The Green Has Got to Go

Hunter green and pink. If I had to pick two colors that would sum up the previous owner’s design taste – they would be it. Add some wallpaper and a few faux finishes and we are pretty much good to go. Not to say that hunter green and pink are not nice, but we’ve been phasing them out of our abode. Guess we are just a wee bit more plain jane round here. 😉 I’m a sucker for a nice, crisp, black exterior door and perfectly bright and white interior. What can I say, I’m a tried and true for the traditional.

Sunroom Door
Green Exterior Door

I felt an extra push to paint this door since we had already quasi tackled it by painting the interior, but not the interior door trim, so anytime we opened the door this spring to get a wee bit of air in the space, I would hard core cringe and the unfinished look.

Unpainted Door Trim
Door Trim

If I had my way, and a few extra dollar bills lining my pocket, I would get a french door installed here to open up the dining room, and to get rid of all the ugly gold trim. A la this photo. Fades off into dreams of converting the screened in porch into a sunroom …

French Doors Dining Room
French Doors

But since paint cost $20 for a gallon and doors cost a few benjamins … ya know. Some decisions get made for you. He he. 😉 It was looking pretty rough though. Definitely in need of paint.

Green Exterior
Exterior Door

Here is how it looked after two coats of Benjamin Moore Simply White.

Simply White Trim
Simply White Patio Door

The trim panel is looking a lot better, too.

Door Trim Simply White
Door Trim

Oh, and the door hardware. That has to go, too 🙂 After lots of looking around at the big box and local stores with nothing striking my fancy, I stumbled across this guy when I was buying our appliances at my new favorite website, Plus, they are actually quite a bit less than the big box option. Yippie skippie. Perhaps in the summer we will snag this guy for the door.

Exterior Door Hardware
Exterior Door Hardware

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