Thirty Days of Being Thankful: Week #1

When you stop just for a second to really think about it there are so many blessings in each of our lives. As mentioned in my post last week, one of my favorite traditions to do in the month of November is to reflect and find one thing every day that I’m thankful for. From the big (my family) to the small (a nice warm bowl of soup), I’ve found it’s a great opportunity to embrace the wonderful things around me and to celebrate them!

Thirty Days of Being Thankful

Here is a recap of Week #1

Day #1: I’m thankful for my family. They’ve helped mold me into who I am today, and for that, I’m forever grateful.

I seriously could not be more blessed. My family is my backbone. They have always helped create a foundation that allows me to thrive. I love them with every ounce of who I am. (I also LOVE this picture)


Day #2: Thankful for good food, great friends, and football

Being close to the stadium, we love having friends over to watch the games and eat lots of food with us and enjoy a libation or two 🙂 We are so lucky to have the friends we do around us.

Food for Football Party

Day #3: Today I’m thankful for fall mornings so beautiful they make your heart hurt.

Fall in Michigan almost makes the winter worth it. Every single day I walk into work and just smile at the beauty around me. It’s incredible.

Fall in Michigan

Day #4: I’m thankful for my awesome commute. My 1.5 mile walk is full of neighbors to talk to, kitty’s (and dogs) to pet, and an opportunity to reflect and enjoy my beautiful surroundings – all while burning some calories. Efficiency at it’s best!

After walking or riding my bike to my job for the past 4 years, I can tell you I don’t think I’d ever be able to take a job where I had to drive! It’s the best way to start my day and I absolutely love it.

Walk to Work

Day #5: Today I’m thankful for the country I was born in and all the amazing liberties that affords me, like the right to vote.

God bless America,
My home, sweet home.

I Voted Sticker

Day #6: I’m thankful for the delicious bowl of corn chowder I had for lunch! Just what I needed on this rainy fall day 

This soup is the BEST. A new fall favorite. (here is the recipe).

Corn Chowder Soup Recipe

Day #7: I’m thankful for the amazing community we live in. Ann Arbor, we love you more and more each day.

In case you missed it, here is our 1-year house anniversary post where we share all the reasons why we love living here in the nation’s mitten.

Ann Arbor Michigan

Anyone else out there doing 30-days of being thankful? I’d love to here from all of you as well!

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