The Storage Solution

No doubt about it, it’s a beaut! I am so very excited to finally have the bathroom built-in d.o.n.e.

Bathroom Builtin
Bathroom Built-In

I gotta tell ya I’m pretty excited about how much functional storage this will actually add to our bathroom. As a blast from the past, and for some reference, the picture below shows the sole storage option we had before. A 4 inch wide shelf. Seriously?!?! I mean, I don’t know about y’all, but we have more than a dainty toothbrush to store in our b-room. That is fo shizzle.

Downstairs Bath | Before

To rewind just a bit – after caulking, and adding some paint, this is how the built-in was looking. Once the caulk dried, things were looking infinitely better than before, but the caulk dried gray in color, so we had to come back through and paint over it. Plus, the entire thing was looking a bit spotty, so it was in general need of an extra coat of paint anyway.

Bathroom Built-In Between Studs
Bathroom Built-in

Of course, I had the orange tabby there for moral support while I painted this thing. I think he was just waiting for me to turn on the faucet. 😉 We opted to go with Benjamin Moore Simply White, which is the trim color used throughout the house.

Malcolm the Cat
The Manager

This is going to be an absolute life saver for our bathroom essentials. Notably, facewash, toothpaste, etc – will now have a home, and will not have to reside on that dinky little shelf. Ugg, I have pent up aggression just thinking about how littered this bathroom used to get!

And a few final detail shots for you. Since each cubby opening space is quite small (12″ x 7″) we had to search pretty hard to find a basket that would actually fit in there. I found these guys online, and we picked them up during our last trip to Lowes. At $9.99 each, they didn’t break the bank, either. In all honesty, for the size (quite small) this is more than I would normally pay for a basket like this – but since we wanted two that matched – and I came up empty each of the like 25 times I visited HomeGoods, I opted to splurge and just get ones that a knew would work.

Lowes Hyacinth Storage Crate
Bathroom Storage

We even had space to add some nice personal touches as well. The photo on the right is me on our wedding day – glamour shot. And the little wooden elephant is from a cruise I took with my sister through the Bahamas. Ahhh, makes me feel relaxed just thinking about it.

Final Details
Personal Touches

Now our bathroom list is down to:

Almost. There!!!

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