Ok, you guys, I’m getting down right squirrely over here. So ya know how second kids are supposed to come earlier than the first one – is that I thing – I convinced myself that was a thing. And I started buying myself a whole new post pregnancy wardrobe *in December* because I was convinced that after the man with the bag came by that my kid would be out of my uterus. But she’s not y’all – she. is. not. I’m not a patient person, and my patience wans even quicker when I’m 8+ months preg. Funny how that works. Also my child is breech, so my feelings about this pregnancy to date are sorta – can we get this over with already. I swear.

I did though, want to share my shopping induced distraction from my current state of doom with you guys. Y’all know I’m always looking for a thrifty deal, and I think I’ve permanently found my new fix for clothes shopping – ThredUP. Have y’all heard of this site? If not, it’s going to knock y’all over because they have the best deals on really nice clothing – that’s second hand. To me, that makes it even more of a win because for this price point I’d basically be buying stuff made straight from a sweat shop and that’s just not good for anyone.

My first favorite thing about ThredUP is that they package everything to make you feel like you went out shopping at the boutique. They even put gift tags on stuff so you could purchase thrifted items to gift. I feel like we have a stigma in this country that everything gifted should be new, and really that’s so silly. For clothing something that’s thrifted might be tricky (unless you know someones size) but they also have a ton of really gorgeous jewelry that I was able to get for under $10 per piece (closer to $5 for necklaces/earrings I got!)

I’ve actually been crushing on this jcrew t-shirt for a while with the stripes for a while, and was able to get it for $6. Super cute layering top for spring.

Isn’t this necklace / sweater combo beautiful? I can’t wait to not be pregnant so I can wear it!! 😉

The quality on this stuff is incredibly high, and I did a quick search on this sweater – which retails for nearly $80 and is American Made, I got it for $8 and I’m totally smitten with it.

I also picked up this Ann Taylor cardigan for $8 (and another necklace) and I love how they pair together. Plus cardigans are extra nice since I can wear them now and don’t have to wait til I’m sans baby to look stylish (I never ultra committed to high fashion maternity wear since it’s so fleeting you wear it and didn’t want to spend the dough to look super cute but if you’re more fashion forward than me, ThredUP does maternity duds too). Plus there are frigid temperatures in NC this past week (like 30 – which for us might as well be the arctic tundra) so I’ve been getting lots of use out of extra layers.

And to appease my pregnancy induced self, I also picked up a few earrings to wear and enjoy right now.

One of my favorite things about living in NC is that it’s tank top and jeans weather by March on a good day and I’m super pumped about wearing some of these once I can fit into my pre-pregnancy pants again 😀 For reference, the forever 21 lace tank was just over $3 and the blouse was $6!

The detail on this j crew blouse, y’all. Come. On! $5 – I paid FIVE DOLLARS FOR IT.

So the sweetest part of this whole shabang is that ThredUP is hooking all of y’all up with 50% off your first order by using the code LEMONGROVE. Use this link to get shopping you guys! A new wardrobe awaits.