Trim to the Brim

We’ve had some unfinished business up in this joint and trim work was the main culprit. Walking around the house, there were still a few lingering locations that just never looked quite right after the floor refinishing. The most offending locations? Our french door and the foyer. Let’s start with the later. This room never had quarter round in it before, so it just didn’t look up to snuff compared to the rest of the house. Like the black sheep, kinda chillin’ by itself up front.

Dark Walnut Mixwax

I mean it didn’t look bad persay, just different. Since we already had most of the quarter round hanging out in the garage, we opted to just pop some up last weekend since we knew it would make the space look that much more spiffy. Virtually free home improvements are my favorite kind. So we got to painting.

How to Paint Trim

And Jay grabbed his favorite tool. Gajunk. Gajunk. This nail gun and compressor is pretty much the best tool we’ve ever bought. Jay loves it since it makes his honey do list that much easier, and I love it since the nails are virtually invisible. With a speck of caulk over the hole, they disappear completely. Before, the hammer just did a number to the trim and you could see spots where the wood got dented from an overzealous whack or two. No good, amigo.

How to install quarter round

Here is how the front entry looks post quarter round. Beauutiful. But man do those floors look DARK. Like the outside of an oreo cookie and the trim is the hydrogenated soybean oil filled cream. Yum. You can see how much extra light comes into our dining/kitchen space now, too, with the french doors on the back of the house.

Minwax Dark Walnut

While we were at it, we decided to pop a bit of trim on the french door off the dining room. Since the screened in porch was added onto the house later, it bumps up a bit, so you have a few inches of rise between the wood floor on the interior and the exterior outside. Which led to this happening.

How to add trim around door

There is probably 2″ of difference between the door and and the floor in this room, which is a bit of a trip hazard, in all honesty. There is nothing we could do about the height difference, but we could definitely take care of the big chunk of stain filled trim under the door and make it look a bit better aesthetically.

Installing Trim Under Door

So the first iteration we just installed a flat piece of painted trim below the door. It looked better, but you could still see strip of the brown trim from below the door. So we uninstalled that trim, bummed it up and centimeter or so, and added quarter round. Zinggggg. Now that is what I’m tallking about.

Quarter Round Below Door



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