Sconces Up in Here

Y’all – remember when I showed you the progress on our Dining Room, errrr, a while ago? And I made note of the electrical boxes affixing the top of our newly minted bookcases?

A refresher:


Well a finally got around to ordering some new lights for the space from amazon and our space be looking pretty fly, yo!

Unbeknownst to me, amazon has an option where you can (if available) select to buy a re-boxed version of your item at a discount. They’re in varying states of condition (ie fair, good, like new) and have a corresponding discounted price. Well in the name of saving $15 on the pair, I got ones that were reboxed, but in perfect condition otherwise – ummm ok! Sign me up, right?


The both looked peachy keen when they arrived. One of them looked like it had a slight scuff on one of the shades, but we just made sure to position that out when we mounted it. I took a photo so you can see how *hard* it is to actually see.


The arm on these guys is a bit long, and it’s the one thing I’m still adjusting too. We have the option of removing the arm completely as well (this model had two mounting options) so I may opt to remove the arm on this later on down the road.

I love this photo secretly (below) since it kind sums up a Saturday for Jay. 22 cups of coffee and a harbor freight magazine is like his version of pure bliss. He was trying to pump H up about the harbor freight magazine while they sat eating eggs – lolol.


He said a few choice words while mounting this (perhaps not enough coffee) since he was having trouble getting all the wires to fit inside the box.


Eventually we had this though!

What do y’all think, do you think that arm is too big? I’m still on the fence about it.


Here is a few from straight on. It hangs down a bit into the bookcase, but it’s supposed to do that to a certain extent.

Overall, it definitely feels like an upgrade from the fuse boxes we had chilling up there for the better part of a year. Ha! Baby steps you guys!!


It’s Like Thunder, Lightning

The way I love my new sconces is frightening. It might have something to do with the fact that they were only 40 beans a piece. And I had budgeted $100 bucks a piece. Zin-Zin-Zinga!! So when I was shopping at Lowes the other day, and saw these little beauties, and had to pull out the plastic and just commit already.

Portfolio Nickel Sconce
Portfolio Nickel Sconce

I had a few other options that I was considering prior, but my top choice was coming in at over $100 each, and in all honesty, I just couldn’t stomach the extra dollar bills. So I kept hemming and hawwing. And we kept using a flash light to use the lou. So when I saw these little guys, I jumped! 🙂

Brushed Nickel Sconces
Brushed Sconces

And I gotta tell ya, I’m loving them. Adds a little bit of a stately touch to the room I think 😉 Still need the mirror obviously, but this room is well on it’s way now that we can actually see what we are doing. That is always a bonus.

Bathroom Sconce
Bathroom Sconce Closeup

Here is another view of the sconces. The one on the left sits a little closer to the built-in than the last one did, but overall, I’m totally digging the look. Initially, I was looking for a fabric shade, and although I do love the softer look of the fabric shade, I love the price of these and ya can’t win them all in life. 🙂

Bathroom Sconce
Bathroom Sconce | Before

For reference, here is a good old retro shot of what the bathroom was looking like pre-new-sconce days. Black candlestick shades, be gone!