Thirty Days of Being Thankful: Week #2

Sweet tamales – how is November pretty much up and gone already? I’m starting to feel like Christmas is right around the corner. It probably helps that it’s gotten freakity frackin freaking cold in the last few days, which makes it feel like the holiday’s are officially upon us.

Keeping up with my monthly theme of giving thanks, here is the round up from Week #2.

Thirty Days of Being Thankful

We can probably just go ahead and call this week family week, since I gave a shout out to almost all my family members. 😀

Started out with my pops.

Day #8: I’m thankful for my Dad who always taught us to follow our passions (WITH passion), to have a generous heart and to stand up for what we believe in. You’re one of a kind, Dad. I’m one blessed kid to have been born to you!

Bob Hemond

Mumzie’s turn …

Day #9: I’m thankful for my Mother. You are the most selfless human being to walk the earth. Seriously, nominate this women for sainthood.  I love you Mom, you’ve always taught us to think outside our boxes (which can be hard for us Hemond girls, because we’re always right, obviously, see the good (and perspective) of others and lead by example. I hope one day that I am half the mother you are! You are a true blessing that I’ll be forever thankful for.

Sue Hemond

Took a break from family to give a shout out to a slice of meat filled pie. YUMMM.

Day #10: I’m thankful for pork apple pie for dinner! Doesn’t look like much, but this stuff is Heaven! 

Pork Apple Pie

Giving some love to the big sis.

Day #11: I’m thankful for my big sister, Erin. Life is constantly moving and we change along with it. Some things though, never change. Like how I’ll always look up to you, or how I’ll always want you to be closer and how I’ll always know that if I pick up the phone – you’ll be there. You were my first friend, and you and Rachel continue to be my BEST friends. I love you!

Erin Hemond

and another food, er wine, break.

Day #12:  I’m thankful for a glass of wine with dinner in front of the TV. Lazy bum.

Wine and Dine

Sometimes, the best thing in your day is just falling right back into bed. Can I get an amen?

Day 13: Today I’m thankful for my bed. Man, it’s been one long day. Peace out, world.

Linen DIY Upholstered Bed

Here comes my little sister love!

Day 14: I’m thankful for my kid sister, Rachel. I guess now that she is 21 I can’t call her my “kid” sister anymore …  Rachel, you’re insightful beyond your years and a master at making people smile. I’m so proud to call you my sister and know you’re going to take this world by storm. Go get it, girl!!

Rachel Hemond

So is anyone else do the thirty days of being thankful challenge out there?

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