True story. The other day someone came to our house to buy something off of craigslist, and do you know what they said? They said they liked our wallpaper in the foyer. Wait, let me say that again. That they liked our wallpaper in the foyer. Now it’s a good thing that Jay was the one assisting them, since ya know, I think I would have snort laughed at them, and that might have been considered rude.

Yes, this wallpaper.

Blue and White Wallpaper

Now, this wallpaper gives me nightmares. The dang stuff creeps me out. It’s like old fashioned people dressed in blue are staring at me all the time. I just couldn’t handle it. So this weekend, I smiled nicely at Jay, handed him a scrapper and said, son – let’s get to gettin.

Lucky for us (although tedious) this stuff slides right off like butta (MUCH easier than our last round of removal).

Like full sheets. The top layer practically came off in sheets just pulling it off with our bare hands.

Removing Wallpaper

Side note – have you guys been to Savannah? Jay and I came to the conclusion that the pink hue underneath all this wallpaper reminded us a lot of the Old Pink House in Savannah. Truth. This also gave me the creeps, since you know, that’s haunted and all.

Old Pink Walls

Our general system is that Jay would come through and remove the top sheet of wallpaper, while I would spray everything down underneath, and come back through to scrap off the sublayer and glue beneath. This, turns out, was quite messy.

Removing Wallpaper on Steps

Once I had gone through and scraped off everything that I could reach, it was Jay’s turn to get the higher spots throughout the house. Tag teamin’ it.

How to Remove Wallpaper

Now, we knew there was probably a reason why this entire space was wallpapered (including the ceiling in the upstairs hallway) so although it wasn’t a pleasant discovery, I can’t say we were surprised to find some serious crack action happening on our walls. Since the basement issue wasn’t dealt with for quite a while, and it seems like the previous owners opted to cover things up vs. deal with them (wallpapering vs. fixing the basement), there are some settlement cracks in the house that we’ve had to work around as we go from room to room. That’s how the cookie crumbles when you buy a 1939 home though.

Cracking Wall in Old House

Now that the blue and white nightmare is down, I’m starting to get some ideas of what I’d like to do with the space. Chalk it up to all the cracks, but I’m thinking that I might add some more wallpaper! 😉 Something a bit more subtle though, perhaps like the grass cloth wallpaper shot I’ve got below, with wainscoting down below (like the master).

Grasscloth Wallpaper

And although this really doesn’t look like progress, we’re pretty darn happy to have our hallway looking like this these days.

Removing Wallpaper on Steps

Instead of this.

Blue and White Wallpaper

The orange tabby, meanwhile, just wants to fit in as many naps as possible. 🙂 Jay, turns out, was happy to join him post wallpaper removal.

Cat Nap


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  1. Mary that “Jay-bird” of yours is one hard working guy!!! You are very lucky to have him as your hubby! You two have accomplished more in a few weeks than most couples do in a “few years”; just amazing!!!

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