Trash Talk

Who knew a trash can would be such a stumper. After the kitchen reno, we had been using left over grocery bags for our trash, which actually worked just fine, for the most part. It was our recycling that just wasn’t fitting the bill. We had a lot of it, and the cardboard box we had stationed under the sink didn’t fit anymore after the new counter tops and under mounted sink were installed. Yippie skippie for nice, deep, sinks. Boo hiss for no place to put all our milk jugs and cardboard.


So we had to go searching around the kitchen to find a new home for our garbage. We had a few potential locations in our minds when we set off on our search, and we knew we wanted certain features for our new junk in the trunk collector. Mainly, we wanted it to be 1) slim and 2) a high quality piece of machinery.

After narrowing down all our options, we decided to pop this guy right up next to the side door. The dimensions landed up being absolutely, smack, dab perfect. Just look at that new beaut all snuggled in there.

Simply Human Butterfly Trash Can

See, when we got married, I convinced the hubster to go with the cheapo garbage can. There we were, walking with our little gift gun, going around B to the 3 (Bed, Bath and Beyond) and I see the man just drooling over the Simple Human cans. Me, being cheap, and thinking, umm, that is where we put our chicken guts, opts to go with the $30 option instead of the $120. Both were stainless, meh, seemed the same to me.

Here is the garbage can we got when we got married. Top of the line. 😀

Round Stainless Trash Can

I don’t think Jay ever did forget those fancy schmancy garbage cans though, since when this one started to crap out on us after 4 years, he was all ready to pull out his plastic and get a new one. What can I say, I caved. The old one clanged enough to raise the dead every time you shut it.

Initially, I was thinking we would need a separate location (i.e. can) for both the recycling and the trash. But then I saw this guy. Two in one, bab-y.

Simple Human Butterfly Recycler

Now if that isn’t perfect, what is. Recycling goes in back, trash up front. Now being just two humans, this garbage can is perfect for us. Would it work for a family of 12, most likely not. The garbage is 40 liters total, so 20 liters for both the trash and the recycling. We take out the trash and recycling about once a week with this model. One thing we have changed a bit behaviorally is that we take big items (pizza boxes, etc) right out the the curbside container, so we don’t fill up the recycling can super quick.

Simply Human Trash Can Review

We are totally loving the two compartments. The organized freak in me wants to just chest bump this little trash can that could every time I recycle my milk jug. It rocks. Favorite thing… soft closing lid. Oh, yeah. Added bonus, the can comes with a 10-year warranty. Not exactly sure what is warranties (i.e. lid, rusting, etc), but it’s a nice to have a bit of piece of mind that they stand behind their product.

Simple Human Trash and Recycling

Now I’m all ready to accessorize this little buddy with some beer bling. Check out this sweet bottle opener I found on Etsy! Only $7. I got a quick approval from Jay on this one 🙂 Anything beer related, he’s an easy sell. 😉

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener


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