The Third Iteration of the Faucet

What can I say – our faucet search was a hard one. A long, fruitless search, where we had to brush our teeth in the kitchen. Every night and every morning. Those days have officially come to an end. Yippie! First, let’s go back to the beginning, when we got this guy in the mail, only to find out that it was a wee bit small for the sink. No dice.

Kingston Brass Mini Widespread Faucet
Kingston Brass | Mini Widespread Faucet

It is cute though, isn’t it! 🙂 I then moved onto to this guy, thinking that the spout length would be just about right (1 inch longer) but after hemming and hawing, I had a hard time justifying the $230 price tag. So… I waited, and search, and waited. And then – found this one! The winner! 🙂 After an overstock coupon, this guy came out to $150, not too shabby, but heck, not too cheap, either! Really, in the end, I think it was the little things (like the faucet) that ramped up our budget a bit. I’ll do a complete break down of the reno costs in the next post, to give some perspective on the total cost.

Kingston Brass Cross Handle
Kingston Brass Faucet

After we got the faucet, I pretty much begged Jay to install it immediately, since we had been having to cart our behinds to much less convenient sinks every single night to get ready for bed. After about 5-mins, the hall floor looked like this. 😉

How to install a faucet
Faucet Installation

Now Jay is normally a pretty calm dude. This sink made him angry. His biggest complaint was that the thing was just complicated. Notably, the hot and cold water lines that they provided were way too long, and each part had a bunch of pieces associated with it, so you had to very carefully follow the directions. Connecting the plumbing from the wall to the sink was tricky since the pedestal sink cavity was super small and the faucet was an adjustable 8-16″ center set, so the two lines were pretty long. You can see that things were pretty tight down there below!

How to install pedestal sink plumbing
Sink Plumbing

Jay is used to having one unit that you install (i.e. 4″ center set sink), so these extra moving parts peeved him a bit. Does he look peeved. Maybe he is just concentrating.

Kingston Brass Faucet
Kingston Brass Faucet

Here is the sink mid-install, about 15 mins into the process. The whole kit and kaboodle took 45 mins (and a trip to the hardware store), but I think we are both pretty excited to have a sink again! Here is what the sink is looking like behind the pedestal these days. Mighty janky, huh? Glad we found the storage unit to put next to the sink, since it really does help camouflage things.

How to install a pedestal sink
Janky Plumbing

When we hopped over to Lowes, Jay did try to find some plumbing that was not quite as long, to avoid the looping in and out, but the connector part was not the correct fitting, so we opted to work with what we had. I’m glad that we were able to find a work around and use a lot of the plumbing that came with the faucet, since it saved us about $15 of plumbing in the end. Ain’t much, but I’ll take it.

Kingston Brass Cross Handle
Kingston Brass

One thing I have learned about plumbing (via Jay’s attempts) is that it is an extremely iterative process. I mean, 5 trips to the hardware store type of process. It’s really hard to know (especially when you don’t do plumbing very often) what the correct fittings will be, and what will or won’t work for your specific job. I gotta tell ya, plumbing is really my least favorite DIY job around here. It usually ends in an old faithful episode and houses and gushing water really don’t mix well. Just ask our old house.

Cross Handle Faucet
Cross Handles

There was one of easy step in the process. Gluing down the drain. We just used some bathroom quality caulk we had laying around. After applying a pretty liberal amount to the base, we just plopped the drain on. Done. That was easy. 🙂

How to attach faucet drain
Attaching Drain

Overall, I’m digging the new addition and I am certainly very ready to have some easily available H20 next time I need it.

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  1. Hey there Mary, I think you should bring some of these fantastic ideas over to my new house! I Stink at interior decorating!

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