Babies on the Brain

Sometimes I think I forget how impactful actually creating a mood board for a space (and executing on it) can really be. I haven’t done that in any of our spaces in this house, in earnest, and it was incredibly fun to do this in our new nursery design and actually see the entire room come into shape.

Charcoal Nursery

Here is the mood board we started with:

Botanical Nursery Design

I’m actually kinda holding myself back from doing this in every. other. room in the house right now (hehe) but over time, I think this will be the approach I more or less take as we tackle the spaces in our casa.

It was super fun to take the same approach with a recent client, who also didn’t want an overly themed space, and wanted to put together a nursery that would grow with her little one over time.

Rustic but chic, right? ūüôā One of my favorite finds lately has been digital artwork on etsy that actually makes it super affordable to do large scale artwork in a space. Adding frames can make it a bit more costly, but when I’m doing huge prints like that on a wall, I usually want a minimalist frame that’s less chunky/expensive anyway. Another really easy option is to print it off as a canvas – which allows you to get a very big piece of art for around $50 – not bad!

Some of my favorite picks are below! (I’m crushing hard on that big cow print as a canvas in our dining room – might have to get it)

Blue Abstract Prints $20 | Constellation Poster $5 | Tree Rings $7.65 | Giraffe Print $6.98 | Green Fern Prints $17.98 | Bicycle Wall Art $10.93

Spring Fever

Now that we’re down in some warmer temps (wooo hooo!!) I’ve got a built-up shopping tick for cute/warm/summer clothes that I just can’t kick. Spring, my friends, has finally sprung. After living north of the wall this winter, I can’t even tell you how good 80 degrees felt last week. So, inspired by our new locale, and by the fact that old man winter seems to have finally left most of the good U.S. of A until next year comes knocking, I put together some pretty little numbers for all of us that are ready for summer sandals and breezy blouses.

Y’all ready for my spring look book?

Spring Style Guide

LOVE that pop of red. Found a similar blouse at TJ Maxx the other day, but it had a weird flair at the bottom, so I passed.

1) Blouse $19.99 | Target
2) Slacks $34 | Old Navy
3) Bag $29.99 | Target
4) Necklace $16.99 | Target
5) Earrings $6 | Charlotte Russe 
6) Shoes $19.99 | Target 

Looks for Spring

1) Blouse $17.95 | H & M
2) Slacks $34 | Old Navy
3) Bag $39.99 | Target
4) Watch $15.99 | Charlotte Russe
5) Earrings $6 | Charlotte Russe 
6) Shoes $19.99 | Target 


Spring Fashion

1) Blouse $19.95 | H & M
2) Skinny Jeans $29.50| Old Navy
3) Wallet $19 | Layla Grace
4) Watch $15.99 | Charlotte Russe
5) Earrings $6 | Charlotte Russe
6) Shoes $19.94 | Old Navy
7) Necklace $3.95 | H & M

Spring Fashion 2014

1) Shirt $22.95 | Gap
2) Skinny Jeans $29.50| Old Navy
3) Necklace $16.99 | Target
4) Earrings $6 | Charlotte Russe
5) Shoes $15.95 | Target
6) Bag $14.95 | H & M

Swoon, right? Sign me up scotty cause I’m ready to buy every. single. item. in the mood boards above. Hold me back.

I’ve got to say, one of my absolute favorite things about the styles coming out this season are the accessories! I’m absolutely loving all the accessories, like this grouping of necklaces.

Inexpensive Bib Necklaces

Meow. ūüėÄ

From Top Clockwise Across

1) Green Bib Necklace $16.99 | Target
2) Glam Jade Necklace $12.80 | Forever 21
3) Geo Bib Necklace $11.80 | Forever 21
4) Silver and Green Statement Necklace $16.99 | Target
5) Shimmering Stone Necklace $10.80 | Forever 21