Grab a Seat

We’ve officially been chairless in this joint for a month now and our legs are growing weary. We need a place to sit when we chow down at dinner time. The couch was nice and novel for the first week or two but we’re ready for some legit lumbar support to re-enter our lives. Now that we’ve got a revamped table, it’s high time to put some chairs around it.

Round Pedestal Dining Table

Seriously though, before we move onto chairs, let’s just talk about the mega-watt difference that this little round table is making in our space. Here is how the dining room was looking before. Lovely in many ways, put pretty low on the feng shui moveability factor.  You had to do jolting robot moves to get around the table (and the wall), it was tight with a capital T. Now the room is cozy, but much more comfortable. It gets my official stamp of approval.

Double Pedestal Dining Table

In addition to the curved table. there is obviously a huge difference made from the wall being down too. 🙂 The entire room just feels so much more open and airy. It’s so. much. better. I was actually quite fond of our last dining set, I got the table at a local thrift shop and the chairs came with a cheapo dining set we got when we got married. Although they looked fine from afar, they were actually pretty crappy quality, and they kept falling apart. I was waiting for a guest to sit down and land up on the floor. Never good. With the new rounded table, I dreaming of something a little bit chicer, to compliment the nice dark floors we have now. Here are some of my leading contenders.

The first chair I saw that jumped out at me was the Lydia Dining Chair from World Market.

World Market Lydia Dining Chair

I had an opportunity to see this one in the flesh (most of the others I’ve scouted have been online) and it had me at hello. Great lines, linen fabric, tufted back. Yummy. It’s also $320 for a set of (2). Ouch. They often have sales on this little guy, where the price comes down closer to $250 for a set of (2), but I’ve been waiting patiently for months now to no avail. Frustrating. If this guy goes on sale, I’ll probably grab a set of (4).

If not, I’m loving this one, and this one from Overstock. The super frustrating thing, is that the prices on these keep fluctuating UP. The first one was $230, a week later, $260 AND out of stock. The second was $280, now $320. Seriously, can’t win. It’s the first time I’ve seen prices fluctuate so much on overstock. Just when I want it, I swear.

Safavieh Dining Chair

I’m leaning toward the upholstered dining chair, mainly because I think it offers a contrast to the dark wood floors and table that currently match each other pretty hard core. That being said, I did sleuth out a few wood options, mainly because I had some concerns about the upholstery holding up over time. I.E. spaghetti sauce on my chairs.

I found these Sutton’s Bay options at Art Van, $127 each, but since Art Van is always running specials, I know that I could bundle them all and be out the door for $400 or so. They are classy looking, but my concern about too much dark wood mashing all together persists. Plus, we hopped over to Art Van and saw them in person, and they were actually on the ginormous side of things. Like, they were made for giants. Not sure how they would look around our petite little dining table. Ponder.

Suttons Bay Dining Chair

Sad thing is, I was totally ready to pull the trigger and commit to the pair from Overstock, when they were $220 for a set of (2) and actually available. Now they are listed as sold out on the website, and it appears they are going to “restock them” but with a price tag that is $40 higher. Guess I should have just committed when I had the chance.




Riggety Rugs

I’m kinda on a rug spree with this house. I think I’m turning into an addict. I gotta say – rugs are hard. Buying online has been tricky – finding them locally can be tough – and finding affordable options in my budget, that is the big whammy. We’ve got the new rug in the Living Room, and this one seems to be a winna. I love that this rug is neutral enough that I can pop it into a lot of different spaces over time. I’m thinking about layering the rug eventually with a wool one over the top (4×6 or 5×7) – we shall see.

Living Room Update

For now, the biggest obstacle with the rug, is that the cat thinks every little bump on it is a bug or something that he has to attack. It’s relatively funny – but also kinda scary to think about the damage this little man might do when we are away at work for the day (cringes). Case and point. Who, you looking at me?

Malcolm and the Rug

Here is a closeup of how the rug looks. Great for adding more texture in the room while staying neutral.

Rug Close Up

Close up looking at the couch. Wham. Bam. Alacazam.

Couch closeup – Living Room Rug

And across the room, looking at the pair of chairs.

Living Room Chairs

I’m loving the look much more over the printed one we had before. Now we need to add some more accessories to the space to continue to tie things together. Speaking of rugs, I’m starting to think more and more about the kitchen renovation we have planned for the house {more on that later} and I’ve become obsessed with the idea of finding a beautiful rug for underfoot in that space. This image has been my inspiration for the hunt.

Kitchen Rug Inspiration
Kitchen Rug via Elle Decor