Wisconsin Winter

My first and fondest memories circle around the pine trees in my Grandparent’s back yard and the soft summer waves of Lake Michigan. We’d all congregate along their back driveway for our summer Fourth of July bar-b-ques and hold tight to sparklers  as dusk settled, laughing along side our cousins without a single care in the world.  Not a single care. We are no longer small, our minds have since forgotten how to wash away our worries and our cares, but I know that our Wisconsin roots still call to us all, it’s where our story began.


Much time has passed since those summer evenings in my grandparent’s backyard, and my Grandmother has since moved into a retirement community right on the shore of Lake Michigan. It’s beautiful and full of history, with almost all of the buildings dating back to the Civil War era. My Grandma is crazy about this place and loves to tell everyone the history of her new home every time you come to visit. On one of her self-guided tours of the grounds in her walker, she stumbled across this amazing old boarding house, which used to be a dorm for scholars at the institution. Turns out, they rent the rooms to visiting friends and family – so it was the perfect place for us to settle in for the holiday, steps away from G-ma. Sweetness.

This – is where we stayed.

Taylor Hall DeKoven

Crazy sauce, right? So disclaimer this place is AMAZING but when you are the ONLY family in it, its also kinda spooky. Because it’s big, and it’s old, and there are creepy baby Jesus pictures in it.

Here are some of the photos of the building’s interior, which dates back to 1875.

Garland On Staircase

Everything was decorated for the holiday’s, even though it was literally just my family of 7 staying in the ENTIRE place. They had a Christmas service in the hall, so I think it might have been decked out for that as well, but it was very fun to see everything beautified and festive.

Half of the bedrooms look out directly on Lake Michigan, and sun pours into all of the leaded glass windows each morning.

DeKovan Racine Wisconsin

Back in the day, this building was used as a dormitory for students, so it’s set up with upwards of 40 rooms with single beds. Absolutely perfect for a family retreat. 😀 And it’s only $66 a room per night. Ch-eap!

Here is another bedroom suite. Swoon.

Fireplace in Bedroom

Each floor had a living area, kitchen, and a suite of bathrooms. Kinda like a chic dorm style thing going on.

Vintage Shared Bathroom

This was the library on the 2nd floor. A karruummbaa, look at that library table. WANT.

Library Table

We’ve decided that we’d like to make it an annual tradition coming here. If you can get over the fact that you’ll most likely be the only group in this big old historic building, than this place is absolutely amazing to stay at. Can’t beat the price, and with my Grandma right next store, I can’t beat the location, either! 😀


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