Another Beut

Sorry, not sorry guys. I know y’all know I’m afflicted by the need to obsess over every little listing that hits the Raleigh real estate scene. Call it market research 😉 I found this gorgeous home (in one of my favorite neighborhoods, to boot) and had to share.

It’s so, so cute!! Right?!

Craftsmen Bungalow in Raleigh

I love how this homeowner stayed true to their style with leopard print in the foyer. 🙂

Foyer Leopard Print

The house opens right up to the dining room and a cozy little sun room.


Those bamboo shades got me glaring at our cellular shade blinds that are energy efficient but y’all – they be ugly.


The focal point of the living space downstairs is the lovely seafoam (mint?) colored kitchen. Again, so original to the homeowner – I love how their style shines through!


Here’s another beauty spot of this space.


The other side of the house has a great Living space.


With drool worthy built-ins (makes me want to get the husband shakin on some projects kids!)


And this styled corner by the fireplace. I mean – I’m starting to judge these people their house is so nice!


The bedrooms have a similar feel, but love it all the same!

Classic_Bedroom_Design Upholstered_Bed_Master

Ok, I judge these people a little more when I see they have not one but TWO infants, lol!

Nursery_Design_Boy Nursery_Design_Girl

I love how the spaces are not overly feminine or masculine, but still have little touches that personalize it for each kiddo.

Master_Suite_Marble Guest_Bath_Marble

The bathrooms carry the same cabinetry (I think) as the kitchen – but if it is the same it reads much grayer here.


The mudroom we all have pinned on pinterest.


And a backyard that’s just missing my margarita and some BBQ.

Anyone want to buy it and move to Raleigh so I can come visit you and swoon at your casa?

House Stalker

Here I was, sitting on my pregnant tuckus Sunday afternoon eating (another) slice of pizza and do you know what my weary eyes stumbled upon? An email from our neighborhood listserve saying there was an open house in the hood. Since it was 2pm, and I was still in my PJ’s, I figured an open house was just the motivation I needed to get my rear in gear and enjoy some fresh, October air.

This house you guys, oh my goodness. For starters, it’s on one of the loveliest streets in Durham (IMO) but this beauty was a winner from top to bottom.

Front Entry Living Room

I’m totally – completely – obsessed, with this kitchen.

Just look at this beauty!

White Cabinets Chefs Kitchen

The details on this space are to the nines.

Vintage Kitchen Sink

Ok, one more. I just can’t get enough 😀 Open concept gorgeousness.

Large Kitchen White Cabinets

Right off the kitchen there is a beautiful dining space and a cozy little living space/den. Being an old house dweller, I can tell you that I long for and extra living space that we could use for TV watch chillin. Maybe someday.

Something like this fits the bill, huh?

Cozy Den Family Room

Even better, there’s a little sunroom off the side of the TV/Dining/Kitchen area. So much space, I wouldn’t even know what to do with it all. I’ve got a feeling I’d be up to the task though, if I really put my mind to it 😉

Sunroom Off Kitchen

All the bathroom’s in the house had the most beautiful tile work. I liked how it offered some consistency throughout the home and really helped to tie the entire property together.

Vintage Style Master Bath

Another detail in this house – all the cabinetry – from the built-ins in the front Living Room to the Kitchen to the Baths were matching, inset, vintage inspired and gorgeous.

There were a total of (4) bedrooms upstairs on this house, and all of them had gorgeous hardware and solid wood construction. The door on the far left of this room actually goes up to a 3rd unfinished floor which would be a sweet spot to add a TV lounge area for kiddos.

Large Side Bedroom

Since they’re my favorite rooms in this house, other than the kitchen (obvi), I thought I’d finish off the tour with one more view into these beautiful matching bathrooms.


