Whiter and Brighter

I’ve got a thing for crisp, white, bed sheets. Ya know, hotel style? Perhaps I like them since in my mind, they usually correlate with someone else doing the laundry and making the bed, but something about a crisp white set of sheets kinda throws me over the edge.

See, as of late. Our bedroom was looking sorta sad. Insert below picture.

Mounting Headboard to Wall

We hadn’t mounted our headboard yet, so that was kinda disappearing into the ether, our main bed sheet was all stretched out and yellowish, and our pillows.

Well… they were mismatched and not looking so hot either.

How to Move Headboard Up

So after scoring a few sets of the brightest, whitest, crispest sheets at the goodwill for $1 a set (WHHHAATT???, I know, right?!) I thought that it was high time we gave our bed a little updating. Normally, sheets at the goodwill are something that you might have to settle for a few stains on (I mean, people usually don’t give away brand new stuff) but I’m pretty sure a hotel went out of business, since they had a ton of matching white sheets for the taking.

I put a bug in Jay’s ear that I wanted to raise the headboard when we put the new sheets on the bed, and after hearing power tool noises coming from the bedroom, I come into the room to see this.

How to not find a stud

Now, y’all, to say Jay got the stink eye from me for this level of shenanigans, well, that would be a fact. My response to a thousand holes in the side of my wall was: Jay – what the hello dolly do you think you’re doing. His response: Well, trying to find a stud!

Holy man.

Let’s all look at the picture above and nod our heads in unison as I say. Not the best way to find a stud. I think he needsĀ a stud finder for Christmas. And some joint compound. Jeeze Louise.

Mounting Headboard to the Wall

Eventually he did find that stud, and just used a scrap piece of 2×4 to screw in the back of our wood, DIY headboard to the wall.

In addition to being solid as a rock now (no wiggling), we also raised up the headboard so that it’s, well, normal height.

Looks better, right!

White Sheets on Bed

Here’s another shot from the side, so you can see that the piece of wood (or the ten thousand holes Jay made) are not visible (unless you stick your head back there to investigate)

White Hotel Pillowcases

While we were on this update, I thought it would be a good time to spruce up our bedside tables a bit, too. I’d been wanting to frame our anniversary card (5 years with this hole crazed man thisĀ June) – so now we have some art that personalizes the space, too!

A Bicycle Built for Two – Me and You.

A Bicycle Built For Two

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