Walk All Over Me

Mmmm – is there anything nicer than having something soft and cushy underfoot? I knew our Living Room was missing an area rug, I just didn’t know how much of a difference it would make with this room. Everything feels so much more put together and cozy now.

Last week, I told y’all that we got all twitchy and decided to start moving furniture around. Ok, yes, I was the only one that developed a twitch, but my sweet husband offered to help me maneuver furniture around this joint since my knocked up condition limits my hee-man lifting capabilities. As of last week, our Living Room looked like this:

Olive Sofa with IKAT Pillows

Rug … give me a ruuuugggg. Can’t you just hear those floors calling out for mercy. They knew it, I knew it – so I gulped and clicked buy for our new Flor tiles. Added bonus, we waited to pounce until we had a 25% off coupon in hand, which helped ease the pain a bit.

After we added some soft cush underfoot, things looked like this!

A Tisket a Tasket Flor

I LOVE this carpet you guys! As much as I will always have a soft spot in my heart for natural fiber rugs, I’m loving that we decided to switch it up in here this time around.

A Tisket a Tasket Oatmeal

In the end, we decided to go with the style – a Tisket, a Tasket, in Oatmeal. It’s neutral and goes perfectly with our existing furniture.

Custom Size Carpet Squares

In some spots, you can see the square edges more than I’d like, but overall, I figure that’s a small price to pay to have a rug that’s more washable, and swapable, in the event we have an accident on it down the road. I by we, I mean Jay – he’s prone to accidents, poor guy… 😉 Oh and the cat, and the future little human – I guess they might fall into that category, too. Accident prone.

Flor Review

Our ottoman was scooting all over the place pre-rug, so it’s nice to have everything a bit more stable, and stuck in place, now that we’ve installed the rug.

Tufted Linen Ottoman

One thing I did notice on the rug, is that the edges looked a bit frayed when we first installed everything. I came back through with a pair of scissors to trim along the edges, and we haven’t had any issues with additional pilling.

FLOR Carpet Review

We also noticed after assembling the rug, and adding our furniture back in, that we were actually a row short of ideal.

In the name of symmetry and more cushiness – I ordered a final row to finish off the room.

Custom Sized Flor Carpet

Has any one else ordered FLOR tiles before? What do y’all think of them?

3 thoughts on “Walk All Over Me

  1. It really pulls the room together so well! I love how neutral it is so it will go with anything you choose to stick in there. (Side note: we recently got a rug back from being cleaned and the edges were all frayed. I went around the entire edge of it with a lighter and just sort of singed any frays. Worked like a charm!)

  2. We’ve had them in our front entry going on 5 years now. Walked on daily and they’re still holding up and still look pretty good too! We found with cutting them, a carpet knife and a great straight edge (we used a long T-square) will work the best.

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