Second Full Bath

Want it? Need it? Have to have it? Well the good news is, it’s for sale! The bad news is, it’s just shy of $1 million. I know, right. That’s what we call bad luck in the Sell household 😀

House Stalking

Since I’ve been in such a vegetative state lately, progress has slowed down a bit on the house. Ok, a lot. 😉 Pretty much all we do every night is lay in bed and watch Soprano re-runs. Maybe go for a walk if I’m feeling up to it. I know I’ll be feeling better soon, but y’all, I’m missing my pre-pregnancy days like whoa this week. Missing my energy, my appetite and my ability to walk into a room without vomiting from some smell that hits me wrong (kitchen, I’m looking at YOU). All in the name of growing this little fetus into a real boy/girl/monkey. Someone has got to do it.

We have been working on sprucing our upstairs bathroom and I’m excited to debut that little beauty to y’all next week, but in the mean time, I thought I send over some of the prettiest little pictures of the prettiest little cottage that I’ve ever seen. Do you guys follow Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo of ABCD Design? I found her on twitter a few months back and her style is to the nines. Her New England cottage is currently for sale and I’m pretty much head over heals in love with it.

East Coast Cottage

Her style is so gathered and eclectic. I love what she’s done with every single space and although it’s sad to see her leave this beauty behind, I’m sure she’ll do equally amazing things with their next abode.

That dark velvet sofa just looks perfect for snuggling in come those cold northern winters, doesn’t it. Delicious.

Eclectic Living Room

Speaking of dark, I’m totally in love with this galley kitchen. That inset custom cabinetry and contrasting marble counters are really perfect. Love the darker appliances as well, and how they blend right in with the cabinetry.

Black Kitchen Marble Counters

The dining room is a light and bright open space, right off of the kitchen.

I love the exposed beams in this space – the perfect rustic touch for this country home.

Dining Room Rustic

In contrast to the first living space downstairs on this house – this den is bright and neutral. I’m pretty smitten with the wainscoting details around the fireplace surround.

Rustic Living Room

Keeping that cozy theme, the Master Bedroom is dark and welcoming. Look at that headboard, y’all! Talk about a show stopper!

Navy Bedroom

As much as I adore the inside of this house, the outside grounds are full of wonderful surprises as well.

Although this perfectly groomed and landscaped outbuilding looks like a gardening shed, when you open the door, you actually find …

Outdoor TV Room

A cozy little TV room!

Rustic TV Room

And when you’re totally done enjoying all the amenities of this sweet abode, why not pull up a chair and dine al fresco under the stars. Sigh. Now that’s living the life.

Outdoor Pergola Patio

Tell me, which space is your favorite?

This house, along with a few others, are featured this week on the WSJ house of the week post (one of my favorites for gorgeous house inspiration). You can vote for your favorite, here!

Tiny Home

Maybe it’s my pragmatic ways or my frugal nature, but the movement in the real estate world toward simple, functional spaces completely speaks to me. I’ve always vastly preferred a 1,200 square foot bungalow on a tree lined street to a 3,500 square foot subdivision abode. In fact, our current house (at just under 1,700 square feet) is actually the largest we’ve owned to date!

Have y’all heard of the Tiny Homes popping up around the country? Their cottages, all below 1,000 square feet, are as big as their homes get! What they don’t have in square footage, they definitely make up for in function and character.

I mean, tell me, what’s not to love?!

Tumbleweed Tiny Home

This home is an absolute treat – all 557 square feet of it! Like this perfect little entry. You’ve got to optimize every square foot!

Tiny Home Entry

After you enter, you come into a big open space that houses the kitchen, dining room and living space.

See the loft space above, as well?

Open Room

That kitchen pretty much left me speechless. The details on this house are perfection!

Tiny Home Kitchen

Right off the kitchen, there is a great dining space that has bench seating (with storage underneath – smart!).

Little House Dining Room

And then a stones throw away from the kitchen/dining space, you have a cozy little living room.

Little House Living Space

This house has two tiny little bedrooms. One of which is used as a flex office space for the home owner.

Again, this home owner optimized space by using clever storage solutions under the bed. Genius.

Tiny Home Bedroom

And this little back porch. I think the chickens seal the deal 😉

Tiny Home Yard

What do you think? Would you ever do the tiny house thing? Jay and I talk about buying some property in the mountains, and I’d love to build something like this for a vacation spot and then perhaps have it for retirement in the future. I’m personally completely smitten!

