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Maybe it’s my pragmatic ways or my frugal nature, but the movement in the real estate world toward simple, functional spaces completely speaks to me. I’ve always vastly preferred a 1,200 square foot bungalow on a tree lined street to a 3,500 square foot subdivision abode. In fact, our current house (at just under 1,700 square feet) is actually the largest we’ve owned to date!

Have y’all heard of the Tiny Homes popping up around the country? Their cottages, all below 1,000 square feet, are as big as their homes get! What they don’t have in square footage, they definitely make up for in function and character.

I mean, tell me, what’s not to love?!

Tumbleweed Tiny Home

This home is an absolute treat – all 557 square feet of it! Like this perfect little entry. You’ve got to optimize every square foot!

Tiny Home Entry

After you enter, you come into a big open space that houses the kitchen, dining room and living space.

See the loft space above, as well?

Open Room

That kitchen pretty much left me speechless. The details on this house are perfection!

Tiny Home Kitchen

Right off the kitchen, there is a great dining space that has bench seating (with storage underneath – smart!).

Little House Dining Room

And then a stones throw away from the kitchen/dining space, you have a cozy little living room.

Little House Living Space

This house has two tiny little bedrooms. One of which is used as a flex office space for the home owner.

Again, this home owner optimized space by using clever storage solutions under the bed. Genius.

Tiny Home Bedroom

And this little back porch. I think the chickens seal the deal 😉

Tiny Home Yard

What do you think? Would you ever do the tiny house thing? Jay and I talk about buying some property in the mountains, and I’d love to build something like this for a vacation spot and then perhaps have it for retirement in the future. I’m personally completely smitten!

Want to read more? Here is the Tumbleweed website, and here is the blog for this homeowner!

9 thoughts on “Tiny Home

  1. I am OBSESSED with tiny houses. This one in your post takes the cake for most well-decorated, I think. We used to live in an 830 square foot house, and the one we are renovating now is 1550 square feet. It feels like a mansion. I think living small in general is an awesome idea. Not sure I could do the 200 square feet tiny house, but 500-700 would be ideal. You guys should totally build one in the mountains… and blog about it. 🙂

    1. YES! Small house fans unite!! I agree that 200 (loft style) would be pushing it for me, but we could totally swing something under 1,000 square feet! Girl, wouldn’t that just be a dream to build a house in the mountains?! By the way – absolutely loving the adventure you guys are on with your house right now – so exciting!

  2. I too am obsessed with the tiny houses. There is a tv show called Tiny House Nation (or something like that) that is really fun to watch. They just had an episode with a 3pc family (like mine) living in 175 sqft (seriously!) and I am convinced I could do it. Jack thinks I am nutso, but, we have lived in little apartments since forever and we are definitely small space people. Our biggest apartment was 1000sqft in Ann Arbor and it felt like a mansion lol. We had a whole extra bathroom that pretty much belonged to the cat. All of this to say, one of our “potential” houses in Philly was a 2 story 600sqft row house – our family was like, “are you joking!?” lol. But it really would have worked for us. And the size meant we could afford the (amazing) location – which to me is WAY more important. Sorry I have ramble on so long! I just feel like small spaces are the way to go. It forces you to simplify your life, it forces you to interact with your family, it forces you to get out of the house. All good things in my book.

  3. Yes, yes, and yes! I totally feel you on this 🙂 Did you ever watch that tv show on tiny houses? It’s such a romantic idea that you give up all this ‘stuff’ for a life of simplicity and relationships. I love your idea of buying some mountain property and building a tiny vacay house on it. Jake and I would love to buy some Illinois farmland on a creek and some woods and build a little weekend cabin. Ah, it’s so fun to dream! 🙂

  4. Hi Mary, the “tiny house” is just darling! They decorated sooo cute! Thanks for providing the website; I have been looking at it all day! such fun! Sandee- Fairfax Va.

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