Table Talk

So, I’ve been on the hunt for a table for quite some time. I searched far and low, and then found this little beauty on the list. craigslist, that is. What can I say, it had be at hello. My favorite thing about this guy is the base and the legs. It’s got good legs, what can I say.

Antique Pedestal Table

When I started my hunt, I was initially looking for a table with an extension, and alas, this little beaut is extension(less). But, it was also $90, I’m just going to go ahead and call that a win. My general thought is that if I find something different down the road for a steal second hand, that I can swap this one out and get the leaf I’ve been after. Otherwise, it’s usually just the hubster and I at the table, so I’m thinking this should fit the bill. When we got this little beauty, it was in quasi rough shape. Namely, it appears the household before us had apparently used it as some kind of craft table, cause it was littered with glitter. A fairy godmother table, if you will. A sander seemed like a good place to start. So we went out and got all the necessary grits for a lovely finish and got to work.

How to sand a table

Not really knowing what I was doing, or how to go about removing the glitter, the veneer or the stain, I started sanding this little guy. After 30 seconds or so, it became strikingly apparent that the sander was just not going to cut it. Not a lick of the finish budged. Bummer dude.

How to remove stain from furniture

So, we moved onto the the next thing. Look at this friendly furniture removing fella. He looked like just the man for the job.

Formbys Furniture Refinisher

Applying this stuff was so disgusting. It wreaked to high heaven. But that sander wasn’t working and sometimes, ya just have to pull out the big guns. To apply it, I just grabbed one of our crappola paint brushes and liberally applied it on there. For some extra stain removal, we also came back through and lightly wiped everything off with some ammonia (also very stinky).

Overall, we found that a combination of the two pretty much sealed the deal. The ammonia step was probably the most crucial, can you see all the stain that came up on this step? Jay just took a nail brush and lightly scrubbed the top of the table to get the stain off the surface. Worked like a charm.

Using Ammonia To Remove Old Stain

After we removed all the stain from the top, we moved on to patching up some parts of the table that had cracked over time. We simply purchased some wood filler that was stainable and applied it liberally to the cracks and chips we were trying to help fix. We took a putty knife to smooth it out along the edge of the table.

How to use Wood Filler

Then, we had the fun part. We got to see this baby transform with some purty little stain! After perusing the aisles of the home improvement store, we opted to keep using the same stain color we had on the floors, Minwax Dark Walnut. One, since we had it in the house already, and two, it just looked the best and had the elegant yet simple look we were going for. A pinch of this a pinch of that – you’re on your way.

Staining Antique Table

Jay referred to this step as the New York Black and White cookie phase (Mumzie, if you are reading, we formally request one of these as a special souvenir treat when you go to NY with Jo) 😉 I think we were hungry. Look how good that stain looks going on though! After we were all done, the table was looking like this! After seeing this guy back in the dining room, I’m thinking I need some larger, more pronounced artwork… It’s always something 😉 Oh, and some chairs, there is THAT, too.

Round Pedestal Dining Table