Want to read more? Here is the Tumbleweed website, and here is the blog for this homeowner!

Hollywood in the Country Hills

Sometimes I wish I could live in the 1800’s way out in the country, in a beautiful house, with a self sustaining farm where we would get our eggs and greens each morning and a cow named Bertha that we’d get our milk from. I’d have 14 children to do all my work for me and I’d sit back and, I don’t know, cross stitch or something. And pet my cat. Something like that.

And when I see gorgeous photos, of gorgeous old homes nestled in natures abundant beauty, I start to think to myself – man I could dig that. So for all of you that have a penchant for famous people, and have an extra $1.6 million relaxing in your pantalones, I strongly encourage you to purchase Renee Zellweger’s country estate that just landed on the market.

Old Farmhouse

Just stunning, right? The blue sky, the crisp white exterior. It just makes my heart melt.

This foyer has the same effect.

Renee Zellweger's Connecticut Farmhouse Foyer

Here are a few more gorgeous photos of this incredible home for you to feast your eyes upon.

Renee Zellweger's Connecticut Farmhouse Kitchen

Renee Zellweger's Connecticut Farmhouse Hall

The tall ceilings in this Master Suite …

Renee Zellweger's Connecticut Farmhouse Master Suite

And this stunning bath.

Renee Zellweger's Connecticut Farmhouse Master Suite

Renee Zellweger's Connecticut Farmhouse Den

Renee Zellweger's Connecticut Farmhouse Bedroom

And then there’s the back. SWOON.

Renee Zellweger's Connecticut Farmhouse

Along with a gorgeous rustic barn. What’s not to love?

Renee Zellweger's Connecticut Farmhouse

Talk about dream home. You’d have to pull me kicking and screaming out of that one. It’s absolutely amazing.

What’s your dream pad? A Country Estate, an urban row house – one of both? 😉

Howdy Neighbor: J Squared

Tell me, who doesn’t love a good house crashing post. Perhaps it’s my nosy nature, but I just can’t get enough of peeking my eyeballs into all the lovely abodes around me. This Howdy Neighbor post is near and dear to my heart for a few reasons. First – it’s my first o-fficial rendezvous with this post series, so that’s pretty spiffy to start out with. But secondly, and most importantly, this post features the home of two of my favorite human beings ever. Joel and Jessica – aka J squared. We left these prime examples of all the goodness of humanity back in Ann Arbor and my heart hurts just a little thinking about how far away these two lovely people are.

Joel and Jessica

The second you walk into Joel and Jessica’s house, you notice two things. First, this couple has got class.  Now, although Joel is one dapper dude, most of the lovely lookers around this house are the handy work of his lovely lady. See, Jessica is a thrifting FIEND. Never in my life have I met someone with the made skillz this lady has got. The second thing you notice when you trounce into their joint is that this couple is all about the American made find. Whether it’s thrifted and vintage chic, or straight from the American factory line, this couple loves to support the good old U.S. of A. Rock.

American Made

If you hang a right when you swing in the front door, you land up in their ginormous kitchen. Selling feature, people. It’s gorgeous.

Island in Kitchen

Although I pretty much wanted to smuggle half of Jessica’s thrifting finds away in my purse, her beautiful little Kitchen Aid mixer really caught my eye. It didn’t fit in my purse though … so I had to leave it behind. 😉

How to Style Kitchen

The kitchen opens right up to the Dining Room, which sits like 29 people. I’m lucky to fit me, the orange tabby and Jay at our table – so their’s feels awfully spacious. 😀 One of our favorite Ann Arbor traditions was a monthly Dinner Club we had with all our besties and their table was perfect for fitting the whole crowd, which is usually 10+

Dining Room Table

To the right of the Dining Room is my favorite room in the house, largely because of Jessica’s all time best thrifting find (IMO), which graces the center of this room.

Vintage Chesterfield Sofa

Do you see that chesterfield tufted sofa at 12 o’ clock. Guess how much she paid for it – seriously GUESS. It’s was fa-reaking FREE, people. Free!! My respect for this women went to new heights when I got the deets on that one.

