Downtown Durham has so many lovely neighborhoods. From Trinity Park to Forest Hills, there are plenty swankafied areas to call your own around here. After our grand old tour of Bull City on Wednesday, I thought it might be fun for all of y’all to see some of the neighborhoods we’ve been house hunting in as well. For a full disclaimer, this is (in no way) a full representation of all the great, and very diverse Durham neighborhoods out there, only the one’s that we’ve been searching in during our little house hunt.

Remember this little heartbreaker, the one that got away?

Durham Real Estate

This sweet little home that we almost called ours is right along the edge of one of the local favorites – Watts-Hillandale, which is the first official stop along our Durham city journey. This neighborhood has way too much cuteness to scrunch into one little blog post, but it’s at least a sampler for all of you to kind of see the areas we’ve been searching through on our hunt!

So that you kinda have a lay of the land while we’re virtually exploring all of these neighborhoods, I thought I’d put together a nifty little map to go along with all this goodness.

Durham Neighborhood Map

That hunka chunka pink up to the left is Watts-Hillandale. My map kind of cannibalized a neighborhood called Old West Durham, which is technically in the bottom portion of the pink. Sorry Old West Durham, my bad.

Watts-Hillandale is all kinds of gorgeous and was definitely the neighborhood where we focused our initial search. Being that we were from out of town, we depended heavily on our awesome Realtor Eve to help guide us toward the winners.

Watts Hillandale Durham

One of our favorite parts about this neighborhood is this gorgeous (huge!) park, called Oval Park, which is basically centered right in the middle of this section of town. The park is constantly full with families playing, and twice now we’ve seen a mobile farmers market truck stationed there, too. (SO cool!)

Oval Park Durham

The houses surrounding the park are exquisite. Total leave it to beaver babes that just suck the breath right out of you. Like this yummy number.

Oval Park Watts Hillandale

Seriously. If I don’t own this home sometime in my life, I might just die from the disappointment of it all. I LOVE. Even though this house more or less looks like it’s in a rural setting, it’s super close to downtown. Sweetness.

All the blocks are tree lined and completely gorgeous. This is a shot of Club Avenue, which is one of the prettier streets in Durham. Every house is so well maintained, and they all date back 100+ years.

Watts Hillandale Neighborhood

Some of my personal favorites that dot the landscape here in Durham are the craftsman bungalows. These suckers had me at hello.

Watts Hillandale Homes

Right?! I know, they are just too scrumptious for words.  I couldn’t help but keep clicking away.

Homes in Watts Hillandale

Down here in the south, those big old front porches get lots of use! 😀

As for back of the house entertainment – Jay and I were both fancying this set up! Built-in grill and a pergola – mmmm, yeah, I need that.

Pergola on the Garage

Right on the edge of Watts-Hillandale, there’s lots of activity around the 9th street corridor (one of the favorite shopping districts in the town). In addition to the high density developments I mentioned on Wednesday, there are lots homes being rehabbed into really gorgeous properties. This little group is one of my favorites.

New Developments in Durham

They’re single family homes that are being converted to ultra-classy duplexes. It’s super evident that the developer is really paying attention to the details with this reno. They’ve been refinishing a lot of the details on these homes, vs. just hauling them and replacing them with something pre-fab. I’m super interested to see what these land up going on the market for, since they are gorgeous!

9th Street Durham

And to round out our tour of Watts-Hillandale … another craftsman. I just can’t get enough of them! 😀

Craftsman Bungalow

Up next week, I’ll have a tour of the Forest Hills neighborhood, and the week after, I’ll finish up with Trinity Park!

3 thoughts on “Watts-Hillandale

  1. Hi there, It”s Sandee Schnupp here again! I just loved your latest post about your “house hunting adventures”; Durham looks like a really neat place to live! I wanted to correct my spelling in my last comment to you; I misspelled the word “accommodate”! I really hate it when I see misspelled words and there I did it myself; oh well no one is perfect!!! What is the inventory like for houses up “for sale”? I hope you and hubby find your “dream house” soon;then you will feel much more settled. Keep up the great photo tour!! Take care! Sandee Schnupp.

    1. Hey Sandee! You’re cracking me up over here with the spell check! 😀 The inventory has been super tight! We’ve been having a tricky time finding anything in our target neighborhoods – hopefully soon!

      All the best,


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