Tobacco Trailin’

You know how they say opposites attract? Well in the case of Jay bird and I, pretty sure that’s right on the money. Jay’s as calm as a cucumber, chillin’ like a villain, not easily excitable. Me, I’m like FULL SYSTEMS GO all day, all night, watcha back cause I’m coming up behind ya kung foo fighting with a karate kick. So when my husband started exhibiting some of my aforementioned personality ticks about a certain little hobby of his, I knew that we were on to something this man just couldn’t leave behind him. Bikes people, this man is a little crazy sauce about his bikes.

See, look how happy he is.

Biking to Work

So, up in the mitten, Jay rode his bike day in and day out to work, and on the weekends whenever he could. He had a pretty safe route (although Lord above do I worry about him, mostly unnecessary worrying, but I do it all the same…) that took him along quieter streets and along bike lanes throughout town. When we knew we’d be moving down to North Carolina, one of the biggest considerations for us when selecting a city to call home was what his route to work would look like on his grown up two wheeled people powered mobile. When we found Durham, our hearts did a little pitter patter since it was really pretty darn perfect for his bicycle commute.

Now since I haven’t officially announced it on blog land yet, if you’re reading and thinking to yourself – commute – job – Jay, by golly, did that son of a gun land a 9-5 gig? The answer would be (praise the good Lord above) YES! Jay is now gainfully employed as a Quality Engineer with a company right in RTP. πŸ˜€

Bike Commute on Tobacco Trail Durham was the perfect location for us since there’s this nifty little trail called the American Tobacco Trail. It’s basically one big long multi-use path that just so happens to be perfect for Jay to commute on.Β It’s not his entire route, but a solid third of his trek in every morning is on this pretty sa-weet multi-use path. Great since it gives me some peace of mind about his safety, and gives him a nice, smooth (and direct!) ride into work each day.

Since we’re currently living in our temporary apartment digs, his commute is actually 2-miles or so longer each day, but overall it’s taking him just over a half hour to commute into work right now vs. about a 20 minute drive. Added bonus, he’s burning over 1,200 calories each day. Yowzer!!

The weekend before we both started working down here Jay and I thought it might be fun to take a little bike ride and simulate his commute so he would know which way he was headed come the work week. Lucky for us, Jay had a nifty little mounted holder for his cell phone, so we were able to navigate the entire way using gps bike directions from google maps, which I think is pretty sweet!

GPS Mounted to Bike

Traveling along the Tobacco Trail with Jay was so much fun, seriously, I was just scooting my little bike down the line with a big old smile plastered across my face. Our favorite part about the ride was all the different types of people you see actively utilizing this trail for both recreation and utility. There were of course lots of commuters on it (this trail basically connects the city with one of the largest engineering/tech hubs in the country, really…) but there were also tons of families, couples and even the hard core Lycra racing types, too!

American Tobacco Trail

The trail had lots of nice cutouts into the neighborhoods around it, which is super nice for people living right up against it.

Tobacco Trail Durham

There are a few (very well marked crossings), where bikes deviate from the path a bit and cross over a road.

Biking on Tobacco Trail

Coming from Michigan, the best part about the path and the entire route in was how smooth it was! We’re so used to dodging potholes everywhere, so to have something as nice as this to ride on every morning is a real treat!

After a few miles of riding on the trail, Jay enters his last leg of the journey on Cornwallis Rd. which lucky for him has a nice bike lane the entire way!

Commuting on Tobacco Trail

When we rode through town on our way back home, we spotted a few fun places to rest our weary legs for a bit. Since we’ve lived in Michigan our entire life and pretty much knew the turf we were traveling on day in and day out, it’s been so much fun to explore an entirely different area! We spotted another Tobacco named plaza downtown (notice a theme…) that we enjoyed checking out. All around this water tower there were eateries and cool things to look at and do.

Durham North Carolina

This bull was chillin’ like a villain in the front of the plaza. We may more may not have snapped some selfies next to it πŸ˜€

Durham Bulls Statue

North Carolina public radio also had some offices further down in the plaza – so cool! We’ve been loving exploring the city by bike – so many nifty places to see and things to do!

North Carolina Public Radio



5 thoughts on “Tobacco Trailin’

  1. So jealous of your biking already! I’m in Chicago and am EAGERLY awaiting getting back on my bike to commute to every morning. First it was waiting for the snow to melt (pretty sure ice and bikes don’t go together… but that could be me), then the salt needed to get washed away by the rain, and finally, it needs to warm up a bit more/stop raining. I’m not hardcore like your hubby seems to be! Fingers crossed for this week…

    1. Elaine – I’m right there with you! It’s been awesome living down in NC, since we’ve been able to ride more consistently since the weather is so much nicer! πŸ™‚ It’s been a brutal winter up North – I bet this week or next you’ll be back riding!

  2. Okay- a little gushing. So sorry. Step back so it doesn’t splash on you.

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and I LOVE it. I mostly read on Bloglovin, so this is the first time I’ve seen your theme and all that, and it’s cute, too.

    My FAVORITE part, better than your photos, better than your creativity, your cute husband, your DIY- is your writing. It’s the same reason I love to read Katie Bower. You have such a Sitting In the Same Room with You Girlfriend vibe and I love it, I eat it up. Keep rockin’ you, and of course, the awesome Maryness, I’m honored to share the title with ya.

  3. Love the Tobacco campus in Durham! I ate at Tobacco Road when we visited, and it was fun and delicious. Would definitely recommend! So excited that you get to live in a fun and cute town. πŸ™‚

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