The Problem with Old Houses, Is….

Were people like midgets in the 1940’s? Or did they just want to be able to use the bathroom (a la the toilet) wash their hands AND take a bath at the very same time, maybe that is what they were going for – efficiency! I’m all about if it was an efficiency seeking measure, but really, our bathroom is like super duper small. Like 35 sq feet small. Like, how am I supposed to even be able to optimize this with storage, it’s so small.

Although I really want to put in a nice vanity with lots of storage under it, I’m concerned about space in here. I don’t know if a pedestal sink is the way to go, since that will limit storage, but it will create more flow in the room … atleast I think it will. Here is what the bathroom looks like right now. It’s got absolutely NO storage. Not a lick. It gets so cluttered, so quickly. Very frustrating.

Trim Before Painting
Wood Trim

I like the look of the pedestal sink below, and it’s small enough to meet the dimensions for the space. My concern however is that it does absolutely nothing to help with the storage situation, which quite frankly is dire. Also – I worry about aesthetics with a cabinet right next to the pedestal. With two counters essentially, I’m thinking it might be tricky to get this to look intentional and good.

PLUS, we only have like a foot to work with right next to the door, so we either need to build a cabinet to fit the space, or modify an existing one by chopping off the back.We have a really nice ReStore close by (with salvaged house parts), so its possible we could find something there, so I have not ruled this out as a possibility, just not really crazy about it, either. Fail. Starting to get frustrated.

White Pedestal Sink
White Pedestal Sink

Initially, I wanted to do something like the picture below, with a storage vanity flanking the tub to the side, but then I started to get concerned about the available space in here. Notably, I’m worried about how the sink area would interfere with the tub, and if it would just stick out too much aesthetically, and functionally. Since we are planning on using this room predominately as a tub (vs. a shower space), I also like the storage idea behind the tub.

Marble Bathroom Inspiration
Bathroom Inspiration

Or, if we did a pedestal sink, maybe something like this? Still doesn’t help with toiletry storage though. Pretty much have to get that basket though. LURRRVE it.

Small Bathroom Inspiration
Small Bathroom Inspiration

Any ideas out there? Working with a small bathroom space, or conquered one already? Help me out brotha! I’m scratching my head on this one! I need storage, and aesthetics, it’s an uphill climb my friend. For reference, here is a rough sketch of the space.

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