I like my trees, but I also like my sun. MMMM – sunshine. Back in late winter, we had an epic ice storm that covered all the trees with a thick coat of ice. Most of the trees made it out alright, but we’ve got one the in the back yard that just didn’t fare so well. Exhibit A. Pretty sure the limbs are not supposed to be doing that.

Removing damaged fir tree
Damaged Tree

After watching our neighbor scratch his head with concern a few times, we walked out there to examine the damage ourselves and embarrassingly agreed that something had to happen before their car got boinked. Since it’s on a side of the house that we don’t pass by often, we kind of didn’t even notice this guy was the leaning tower of pisa until we started tending to the garden in late spring and saw this guy in all his glory. Oops. Bad neighbors.

Sawing down a tree
Sawing Down

On an afternoon off from work, Jay took his trusty little saw to this guy and got started on hacking it away. It was pretty tricky to get in there, since the limbs were only a few inches apart from each other. Of course the orange tabby had to manage the process from the window. He never loses out on an opportunity 🙂

The manager
Orange Tabby

Since Jay was home alone forging ahead on the tree – he had to do things pretty incrementally in order to avoid a limb falling in the wrong direction and causing trouble. He started by getting the smaller sized limbs, that he could hold onto with one hand as he went along, and then moved on to some of the bigger ones along the outside.

Removing Tree Limbs
Tree Limb

Here is one of his causalities, laying along the back of the house. It’s possible the tree could have been salvaged, since the limbs seemed pretty healthy as he was cutting each one down. Trouble was, we had no way of knowing how to stop the splitting from happening. It had grown to a point where it was really top heavy, so it just seemed like it was losing it’s fight against gravity, and kept leaning further in to the split. We tried tying some string to it, to keep the limbs from dividing out, but nothing seemed to be working the way we wanted it to.

How to cut a dead tree
Cutting the Tree Down

You can see our string strategy in the picture above. It is tied to the bush on the left hand side of the photo. It was helping, but not enough in our mind to justify the risk that it could fall on a neighbors car, or kid, or dog.

Tree Stump
Tree Stump

Lacking the best tools on the first go around, we landed up with the little stump above. It was progress, but not good enough 😉 After bringing a saw zaw out, we got to this point, but we obviously still need to get down a bit lower to have a stump we can cover with mulch, or something of that nature. Jay says he needs a hatchet. He he. Probably does. Something about my engineer of a husband wielding a hatchet kind of freaks me out – so I’ve been stalling on fulfilling his man wish. Any other thoughts out there? If any experienced tree removers want to chip in – I would love it! I’d prefer not to lose any limbs over here 😉

How to remove tree stump
Tree Stump

One of the advantages of hacking this tree down  has been seeing all the lovely things that appear below it. Look at this beautiful blooming bush! I think it’s azalea’s, no? Gosh, I need to learn my flowers now that I’ve inherited such a lovely garden from the previous owner!

Azalea Bush
Blooming Bush

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