Living La Vida Loca

So now that I’ve officially got that big bad list up of all the things we hope to accomplish with this house, I wanted to hone in on each room in a bit more detail, to kind of show you what I hope each space will look and feel like. Putting together a room you love is a super iterative process, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from creating boards for all of my design clients, is that it’s definitely helpful to get everything down in one space so you can develop a clear picture of how you want the room turn out in the end.

Right now, this is my inspiration picture for the new living room space.

Living Room Inspiration

Found it on pinterest, and I’m pretty sure it’s pulled right out of a magazine (old school, right?). Look at all that yumminess – what’s not to love! 😀

My favorite rooms are soft and neutral, and I really want this next home to have rooms that feel comfortable and lived in, as well as stylish. We’ve got a few staple pieces that we intend to incorporate, namely our big old olive colored velvet sofa. As far as comfort goes, this guy takes the cake. 😀

Deep Velvet Sofa

As I mentioned in the post yesterday, the room is pretty large, so there is a lot of space to get creative. I plan on making a few distinct sitting areas in this room to give us space to spread out a bit. All and all, this is what I think I’d like the room to flow like (at least for it’s first design iteration).

Living Room Layout Since we don’t have a separate TV room, I’m thinking that the TV will have to be directly above the fireplace. Not perfect, but at least that allows for lots of different angels for TV watching! 😀

Here is the mood board I’ve got started for the space, too. I know this will continue to evolve and change, but for now, I feel like it gives me a good starting place to help direct the types of items I’m looking for.

Living Room Mood Board

Much to Jay’s chagrin (since we have NO space in our apartment), I’ve been loading up on items I see on craigslist … when I see a good deal, it’s just so darn hard to pass it up! 😀

This is what the view from my “office desk” looks like right now. In the event of a fire, we’ve got a few obstacles in our path these days.

Moving From House to Apartment

Other than the $12 chairs that the orange tabby is peacefully slumbering away on (!), I also scored some beautiful vintage rattan chairs that I’m super pumped about adding into the mix in the new living room. I found a set of these that I plan to use to flank the back wall for additional seating. They’re pretty small, but very sturdy, so I think they’ll hold up well for the long haul.

Vintage Rattan Chairs

I’ve also got a HomeGoods induced heartbreaker on my hands. See this jewel?

Slipcovered Dining Chair

I found it on clearance for $185 – I know, right!? Considering I’ve been eyeing a nearly identical one at Ballard Designs for $699, I was pretty excited about that price. The only trouble is that I really want two chairs, one to go on either side of the couch. Well, I definitely called the 40+ HomeGoods, TJMaxx and Marshall’s locations in our area and I came up completely empty handed. (Weeping in corner)

Here’s a side shot of this lovely little looker.

Slipcovered Dining Chair

Although it’s possible that they’ll bring in more inventory, I guessing that’s unlikely since it had a red tag on it :'( I’m going to hold onto it for at least a few weeks and see if I’m not able to find me another one (which would be the best luck EVER). #WishfulThinking

I know many of us, myself included, aren’t always able to just snap their fingers and have a room come into place. Although it would be nice to drive on over to Ethan Allen and go on a shopping spree – let’s face it – purchasing all new furniture for a room can be super expensive! With this house, I’m trying my darndest to get as much furniture as possible used (craigslist, thrift store, etc), but it can be pretty tricky to find just what you’re looking for. I guess all that extra work is worth it’s weight in gold when you pay pennies on the dollar for all your new duds, right?

And in closing, I couldn’t resist a cute little photo of the orange boy. 😀

Cute Orange Tabby