Savannah Has My Heart

If had to pick one place, one place in the world that I could vacation in forever more it would be dear old Savannah. Actually, if I had to pick one place, it would probably be Tahiti, but let’s just say one place in the contiguous United States. 😉 But seriously, if y’all have not scooted your booty down to Savannah, you really need to get there. Fast.

See the look on my Jay’s face? Pure happiness. Savannah is pretty much our jam.

Road Trip To Savannah

What made this trip extra sweet, was the fact that we got to meet us with my sister and her mister, Lee! 🙂

Traveling to Savannah

Where to begin on my favorite things about this wonderful little city … where to begin. Well, it’s got some sa-weet architecture. And if you know me, you know I’m a sucker for lovely spaces and great design. Coupled with an awesome urban environment where you can take a traveling cup for your drink (what?!) – well, it’s just the cat’s meow. And by drink, I mean your “adult beverage”. I mean, you could probably also get a traveler for your lemonade as well, but where’s the fun in that.

Here is a small sampling of the gorgeous architecture in this amazing little city.

Historic Savannah Row House

Man alive. Those windows. Those shutters. That door. Must, need, have to have it all. Srrriously.

Here is a side angle of the same house. Perfect landscaping.

Best Blocks in Savannah

I must have a thing for black doors, I found a few of them as I was sorting through the vacay photos.

Savannah Architecture

Or maybe it’s the red doors that had me at hello. I can’t decided. Fickle.

Red Front Door

Ok, one more. Check out these beautiful iron steps with green stuff growing all over them. Is there anything better than steps with green stuff growing all over them? The answer, my friends, is no 😀

Savannah Building Architecture

Or perhaps it’s all the trees doting the landscape that make my heart pitter patter. I think I love them so much since whenever I dreamed of living in the south some day I would visualize these big (oak?) trees with the Spanish moss growing all over it. So dang beautiful.

Trees In Savannah

We seriously had tons of fun. It was an incredibly quick trip (like 24 hours there and back, quick), but it was so very nice to see my big sister and Lee. Since she moved to Florida a few years back, we always felt so far away from her up in the mitten, but now that we’re in North Carolina we’re definitely driving distance. Conveniently, Savannah is actually our half way point!

We, along with half of the other people visiting Savannah, had to stop by Leopold’s Ice Cream parlor for some sweet treats. All the flavors were good, but I sampled my sister’s (chocolate raspberry) and it was ommmerrrgaauuudd good. Like I’d give you a finger in exchange for a scoop.

Ice Cream Selfies!

Leonards Ice Cream Savannah

We have a friend that will be managing the bike share system up in Ann Arbor, so when we passed it on the streets of Savannah, we had to take a selfie there, too! 🙂 The system is super new right now, and only appeared to have (2) docking stations, so we skipped it this time. Definitely a fun way to get around town for subsequent trips though!

Savannah Bike Share

Right off this park, there’s a really nice stretch of restaurants along a pedestrian only street. We usually found ourselves gravitating toward this section of town since it had so many eating options. This square also has a fountain for kids to run in and out of, so it’s a popular destination for families. Here is another fountain, looking out toward some pretty cool old school architecture.

Ellis Square

This fountain also caught my eye. I love the patina it’s formed over time.

Fountains in Savannah

I told the mister that one day, I seriously want to find one of these row houses that are in need of some love and snatch it up as a vacation/income property. Now that, that would be a dream my friends.

Until next time, my sweet Savannah!

Most Beautiful Savannah Streets