Here is another view of this amazeballs room. LOVE.

Chesterfield Sofa

One of the best parts about their house are all the unexpected details you see pop through the space as you walk around. Jessica has so many thrifting treasures, each with their own, unique story. See that bull below, Joel won a bull riding contest to snag that bad boy. Nearly died. 

Accessorizing Bookcase

I kid, I kid. 😀 I just took a close up shot of it since I thought it was boo-tiful 😀

Now if you hang a left when you walk in the front you land up in their sweet little guest room.

Guest Room Layout

I love the attention to detail for each of the nightstands.

Styling Nightstand

I adored the look so much, I took a picture of both sides. Tres chic, right?!

How to Style Nightstand

Leaving no detail unturned, Jessica styled the hall between the Master and the Guest room with some more of her thrifting treasures.

Art Collage on Wall

No surprise, but Jessica’s propensity for having high style standards started back when she was a wee little one.  She told me this gorgeous pencil poster bed dated back to her pre-teen days! Talk about a classy big girl bed!

Vintage Poster Bed

Once again, the attention to detail in this room was bar none. I was cray cray about the lamp and bedside table – both thrift finds and dirt cheap (jealous).

Vintage Nightstand

Right off their Master, they’ve also got a sleeping porch. Perfect for hosting extra guests come a warm Michigan summer night! Also a great spot for Jessica to stash all her extra thrifting finds 🙂

Sleeping Porch

To cap off the tour of Joel and Jessica’s house (I know, sad but true, all good things must come to an end), I’ve got a few shots of their bonus/TV room. From the sweet monogram pillows with their initials on them to the amazing art work adorning the walls, I’d watch TV in this room any day. Class act.

Arranging Furniture around TV

No wall is without personality in this house. I love the little Southwestern corner they had off to the side of the TV room. In love with it all – aren’t you!

How to arrange Art

House Hunting with Mary: Week #3

House Hunting with Mary

Oh the places we could go. This week, I found my mind a wandering to the D.C. region. So many lovely penthouses, so little time. If you’ve got a cool $800k, I say go big or go home and get this beautiful little baby. OMEERREGGUUAAADDD.

DC Penthouse

I’m just dying inside. Are there any other urban neighborhood penthouse lovas out there that are ogling to look inside this baby like me? Just because it my favorite room, I’m going to start out strong by showing you this amaz-balls kitchen.

White Kitchen Subway Tile

Right off the kitchen, there’s a super cute living room/dining room open concept space. Here is the main living space – complete with a projector. High rollas.

Loft Living Room

And here is a classy wet bar area off to the side of the dining room. Prime time for some entertaining, ey?

Check out that sick staircase winding around the back. I think a sisal runner would complete the look, no?

Wet Bar off Kitchen

Here is a snapshot of the Master Suite. Cozy, but pretty perfect if you ask me.

Loft Bedroom

Even more perfect is that en suite, complete with some class act marble tiles. Totally in love with the dark vanity along side the natural stone and nickel details. So beautiful.

Marble Tiles in Bathroom

On the second floor, there is another living space that is very open and airy. That study area is a great use of the nook to the right of the space, too.

Open Landing Loft

Now, I’m pretty sure this house has been knocking your stockings right off so far, but there’s a pretty awesome surprise up on the top.

Penthouse City View with Deck

And another view. Le sigh.

Penthouse Deck in DC

Pretty swanky place, huh? Anyone want to go halvsies with me and we can split our time there 50/50? 😀


House Hunting with Mary: Vol 2

House Hunting with Mary

Y’all ready for week #2 of House Hunting with Mary? Can you tell I’m sticking with a Southern theme here 😀 As far as real estate goes, I’m pretty partial to the oldies but goodies. Some of that is due to the details in older houses, but more than anything, I love, love, love the look and feel of an established urban neighborhood with 200 year old trees and 100+ year old houses and lovely little brick paver paths with flowers and ivy creeping up along the side. You picking up what I’m putting down?

