Twin Bed Set

Two is twice as nice, isn’t it? Remember when I introduced you guys to our sweet little nursery addition last week? Well I’ve been looking for a twin bed set for as long as I can remember, and I’m so glad I found one!

Antique Twin Beds

The best part about our new bed, is that it comes with a matching twin bed, so it’s a twin bed set! For the age of these beds (80 years+) it’s super difficult to find a matching set, so I’m pretty pumped about it.

My favorite little human rooms have always centered around two flanking twin beds. Something about it just looks that much more cozy and inviting and warm. Do you guys love that look, too?

I pulled together a few of my favorites this week with twin bed sets:

Gold Child's Room


Lisa Ly By Ryan


Double Twin Beds


Two Twin Beds


Rustic Child's Room


Although the day that our little people room has two twins in it instead of a twin and a crib is still years away, I like to imagine what the space would look like! Hopefully we’re able to get something that looks close to these gorgeous spaces 🙂

One thought on “Twin Bed Set

  1. Hi Mary, those beds that you found are just beautiful! I just love furniture that has age; I think that type of furniture was constructed soo much better and the wood was real and not “pressed cardboard”. Your home is looking great and I would love to see a picture of you “with child”. Hoping you are feeling well and keep up the good work[of course I”m including “Jaybird” too.] Sandee from Fairfax Va.

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