Yep, the bathroom trim is getting chopped. Actually, just the old trim is getting the boot. It’ll be back with a whole new look after we get the floors installed ๐Ÿ™‚ Here is a lovely shot of the trim before painting. MMMMM very 80’s, no? I’m a firm believer that trim should be white. Never came across a chunk of crisp white trim that I didn’t like ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m hoping this room can go from geek to chic with the addition of our marble floors and subway tile. EEE, so excited!

Trim Before Painting
Wood Trim

Since we wanted to keep this trim, and just paint it white to match the new look, we had to be VERY careful when removing it. So it wasn’t your typical take a sledge hammer to it demo. I want to be your …. Sledge Hammer. Bet you’ll have that in your head all day now.

Careful Trim Removal
Careful Trim Removal

Here is Jay, carefully removing each piece with a chisel and a mallet. Luckily, since the trim had not been painted over, it was pretty easy to pop off. He just worked across each piece to loosen it up, and once he started to get some leverage, he would pull a bit to see if it would come off. Each piece really only took 2-3 minutes, and through working in small sections we were able to make sure that the trim didn’t split or snap when we were taking it off the wall.

Around the door, we noticed that there were a lot of nails that needed to get pulled out of the trim and the wall after we removed each piece. Since this bathroom is so dang tiny, we wanted to make sure we got out all the nails since you could easily snag the side of one while working and that is neverย pleasant. Plus, I’m kind of a safety nut and I prefer to be tetanus free, ya know what I mean? And the curious orange tabby likes to mess around with stuff like that, so off they came. You can see there was a pretty considerable gap between the door and the wall, so the trim was definitely doing it’s job. ๐Ÿ™‚

Removing nails from trim
Removing Nails From Trim

As we started to take off the trim, we did notice that the piece that was right behind the sink had gotten a bit moldy, which is always kinda gross. We will have to take some extra precautions when we reinstall the trim to make sure the this mold issue doesn’t persist. As you can see with this trim piece, there are also a lot of nails that were sticking out of the trim as well, so that was something we had to take care of before we put these pieces in storage.

Moldy Bathroom Trim
Moldy Bathroom Trim

When your trying to salvage as much as possible, demo does take a bit longer, but it sure feels nice to have less stuff on the shopping list.

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