Trinity Park

Call me biased, but I saved the best Durham neighborhood for last πŸ™‚ They’re all lovely – but I literally could not be more excited to formally announce that we’ve found a little corner of Durham that we are going to call our very own. Yes sirree Bob, you’re hearing me right sons and daughters of mother earth, we found a HOUSE. Wooopie woo, frutie too, I’m so happy boom de boo.

It was a long time coming, but for the foreseeable future, we will be parking our little booties at this joint. Gah!!!! Pinch me, hit me, pummel me with a sucker punch. I think I’m in love.

Trinity Park Durham

Now if you’re looking at that house and saying to yourself, well Mary, I thought you were all about fixing up houses – that one looks done!?! I’d be more than likely to agree with you. Based on that house exterior, there is very little that I’d think needed to be done, too. But looks can be deceiving my friends … after the giveaway on Tuesday, y’all have got to come back on Wednesday to see just what I mean. This house was pretty much built in 1939, and not really updated since. Ok, I lied, window valances were added sometime in the 80’s (yep, those kind of window treatments…) πŸ˜€ Anyway, we’re still firming up the details on making this pad o-fficially ours, but if y’all swing back on Wednesday of this week, I’ll have a full coverage post where you can see the innards of this little charmer!

Other than the house being so ultra cute, the other thing that completely and totally sold us on this oneΒ was the absolutely stunning neighborhood all around it. It’s really a million times prettier than any neighborhood we ever could have hoped to call ours and I think I can speak for the mister as well when I say we’re pinching ourselves like whoa when we think about calling this home.

For those of you that like to get your bearings before you jump on in to anything, here is the Durham map again, so you can see what section of town we’re talking bout. We’ve already toured Watts-Hillandale and Forest Hills, and today we land in Trinity Park.

Durham Neighborhood Map

Lucky for us, this location is right in the middle of all the action. It’s close to the farmer’s market, walking distance to the downtown restaurants and bars and a quick walk to my work, too! Added bonus, our neighbor’s houses look like this!

Durham Real Estate

Yeah, we’re totally slumming it compared to the neighbors. πŸ˜€

Here is a view down the block so you can see a walking man vantage point.

Trinity Park Neighborhood

There is such pride of ownership in this neighborhood, and really a long tradition of families owning the same abode and just handing it on down to Jr. which made it pretty darn hard to find a place in this little section of town. Speaking of Jr’s, although little humans are not on the radar in the immediate future, when we do have them some day, this will be the school they’ll most likely be getting their learning on in.

George Watts Montessori School

Adorbs, right? It’s nestled right with allΒ the houses, and only a few blocks away from our new place! As urban dwellers, one of our goals has always been to have our kids school close enough so that they can cart they’re own little booties there each day, vs. us have to do the whole mini-van routine, so finding a school so close to home made us pretty happy. Growing up, I was literally across the street from my elementary school, so I guess that it must have worn off on me somehow.

Here are some more of the neighborhood houses, this one’s kitty corner from the school. Is that front porch amazeballs, or what. NEED.

Homes in Trinity Park

I told y’all about my love affair with ivy covered walkways in my Forest Hills post, so you better bet I stopped in my tracks to snap a photo of this lovely looker.


Pretty much every house in this neighborhood has a porch that’s perfect for some sweet tea afternoon sipping. πŸ˜€ Seriously, everyone should move south, couldn’t we all use at least one sweet tea break a day? (Notice … more ivy)

Trinity Park Durham

This brick beauty is one of the quintessential Trinity Park looks. Classic and oh so fabulous. Sans a big old front porch, like many of the others, but I think that stately walkway makes up for it, don’t you?

Traditional Brick Home in Trinity Park | Durham, North Carolina

A lot of the homes in Trinity Park are pretty formal looking (like the one above) so I really like this craftsman bungalow below that’s rocking a lime green exterior. With bones that beautiful, this house could pretty much pull off any color combo!


Pretty nice little hunka chunka Durham, right? Can you see why we fell in love with this city?! I’m so excited to show all of you guys our new pad on Wednesday!! It needs a fair amount of elbow grease, but I’ve gotta tell you, I’m so, SO in love with it!

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  1. So exciting for you! Looks similar to our neighborhood with do many older stately houses, but these just look so distinctly southern! I love it and can’t wait to see the interior of your future abode!

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