Trim, My New Nemesis

Trim. Let’s just say this install was not pretty and that trim and (we) are on bad terms these days. It’s got some serious apologizing to do before I think I can even consider letting it back into my life. I mean, just look at this, not a pretty close up!!

How to fix trim
Popped Trim

This install had been giving us some issues already, mentioned here, but the trim turned out to be our true nemesis in the matter. It just would. not. fit. We would get one piece in, and that side would look right, only to have the next side pop up and and get all janky. Errgghh. Grumble grumble.  Jay worked to carefully align each piece prior, so we could do a dry fit with the pieces up, prior to nailing anything into place where it was a bit harder to move things around if needed.

How to nail in trim
Nailing in the Trim

But after all our hemming and hawing and moving pieces around, when we finally got down to business to nail these guys in, we were in for some fun. Oh yeah – a barrel of monkeys worth of fun. Carpenters we are not, but we’ve certainly put up a good deal of trim in our day. Door trim, floor trim – I feel like I’m narrating a Dr. Suess book here. Well any way – it turns out built-in trim is a grade above the rest.

How to glue trim
Gluing Trim In

After we got the first two pieces in, we figure the easiest way to avoid the extra popping up of the trim on the edges was to glue the top and bottom pieces into place, and then reinforce with nails as needed. One of the things that made this install sorta tricky was that the only thing we could nail into behind the trim was the cement board – which was really hard, and NOT easy to nail into. I tell myself after each trim install that we really need to finally invest in a nail gun already to have the trim take a little less abuse during the installation process. I think that a nail gun would have helped here too, just to give that extra bit of power to get the nail in there easier.

Ungrouted Subway tile
Subway Tile

And did you happen to notice anything under that piece of trim Jay is gluing in? Yes, that is a popped subway tile. Frickety frack! That baby just popped right on off as we were nailing away trying to get the bottom piece in. Since the trim overlapped a wee bit with the tile below, there was a bit of an issue with the added pressure, causing this piece of tile to come right off. Bummer dude.

How to sand trim
Sanding the Trim

After we had all of the trim installed, we came back through with a hand sander, to just help even out any inconsistencies in height between the two pieces. That helped a little bit, but ultimately we opted to leave the trim on the gappy end, in order to avoid to much height variation. My theory was that I would rather have an issue with gaps than have the popped trim (like the first picture – not good!). I when I say gap – I mean GAP. A la the picture below.

How to fix gaps with caulk
Gaps on the Built-In

Have no fear! Caulk is on it’s way to rescue this janky little shelf and get this little guy cracka lackin’ and (finally) storing all our bathroom essentials. 😉

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