We just finished staining the floors last night and my body is sore in ways I didn’t think were possible. Although I love this part of the renovation process (so much change! big things happening!), not going to lie, every once and I while I’d like to be at the point where I’m picking out little details, ya know, like poufs! 🙂 Ever since I popped one of these bad boys into our staged office in our last house, I’m pretty much a certified addict.

One Kings Lane had some of the best selection for pouf’s that I liked, so I put together a little dream/wish list of what I’d snag!

One Kings Lane Poufs


Emerson Pouf Pink/White | Avett Round Pouf | Moroccan Pouf Gray | Anniston Pouf | Maze Pouf | Nina Pouf | Wylie Pouf

Since I’m going to have an office in this next house as well, I’m thinking a pouf may need to walk right back into my life … Like POOF, here’s a pouf! This is how I’d style my office.

Office Martha’s Vineyard Map | Dunham Swing Arm Sconce | Delancy Desk | Pencil Case | Paper Weight | Note Pad |  Classic Palm Tree | Leni Rug  | Wylie Pouf

Got any other pouf addicts out there? Anyone? Ok, I’ll start. My name is Mary, and I’m a pouf addict.

Psst! Want to save some dough? Here is a link for a $15 credit for purchases of $30 or more. Happy shopping!

B-gone Bedroom

Ya know, I’ve learned a few things about myself in our sweet little Ann Arbor abode. First, a 10×10 Master Bedroom is just a bit tight. Second, having a bedroom with a great view of your neighborhood and neighbor’s driveway certainly has it’s advantages, but ya know, that’s not my jam either. Case and point, there is seriously a man that walks his dog in our neighborhood at like 2am, with a spulunking light on. Seriously. How would we know that? Maybe because his light shines right on in to our bedroom without fail as he’s picking up his dogs doo doo. Oye. And third – third is that shiver me timbers, would I like a home office. I’d really like a home office.

After we moved everything out of the bedroom to it’s new, upgraded Master Suite location, we had a pretty empty room and like 24 hours to stage it before sale. Scccrreeeaaaccchh. That’s high time for some crunching!

Moving Out Furniture

Since we knew our timeline for when we’d be having the carpet installed upstairs, I was pretty much scouring craigslist every night in hopes of finding some key pieces to quickly (and cheaply!) fill up this vast empty space. And although I definitely found a few things I really liked, in the end, we had to do some cheater-cheater-pumpkin-eater staging and buy some stuff off the shelves, too.

My one solid score, was this beauty of a bookcase.

Adding Crown to Bookcase

Solid wood, great condition. It even had some nice crown detail on the top upping the classy factor.

Solid Wood Bookcase

Now as much as I liked the bookcase, it was a bit orangy in complexion (too much fake and bake), so I sent Jay off with a paint sample and on his lunch break he went out to pick up some greigy goodness to spice this bad boy up.

Two coats of Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist and we had this!

How to Accesorize Bookcase

Nice, right?! Nice enough for some staging! One more craigslist find for this office were these crystally little lamp bases. Add some razzle mcdazzle to the space, right?

Crystal Glass Lamp Base

The rest of it, well, that’s compliments of the fine aisles over at Tar-jay. Given the fact that we literally had one-full day between clearing this room out and LISTING OUR HOUSE, we were under a pretty fine timeline. Ready for some lickety split before and afters?

Here is the before, when we had our bed inside the room.

Small Bedroom Layout

And here is the same angle, after.

Small Home Office

Truth be told, the room feels a bit bare to me, but given our ttiiiiggghhttt timeline – I’m going to go ahead and call it good. Plus, is was so dang nice to have a faux office in the house for a few days. Not going to lie. I pretty much have got it in my head that I need an office in the next house now. #FirstWorldProblems

Now, this office has a few finishing details that never came to be. Whenever I would plop my booty down to type away a blog post on the lap top, I’d stare up at this big old blank abyss up on the wall and think about how much it needed some snazzy new art. It’s missing something, right?

Art Above Desk Area

My favorite area in the room, is to the right of the desk area, near the window. I was a total pouf skeptic before, but man am I sold now! Poufs for everyone! It’s the perfect little thing to pop into the corner to add a bit of color. I was concerned initially that the pouf would sink in too much when you sat on it, like a bean bag, and just collapse in. It actually stays pretty firm though so it’s great for additional seating.

Poof for Seating

I had to save the best for last on my craigslist deals – I’ve been holding out on you 🙂 See this nice slate blue parson’s chair?

World Market Desk Chair

Well one day when I was pursuing craigslist, I found not (1) Parson’s chairs, but 6. Now I knew I didn’t need six parson’s chair, heck with a pending cross country move I didn’t even want (6) chairs. So I did what any logical little lady would do. I kept one, and sold the other 5! 😀 So that chair there, I basically got paid $85 to keep it 🙂 SCORE.