Mega Mulching

Our garden looked so wonderful. For a week. Then it looked bad, really bad. Weeds came in, the peonies died, everything turned brown. Here I thought I’d inherited an effortless garden, and in reality, we inherited a beautiful garden, that is LOADS of work. Every time we had friends come over we would say – looks at this amazing garden we have – and look how little grass! It only takes 3 minutes to mow, it great! Well, turns out, grass takes a bit less time to tend. šŸ˜‰ Our garden went from this.

White Peony Bushes

And two weeks later, we turned around to refinish the floors, and came out for a breather to see this. AHHHHHHH. Weeds. Where it’s all green next to the peony bushes – that should be mulch. Brown, not green. Oye.

How to keep weeds out of garden

Oh, and our sideyard, next to the screened in porch, was looking like this. Classy. Pretty sure the hubs got a serious case of poison ivy somewhere in this goody bag of weeds. One roid shot later, he appears to be on the mend.

How to get rid of weeds

So, in an effort to fix our weed problemo, we headed straight over to Lowe’s and stocked up on mulch. At $2.50 a bag, it didn’t hurt the wallet too much, either. Other bags of the same size (2 cu feet), were $4.50 each. I’ll call that a win.

Lowes Dark Brown Mulch

Our initial load was (8) bags – we went through that before you can say jiminy cricket, and had to go back for another (12). Total damage to my wallet – $50. Could have been worse, could have been better. A few general lessons learned in our first summer in the new house.

1) Mulching and weeding will happen in the spring. We let the weeds get a little too comfy, if you know what I mean. They basically took over. Fail.

2) Next year. I’m getting the truck load delivered. We did this on the last house, and it was like $30, and we got probably double the mulch. Since I was in such a hurry to solve the problem this year, I got all antsy pantsy and went out and bought as many bags as the good ole’ prius could fit.

Removing Weeds

After a good rain, when the soil was looser and the weeds were easier to pull, we went out in force and started plucking these babies up like it was our job. Look how happy Jay is to defeat Mr. Weed. For the most part, we were able to pull the weeds with just our hands, but we used a trowel for a few of the stubborn ones, too. If there was a large patch, we would come through with the larger shovel and skim the weeds off the top, trying to remove as little dirt and mulch as possible as we went.

A few hours of weeding later, we were ready to put the mulch down! Here are some after shots of the yard in all it’s beauty.

Hostas in Partial Sun

Check out the landscaping we did in the side yard. Remember this, it was all WEEDS! We moved a ginormous hosta (and a medium sized one, too) that we had chillin’ in the front of the house before. They were off center in the front yard, and kind of looked misplaced anyway, so I thought I would repurpose them back here as an extra deterrent to weeds popping up again. We also added lots of mulch for good measure. I love how the bright green hostas look against the mulch.

Rock Path to Garden

Along the driveway, there is a nice path up to the garden area that we thoroughly weeded and mulched. Looking much better, if I do say so myself.

And here is a shot of the backyard. Ahhhh. Weed free with a fresh coat of mulch. Drinking it in over here. We decided to move an azalea bush from an area in the back to a more visible location. It seemed like it needed some more sun, so I’m hoping it does peachy keen in it’s new central location.

Ā  Dark Mulch

A Garden Tour

Care to take a tour of the backyard? We are so lucky, because the previous owner (who owned the home for 27 years) had a serious green thumb!! LikeĀ emeraldĀ green. Every week there seems to be another wonderful plant blooming around here. It’s kind of incredible andĀ exhilaratingĀ and it makes me want to have a green thumb as well – to join the elite green thumb club.Ā The entire backyard is absolutely chock full of peonies, irises, and a bunch of other flowers I don’t know the name of. Can ya tell – no green thumb here. I’m desperately trying to learn enough though to make sure all these plants don’t die.

White Peony Bushes

Here is a close up shot of one of the peonies. These flowers are my all time favorite bloom so I can’t even explain how excited I am to have 8 bushes lining the back of our house.

White Peony
White Peony

Right next to the peonies are some lovely purple irises. Offer a nice contrast, I think.

Purple Iris
Purple Iris

And another favorite of ours is this huge rhubarb bush! Can’t wait to make some pies later this summer (when our kitchen is back in commission…) with some chives right next to it. Edible arrangements. Bonus.

Rhubarb Plant
Rhubarb Plant

Since the back was looking so snazzy, we decided to pop some flowers in the planters up front, too. The front foliage is mainly hostas now, so it’s nice to have a little pop of color.

Flowers in Planter Box
Front Planters

My pansies will probably only last a few more weeks here (starting to get warm) but for now, I love their cheerful little faces greeting me at the front door.

Purple Pansies

Probably one of the most enjoyable things about living in this house so far has been the pureĀ abundanceĀ of beautiful plants around us outside. It helps to have somewhere to escape to when our house is totally covered in reno dust. Urrggh. #OverIt.