a simple green bow. Being the plain jane girl I am, I’ve been digging the simple present wrappings the most.

Simple Holiday Wrapping

To help spread out the present wrapping load – Jay was my assistant and worked ahead of me to make sure all the boxes were wrapped nicely with our kraft paper. That step helped me oodles, since it’s really the part I’m the crappiest at. I always seem to mis-estimate the amount of wrap I need, which causes bunching and crunching and oye – it ain’t pretty. Division of labor at it’s finest. We also started to stuff some of the presents in bags at the end. I know – CHEATER!!!

For my gift tags, I’ll be using these guys. Feel free to print them out for your own use, too!

Gift Tags Promo

Other then having half of our gifts wrapped a solid 2-weeks before Christmas, the best part of the present wrapping extravaganza was that it was all done fireside with snow lightly falling outside. I’d say that’s some legit Christmas cheer.

Chesnuts Roasting on An Open Fire

Looking for more ideas? Get more free Christmas printables, here!

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