The Last of the Mohicans

That’s a wrap! The last of the ugly bi-colored, paneled, who thought this was a good idea, doors, are officially out of my life. Woo to the hoo. For some reason, every single door in this house had the middle panel left au natural, and the rest painted some color (usually pink). I’m all about the natural wood look, but it’s all or nothing to me. It was like they were framed, in pepto-bismal pink. No, that simply will not work.

Pink Paneled Closet Door
Pink Closet Door

While were were painting the front closet, we also opted to tackle the one remaining paneled door, which leads to the attic. This one already had a bit of paint slapped onto it, since I used it as my paint getter-ridder surface before I washed it each time 🙂 I figured it was a good a place as any for it! 😉

Attic Door
Attic Door

The closet had a pink interior, and pink trim too. Sensing a theme? It also had a messy interior before, as this became the dumping ground for all our project odds and ends that we wanted close at hand during the bathroom reno. Easier than carting our patooties up and down the basement steps, but certainly uglier. Well, perhaps that is debatable, but I’m going with the messy closet on that one.

Closet Organization
Closet | Before

Since it has also helped us get a smooth, even coat in the past, we opted to use the primer this time around as well. Kilz, I swear by it man! It’s it is the best! After one coat of primer, things were looking very improved, but still very spotty.

Primed Closet Door
Primed Closet Door

Malcolm took his job of watching over the closet contents very seriously. Don’t mess with the orange tabby. I think he liked the tower effect. That whole cat complex of being higher than you. 😉 What – you looking at me?

Orange Tabby
Orange Tabby

After a coat (and some touch-ups) of Simply White by Benjamin Moore, the two doors were looking like this. Voila. Amazing what a coat of paint can do.

White painted closet door
Closet Door | After

And the upstairs attic door. Notice the pink carpet leading up the stairs. He he – more of the same! When will it stop! 😉

White painted paneled door
Attic Door | After

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