Tres Drab, to Super Fab

Swiss cheese is ok on my sandwich – not so much on my ceilings, ya know what I mean? Not much I can do about inheriting swiss cheese potlights in the basement – but the gold quality of the potlights was certainly something I had my mind set on changing. Here is a before picture:

Basement Ceiling: Before

Luckily, a can o’ white spray paint, for around 3 dolla bills, and we were on our way. We are big fans of spray painting around here. For a few bucks – you can really transform something, and I’ve found that trusty aerosol can works for a lot more than you would think! 🙂 We carefully uninstalled the lights and schlepped all of them out to the garage and put some white spray paint on these babies. Already looking better, right?

Overtime, and after spray painting lots. of. stuff. We’ve learned a few go to tips for getting the best results spray painting.

For us, the best way to get good results are:

  • Lightly sand your item (especially if it had a shiny surface initially) to ensure the paint sticks
  • Also make sure there is no finger print oil on the item. Unless you want to leave your signature on your work that is 🙂
  • Lots of thin, even coats. Usually we do 3-4 coats, and we space out the coats for 2-3 hours minimum in between each time. Follow the can on the timing, depending on the type of paint, this can vary.
  • Another thing that is *hard* for inpatient me, is to WAIT to install your items until after they are completely dry. Learned that one the hard way – nothing more disappointing the nicking up your freshly painted duds with your screw driver. Le sigh.

Then after they were painted, Jay {and Malcolm} worked on re-installing them. I sat on the couch and took pictures. he he. And – ya know – Jay is tall enough to not have to grab a ladder for the install, so he was nominated as the best choice. 🙂

Jay and Malcom Installing the Light

While we were at it, we tackled the light switches, which were an ugg brown color.

I know you are probably thinking, but Mary, why didn’t you just BUY new light switches for like 55 cents. Well, because I had a can of spray paint already, and figured, what the hay. Let’s just bust this sucker out! I’ll keep you posted on how they hold up. The outlets down here only get a moderate amount of use, so I am hopeful that if we prep them a bit by sanding them down, that they will stand the test of time. Look how much better they are looking with a nice, crisp coat o’ white paint. Sometimes, it’s the little things that help your space feel a bit more finished.

Basement Ceiling: Progress