Why is Everybody Always Looking at Me

Yeah, our bathroom had a bit of a problem. I distinctly remember the first morning in our new abode, I groggily hopped in the shower, only to realize that the neighbors were getting a hard core view of me suddsing up … from their kitchen. No, they are not creepy stalkers (that I know of), our b-room is just like RIGHT on the property line with no frosting on the top panel. Houston, we have a problem.

There was a half-hearted attempted to fix this issue by the previous owner in the form of a little dainty curtain, but let’s be honest, a dainty curtain just doesn’t cut it when it comes to this particular room. A window above a kitchen sink, sure. But not the window in your shower. Here is how the it looked prior to us getting our paws on it. See the ivy growing on the other side of the window? That’s our neighbor’s house. 🙂

Downstairs Bath | Before

Since this room will be primarily used as a tub room, we opted to put a stick-on diffuser on it for now.  The bottom portion has frosted glass already on it, which works great for the bottom panel but since we did not want to shell out a few hundred bucks for a new glass block window, we opted to go the $19.99 route. Vastly preferable. Plus, I think glass block windows are kind of funky looking anyway, especially for a window that is just sitting in the middle of an open room on display.

Privacy Window Film
Privacy Window Film

Overall, the install was pretty stinkin’ easy. Basically if you ever put a window cling on as a kid, your golden. Same concept, only bigger. Jay actually started reminiscing about his super-cool, I’m in high-school and need to have tinted windows so everyone thinks I’m like a rebel days. Yeah, I could see the twinkle in his eye as he slapped this sucker up.

First, get the window a wee bit wet so that the decal as something to stick to. Jay just sprayed it with window cleaner, per the boxes directions.

How to install window film
Window File Installation

After you got the window wet, just apply your piece of film right onto the window and squeegee out all of the air bubbles from the surface.  We cut our piece just a bit larger than the window itself, so that we could trim it out with an exacto knife after all the bubbles were out of it. It took probably 10-minutes to get all the bubbles out, so you have to be pretty patient. Plus, it was a bit annoying that new bubbles seemed to magically appear as you were working to get one out. Since you are constantly re-positioning the film on the window, the bubbles just kept popping up as we worked our way across the surface.

How to install window film
Installing Window Film

After the window was officially bubble-less, we grabbed a small, sharp object (i.e. razor blade) and started carefully trimming the excess film off the sides of the window.

How to install window film
Trimming the Window Film

And although this shot doesn’t show all of the window, here is an after shot for you. The best thing about this option is that it doesn’t really block any of the natural light coming into the space, so the room still feels nice, bright and open. Plus, the neighbor’s can no longer see me in my loo. Which is a very good thing.

Marble Hex Bathroom Floor
Bathroom | Progress

2 thoughts on “Why is Everybody Always Looking at Me

  1. I know you are using this room for baths but are you going to seal the window or do anything special to protect the sill/wood/etc? Curious if you had any tricks…

    1. In our last house we had a wooden window in the bathroom (that we showered in daily) and it was just painted with bathroom grade, semi-gloss paint, and that seemed to work ok (not ideal though, but not rotting the wood, either). We did find that there was a major improvement from installing the marble sill portion, since water really collects the most at that location. We also tried to slant the sill down a wee bit, to make sure the water ran off of it, and did not pool. We also really thoroughly caulked where the window meets the tile – which helps to keep water from getting in and rotting the wood.

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