Scrape it Sista

Y’all my arms hurt. It’s quite possible it’s from helping Jay bird all weekend with some demo and floor laying (yep!! the floors are finally going in!), but I think my aching arms may also be due to all the scrape action that’s been going down in this joint.

Since I haven’t really formally introduced y’all to our Master Bedroom, without further ado, rrrr she blows.

Master Bedroom Before

The room’s decently large and actually has a little nook off to the side. For now, it’s great for a little sitting area, but down the road I definitely plan on making this a bathroom to complete this room as a finished Master Suite. (eeee – isn’t that exciting!)

Adding Bath to Master Bedroom

Like the other bedroom upstairs, the Master also has a nice front dormer, which I’ve found perfect for stalking all our dog walking neighbors.

Dormer on Cape Cod

Yep, glad you noticed, that wallpaper definitely does match those ultra chic window treatments. Ultra. Chic.

Wallpaper Matching Curtains

It’s cute, it’s nice, but I hate to say that it just had to go. Well Jay was working on the initial round of demoย in the kitchen, I tasked myself with with some serious scrape action. Now, truth be told, I’ve tackled this hairy beast before, and although it very tedious, it’s really not rocket science.ย It is however, a decent arm work out. ๐Ÿ˜‰

My tool of choice for this tricky little task was a smallish little scrapper that I actually scored for a quarter at my new favorite thrifting local (this place is epic, it seriously warrants it’s own post!) This little tool worked like a dream. Since I’ve always used larger scrappers, I started out my wallpaper removal extravaganza with both and thought (for the most part) I’d be using the larger one. More surface area, right? Seemed like the better option. But ya know, once I got my arm a twerking, I started to see that the smaller one actually worked vastly better due to it’s ability to flex a bit as I was removing the paper. Turns out that makes a heck of a lot of difference.

Tips for Removing Wallpaper

And although I’ve heard many people recommend a steamer for getting the paper off, in all honesty, I’ve always had lots of luck with a good old spray bottle and lots and lots of water ๐Ÿ™‚

The main thing I found that’s key (in my opinion) to getting the paper off the wall, is to actually let everything marinate a bit on the wall before you tackle it. To get started on each section, I’d just take the scrapper and try to remove a bit of paper right where a seam began, or a door or window was, since I found it easier to start a new line at these locations. Once you have some of the wall exposed underneath, you just spray water to your hearts content.

How to Remove Wall Paper

My main strategy was to move both left and right from my origination point, to allow the water to seep in a bit before I started scraping at the wall. Since the water works best when it’s soaking in below the top coat of the wallpaper, I’d work to expose as much of the adhesive coat (the white paper, underneath the patterned wallpaper) then spray it. If it’s been sitting long enough and if it’s wet enough, then it literally just slides off with your scrapper. Just like butta. In general, I found that letting the water soak in for a minimum of a minute helped to make sure that the paper came off easily for me. Anything less than that and I’d find myself having to wait a bit, since the water had still not done it’s magic to loosen everything up.

Once I finished scrapping all the paper that came off easily, I’d douse it in water again and then move over to the other side of the wall and repeat.ย It took a while, but eventually it all came off. See, look how happy I am about all that wallpaper be gone progress a happening.

Best Ways to Remove Wallpaper

Another (small) thing I found that made a big difference for applying the water was putting the spray nozzle to mist vs. a stream setting. Mostly, this setting just covered more surface area, but it also kept me from getting totally wet in the process ๐Ÿ™‚ It was so hot down here in the south last week, that I was actually using the water bottle to cool off as much as I was to spray the walls, so in the end it was a win win situation ๐Ÿ™‚

Once I got all of the wallpaper off the walls, I did a quick booty shake happy dance and then moved on (a day later) to washing everything down with some warm soapy water to get all the extra residue off the wall. Even though it felt like I was completely done after the initial pass through, when you looked a bit closer on the wall you could definitely see bits of paper left over from the initial scrape.

Although not nearly as tedious as the wallpaper removal itself, washing down the walls still took me the better part of an evening to bust out. All’s well that ends well though, since we now have this!

Removing Wallpaper in Old House

See ya later, flower powered walls ๐Ÿ˜€

Removing Wallpaper From Walls