While We had the Tile Saw Out…

I’m all about efficiency. If the tile saw is already chillaxin for the upstairs bathroom reno, and I know I want to do a downstairs bathroom reno, welll … yeahhh. We just did both b-rooms pretty much at the same time. Our only stipulation was that we had at least one functioning toilet. 😉 When I saw Bryn Alexandra chatting about her plans to install some marble tile in her abode from Home Depot for $3.99 per square foot my reaction was. RRRRHHHRRRRNNNTTT. Hit the BRAKES – did you just say $3.99 a square foot. A promptly carted my bum out to HD (Home Depot) to check out the goodies for myself, and sure enough, there they were shining in all their glory.

Greecian While Marble Tile
12×12 inch Marble Tile

Since we had just payed closer to $12 per square foot for our marble mosaic tile in the upstairs bath, I really couldn’t resist this steal of a deal. And, the cherry on top was that our bathroom was less than 20 sq. feet, bringing the total cost of a marble tiled bathroom to only $79 buckaroos. H to the IZZO. Since we already had the grout and the mortar from the upstairs reno, we could get right to crack-a-lackin.

Tile Demo
Bathroom Reno

And that was just what Jay did. I mentioned I wanted to get started on the downstairs bathroom, and when I came back from the grocery store, this was what our basement bathroom looked like. That a whole lotta white tile. A sea of ugly white tile and thick grey grout. I practically shook Jay’s hand when I walked in the door I was so happy to see this. Progress. Music to my eyeballs.

$3.99 Marble White Tile
Greecian White Tile

While Jay was finishing up the demo and cleaning process, I was carefully laying down each tile to get just the right look going on for the room. Namely, I wanted all of the grain (is it even called grain on a stone, I don’t know) on the tile to be flowing in the same general direction, to provide some continuity in the room. Since the room is so small, I kinda felt like this step was extra important, since one misplaced tile has the potential to stick out a wee bit more when the eye only has so many places to go to. At least, that is what the diva designer in me says. 😉

How to install tile in basement bathroom
Laying the First Tile

Speaking of general looks, we also thought it was important to have the middle row of tiles perfectly centered in the room, to aid with the whole mission of good aesthetics. When measuring for the center, we omitted the area under the cabinet (to the left in the picture), since we figured that area would not be visible to the eye, and therefore could throw off our mission for a perfectly aligned tile. To help center the tile, Jay grabbed his trusty measuring tape, and the chalk line to carry the line down the room.

Malcolm the Cat
Orange Tabby Helping

Said combination of chalk string and management duties was just too much for the orange tabby to pass up. 😉

Although we were a little demo happy (ahem, Jay), we did snap some before pics after the tile had been removed, so you can see where we are starting from with this room. Lime green walls, and ceilings. Yes, there was some type of strange fascination with the previous owner of painting all the ceilings the same color as the room. Usually in lime green. (Both bathrooms had the same paint color).

Basement Bathroom
Bathroom | Before

And here is a view looking at the vanity cabinet. The cabinet is in great condition, so we definitely intend to re-purpose it with a coat of paint and perhaps some new hardware.

Basement Bathroom
Basement Bathroom | Before

I’m pretty pumped to see how this room turns out. It’s the bathroom we use the most, so it will sure be nice to spruce it up a wee bit, and make it feel more “us”.

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