The Next Chapter

As you’re reading this Jay, the orange tabby and I are headed on down south to our new beginning. Our next chapter – it’s actually happening and holy man is it surreal. Our real estate agent just came by the house and slapped up the “Sold” sign and I’ve gotta say, for some reason that was the jolt to my system that made me connect the pieces and remember that we’re actually doing this. That we’ve actually committed to a whole different concept of reality. In so many ways, I’m so excited. Like hold me back, cause I’m just going to freaking bust from the seams. But still, when you stop and think about it for a second this whole shebang we are taking on is big. It’s a big deal and sometimes at those fork in the road moments you’ve just got to hold your breath and jump.

Jump is what we did, and I’m still kinda coasting and at an undetermined location. I’ll swing back to the blog next week to update you guys on our move and to show you our new digs, but to formally close this chapter of our lives, I wanted to do a legit before and after of our sweet little Ann Arbor brick bungalow. Ready to go on a little journey?

Sold Sign

Here we are – a year and a half ago. A year and a half. See, in all honesty, writing THAT is one of the more humbling things for me. I can’t believe how short our stay was at this house – I really can’t. If you would have asked that girl, standing next to that sign right there in the picture above how long she would have been in this house, she would have confidently said oh, probably 10 years. I thought I’d bring my babies home to this house. Each day on my walk into work, I’d envision how someday I’d walk with my little’s to drop them off at daycare and later school. I thought this home, this community, was a place for our family to grow, to set roots and although we didn’t set root here, I know we’ve grown. For better and for worse, Jay and I have learned (every day, every hour) so much more about each other, our love for each other, and the shared dreams we have for tomorrow. But tomorrow called sooner than we thought it would and now we’re off to the next thing. Off to the next thing …

Even though it’s been short – it’s been a journey I wouldn’t rewrite. It was our journey, it is our journey.

And it all started right here. Walking through these doors into our new home. This is what the entry looked like on day #1.

Entry Before and After And before we left.

Flowers in Foyer

Ok, you’re right, that’s more a close up photo of the lovely flowers I snagged before leaving town πŸ™‚ But you can definitely see the transformation in this photo. Darker floors, french door in the background. Mucho different. Here’s a shot from the front, too.

Spindle Leg Foyer Table

For a point of comparison, here is the living room before.

Living Room Before and After

And a few iterations later…

Green Couch in Living Room

In complete honesty, this room never felt “done” to me. I mean, to be fair, we were only in the house a year and a half, but still. It was never quite there. I do have to say, I’m pretty smitten with our green machine couch we snagged on craigslist a few months back. This guy definitely made the cut for keepers in the furniture department.

Crushed Velvet Green Sofa

Let’s sneak a peak at the guest room, shall we? Mmmmmyeaahh. Froofy.

Guest Bedroom Before We changed a few things around, and had this!

Cozy Guest Bedoom

Nice and cozy πŸ™‚ Our bathroom first floor bathroom changed a lot too. We had this when we moved in.

Bathroom Before and After And after we switched a few things out, we had this.

Bathroom After

I loved all the little details in this space. I think I’m pretty sold on these cross handle cuties for all future homes. Love it.

Kingston Brass Cross Handle

The other bedroom downstairs had many iterations. It started out as this.

Master Bedroom Before and After Cruella called, she wants her dalmatians back …Β Β And then it became our bedroom, and finally, landed up as this!

Small Home Office

Now, considering this room got slapped together a mere 24 hours before the house got listed, it definitely had details (art, extra seating) that just didn’t happen. Overall though, I’d work in this office! I like that it has a view of the front of the house, great for people watching πŸ™‚ Not to be creepy or anything … did that sound creepy?

Of all the rooms in our house, the dining room and the kitchen definitely saw the most wang bang crazy zang transformations. This is what our dining room looked like when we bought the house. A nice, cozy, functional space. But do you notice that wall, kinda hacking off the kitchen and dining room? We took quick care of that! πŸ˜€

Dining Room Before and After Right before we packed up our truck, our dining room was rocking this look.

Sisal Rug in Dining Room

I’ve got to say that everything felt SO MUCH more open after we busted a move and eliminated that wall. Probably one of the best design decisions we’ve made to date.

Speaking of our wall into the kitchen – let’s take a look at that bad boy before.

Kitchen Before and After And after some blood, sweat and tears, this!

Kitchen After

So in love with my Persian beaut!

Persian Rug in Kitchen

Although the kitchen and dining room are very different than when we moved into the house, our all time all-star in this category has definitely got to go to our attic. Mamma mia, it was a hot mess when we moved in.

Attic Conversion Even though the previous owner had added drywall at some point, it really, really was not legit stuff. Seams everywhere, poke a hole in it with your elbow stuff. Not good. Plus, I mean – just look at that pink carpet. Gone, get rid of it I tell you!

I’m so SO in love with how this room turned out. Almost makes me not want to be moving my tuckus down the river.

Converting Attic into Bedroom

The carpet is to die for – so soft underfoot and way classier (IMO) than the pink panther we had before.

Winterthur Potters Clay

Since this room is basically all knee wall/slanted ceilings, we tried to make the most of it by adding tons of storage everywhere we could. Finally his and hers closets!! #Movingonup

Board and Batten Trim on Closet

Last but not least, in our before and after photo shoot, we’ve got the basement.

Finished Basement After some paint and our hubba hubba built-in, we had this.

Tufted Ottoman Coffee Table

Bon voyage, Ann Arbor – it’s been real.


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  1. Mary, your post is so inspiring! I am going to bookmark it on pretty much every computer and use it to motivate myself every time I am too tired to DIY. I aspire to be more like you! πŸ™‚

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