When in Rome

You know when you find something that fits the bill in the most perfect way, and it’s, like, a steal of a deal to boot. Is there anything better? Folks, I’ve gotta share that JCP, as in JCPenney has the best roman shades known to man. And they’re cheap, y’all. So, so cheap.

Truth be told, we’ve been buying blinds from penneys since our first house, and although I was impressed with the price on our first set from them, the quality didn’t bowl me over. I mean – it was absolutely fine – just not custom quality or anything like that. And for the twenty bucks a pop we spent – you can’t really lay much blame there, right? Here are some of the bamboo shades we had in house numero uno.

Lenda Curtains

Our second house actually had custom blinds installed in all the windows on move-in day, and even though the style wasn’t my favorite, the quality was solid, so we didn’t even think about replacing them.

Enter our current house, with – not a single functional window treatment on a single window – and let’s just say we were back in the business of window shade shopping. 😉

For the vast majority of the house, we’ve settled on these guys.

JCPenny Roman Shade Classy, understated, super easy to use and starting at $30 a pop, I couldn’t resist! Plus, I can tell you that after comparing these to our custom shades in the last house – that the quality is nearly identical. Sa-weetness.

Low and behold, since our house was built in 1939, and has not a single standard window size (that should be fun when we got to replace them), we had to get creative after our new window treatments arrived.

Remember this guy, that we used for our little door detail demo?

Using a Dremmel

Our $20 tool came in for the win again, this time to notch out a small piece of the window frame so that we could get our abnormally shaped windows some shades.

Installing Roman Shades

Once we took a small section out of the window, we were able to slide those babies right on in. After a few screws, we had some fine looking window covers.
White Sheets on Bed

The roman shades have the nicest folds in them when they’re open, and they’re blackout shades, so when they’re down the room is quite dark.

JCPenney Roman Shade

Now, if you look closely at our windows you’d notice that they’re not quite there yet. This room was a creamy dream when we moved in (aka not white trim), and I guess the pictures tell the story on how far we’ve gotten on that front 😉

Cordless Roman Shade

One of these weekends, it’s going to happen!

Since these shades are cordless, they’ve also got a handy little handle/cover that you place over the fabric, to keep them from getting soiled by dirty paws as you grab them to bring the shade down at night.

Roman Shades from JCP

To keep our costs more manageable, we’re doing one room at a time. For under $100 though, I’m pretty pumped to have some chic window shades in our bedroom. Heck, I’m pretty happy to have any window treatments in our room!

7 thoughts on “When in Rome

  1. Hi! Love your blog – found it through Nurse and Nerd. 😉 Do you have a link to the exact roman shades? I love them and can’t find them on the Penney’s website for less thna $90!

    1. Hi Julia!! Looks like the price did bump up to $60! They’ve got a coupon code on the website for 40% off blinds though – so it looks like they bumped up the price and added a discount. JCPenney runs a different promotion pretty much every week – so I’d check back if I were you. We paid $30 each, and used a 20% off coupon to boot! 🙂

      Here is the direct link, if helpful: http://www.jcpenney.com/window/jcpenney-home/jcpenney-home-dover-cordless-roman-shade/prod.jump?ppId=pp5003861224&catId=cat100260228&subcatId=dept20022800026&deptId=dept20000011&&_dyncharset=UTF-8&colorizedImg=DP0404201417130734M.tif

  2. Thank you SO much for this information! I am a fan of JCP and have been for years. I love the fact that you’ve given this testimonial w/o receiving any kickback from the company! You’re blog is one of my new faves, as I’ve unsubscribed to a few who really, bored.me.to.tears. Your house is shaping up nicely! Keep up the good work!

  3. Looks great! We are also renovating our new old southern home. Do you know the name of the tool you used to notch? Looks like a great birthday present for my husband. We have the same problem with our windows here!

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