Tangy Tufted Ottomans

I like to think that I’m not a trendy girl. That I beat to my own crazy little drum. That I do my own thang. But ya know what, I’m so all about the tufted ottoman craze. It was love a first tuft. I decided we needed a coffee table for the living room, and the more I thought about it, the more I absolutely, positively needed/wanted/had to have a tufted number up in this joint.

So I decided to go on a shopping spree. Budgeted amount. $150. Let’s GO.

Numero Uno:

Modern Tufted Ottoman Had me at hello. It was also nearly $300 dollars. Double my predefined one-fifty. Ok. Sigh. Keep looking. Let’s just pet this beauty a few times before we go ahead and leave it behind. Sniffle.

Numero Dos.

Oval Tufted Ottoman Ah, so lovely. Also overpriced at $260. Geeze Louise. It’s just fabric and some wooden little legs. What gives, overstock.com??

I also lovey doved this ottoman. A wee bit cheaper, too. Very, very close to my goal price, $150 at $175. Since overstock often has coups, I could probably get it for a bit under my goal price making it a serious contender.

St Ives Cream Ottoman

I do love me some Overstock.com. but since I’ve got an ob-sess-ion with TJ maxx/Homegoods/Marshalls, I decided to swing in and see if they had any goodies. Plus, I like to be able to try things out in the house, too, see if they work. It’s much harder to return the online ones if it totally clashes.

Confession. I went to all three stores in one night. The hubster was only buying my game with the first store. He faded fast after that. But ya know what, perseverance pays off, my friend. Lookie what I found. Strong resemblance to option #2, no?

Linen Tufted Ottoman

The orange tabby loves it 😉 Hasn’t left it’s side since we got the thing. Here is another photo. Perfection. It doesn’t have any storage, which is a slight mark against it, but overall, I’m thinking I got the look for less and I’m pretty darn happy with it.

Tufted Ottoman Coffee Table


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