Well now that we’ve visited lovely homes in both Raleigh and Asheville, I thought we could move a few miles further north up to Durhum. Home to Duke University, this city has lots of lovely neighborhoods where I’d consider setting down roots and staying for a bit. And amazingly homes. Like this one.

Durham Real Estate

Come to Mama. Lurrrvvve it. Whenever I find a house in my browsing that I really, really love, I immediately grab the hubster and tell him that I found our next house. When that fails to get his attention, I make my voice a bit more stern and tell him that I’ve actually really found our next house and if he doesn’t scoot his booty over here to see it, I’m going to march down to NC and just buy it myself. With imaginary money that grows on trees … 😉

I mean, any house that starts out with a porch this lovely, is a house I have to own.

Porch with Wood Flooring

What I love the most about this house, is you can absolutely see a family going about their day in it. Hanging out on the front porch sipping on a glass of wine as the neighbors walk their dog by. Or in this kitchen, a whole group of bambinos hanging out with their papa bear cooking (this mama bear does not cook) 😀

White Kitchen with Oak Floors

That’s a heart to my home if I ever saw one. I’m dying over here – isn’t it gorg? I just want to kiss those counter tops and chest bump the cabinets. Mine, mine, I want it to be alll miiinnneee.

Here is another view of the kitchen, you can see a perfect little mudroom/laundry room off to the side.

Kitchen with attached Laundry

I love how the dining space opens right up into that gorgeous kitchen. Perfect for entertaining!

Red Walls in Dining Room

At the front of the house, you have a few different living areas. I love the den, which has built-in bookcases along one wall. Gorg.

Built-in Bookcase in Study

There is also a formal living space to the right as you walk in, immediately across from the Den. Complete with a lovely little fireplace.

Living Room with Fireplace

Upstairs, the house has wood floors throughout with fireplaces in some of the bedrooms.

Is that a life long dream for anyone else? A fireplace in the bedroom? Yes, please.

Bedroom with Light Oak Floors

Even the closets are super cute and chic!

Plank Walls in Closet

Tell me, which room is your favorite? Got a soft spot for the kitchen like me? 😀

If I Had a Million Dollars

Well, actually a cool $1.649 million, to be exact. 😉 I saw this local home in an article yesterday and just had to share. Every single room is perfection. Feast your eyes my friend.

Built in 1928, this is the McDaddy of all Mansions. If you’re familiar with Ann Arbor, this home is nestled along a private drive right outside of town, along the river. SWOON.

Back of Tudor Home

Look at this entry! I absolutely love the Persian rug at the front.

Traditional Entry

The home is incredibly open for the age of the property. Look at this gorgeous open concept Dining and Kitchen space. I especially love how the Dining Room floor almost looks like a rug in itself with the pattern. If we ever lay a floor (versus refinishing) I think this would be a super fun way to add some interest to the space.

Traditional Dining Room

Here is a close up shot of the kitchen eating nook. So much storage! Can’t decide if I love the built-in, the lighting or the stools the most.

White Traditional Kitchen

The upstairs is as inviting and delicious as the common spaces on the main level. Y’all know I’m a sucker for sisal rugs, between that and the arched doorway that leads into the bedroom suites, this space is perfection.

Sisal Rug in Hall

The Master Bedroom is a little bit spicy with a zebra rug just chilling at the foot of the bed. Hopefully it’s a faux zebra. 😉

Traditional Bedroom

This home has a whopping 6-bedrooms, all as beautiful as the next. Here is their take on a more traditional shared girls room. I think I’d add a larger rug in this room to make it just a wee bit cozier, but otherwise, I think it’s gorgeous!

Shared Little Girls Room The upstairs hall bath is absolutely lovely! Totally digging the marble mosaic floor and the white subway tile. It’s similar to the look we tried to achieve with our main bath. I like how it wraps all the way around the room, too.

Subway Tile in Bathroom

Come a summer night, isn’t this just the perfect spot to grab a glass of wine with friends. Le sigh. Well, when I’ve got a cool $1.6 sitting in my pocket, you know where I’ll be! 😀

Traditional Tudor Home