The Stars to Guide You

Oh man, y’all, I’m on a baby kick this week. 😀 Even though this little man is still 20-weeks away from his grand entrance, I’ve finally gotten some energy back and it’s baby room planning time!

So a few months back, I showed y’all this rendition of the room. And although I liked a lot of things about this space, in the end, I landed up tweaking the board a bit and coming up with this little space, fit for a little tike.

Baby Sell Board

Noticing a subtle theme throughout the room? My mister has got a soft spot for the solar system up above, get that man going on constellations, and good luck getting him to stop. Well I came across some vintage constellation prints online that have become the theme of the room, more or less, and let’s just say I’m pretty smitten. 🙂

Right now, I’m trying to find a chandy on craigslist that has similar lines to the one below that I can spray paint. Cross your fingers I find one, cause this girl just ain’t going to spend $1,100 on a light for the little’s room 😀 I think I might have found a potential online option to hack too, for WAY less – stay tuned 😉

High Street Market Chandelier

We’re all stocked up on frames from our trip to IKEA, so I’m hoping to get the artwork up later this week. We’ll see if this burst of energy sticks around that long 😉

Lemon Grove Interiors | New Service!

One of my favorite things about blogging over the past year or so, has been all the unexpected connections I’ve made with people and ideas that have come up as a result. It’s so fun virtually get to know people, and to have y’all offer input and insights into the design process for our home. A metaphor for life, I guess, it’s better with friends along by your side 🙂

When I started offering boards a few months back, I literally had no idea how much interest there would be in affordable interior design services. I have had a blast working with each and every one of my clients, and I’m super excited to say that I’m starting to offer a few additional services, based on feedback from all of you!

First, inspired by our own kitchen renovation, I’ve decided to start offering kitchen design services.

Kitchen Design Services

I recently had a client approach me about helping her select some details for her kitchen renovation and for $25, I created the board above for her. Now she has finalized choices for her counter, flooring, cabinets, fixtures and back splash. Along with a paint recommendation and some art, too! 🙂

Since we’ve always purchased older homes, and have never built new, I also never thought to create builder packages for those looking to source all the little details that go into a finished home. So when Marie approached me about sourcing the lighting for her new home, I did a cartwheel, high fived my cat, and then said – OF COURSE! That sounds like so. much. fun!

So, working within her budget, I sourced all the lights she needed to give to her builder for her new construction home. Devil’s in the details, right?

Lemon Grove Interiors

Lemon Grove Interiors Lemon Grove Interiors

I told her that putting these boards together made me want to update all the lighting in our house, too!

Of course, in addition these fun, new services, I’m still offering my “normal” room design services. Here are a few rooms I’ve been working on in the past few weeks.

Like this entry way.

Entry Mood Board


And this cozy and eclectic TV room.

TV Room Mood Board

Or for clients that already have the furniture and are just looking to accessorize, I’ve put together a package for that too. This client just wanted artwork and other details sourced to compliment her existing furniture.

Living Room Mood Board

Here is a more traditional take on a Dining space – I love the way this formal Dining Room came out!

Dining Room Mood Board If you’re interested in getting design services for your home, I’d love to help you! Packages start as low as $25 per room, with multiple room discounts for 2 or more rooms 🙂

Get more information on design services here. Ready to order? You can do that here.


Dinner for Two

Y’all TODAY IS THE DAY. Not yo momma’s birthday, not the day Abe Lincoln was shot and not Goldfish appreciation day. It’s closing day!! WOOOOOOOOTTTT. Apartment life has been fun, it’s been adventurous, it’s been efficient, it’s been cheap – but ya know what – I’m pretty excited it’s also fading into the memory banks and officially becoming a “remember when” chapter of our lives. I’m SO ready to grab the keys for this next house, and take on all the beautiful adventures that await us.

I’ll definitely be back next week with all sorts of fun details on what we got to tackling in weekend numero uno, but while y’all are waiting on baited breath for those adventures, I thought it would be fun to continue on with the house styling plans. Aka, let’s all escape to dream land, where rooms are done and all prettied up. Today, let’s talk about one of my favorite rooms, the room we eat in. 😀

For a refresher, this is what the dining room looks like pre-movin.

Taking Out Wall

I love the look and feel of this dining room (below), I’m especially digging the color with the nice crisp crown up top, and the wainscoting down below.

Traditional Dining Room

Although I love the color in this space, the furniture is a bit too traditional for my taste. I’m thinking I’d really love to tackle building a farmhouse style table with Jay bird in this space. I’m (giddy) excited about how much space we will have in this house for chowing down. Our last house was more of a combined kitchen/dining space, so it never really felt like we had a formal dining space for entertaining. Even though this room will still be close to the kitchen (with a wall removed…) I’m really looking forward to giving this space it’s own identity and vibe.

I’ve always gone a little too white (IMO), since it’s safe and neutral, and easy to decorate around – but I’m looking forward going a bit darker in here. I’m thinking that the white wainscoting below will help support a darker color a bit better. Right now I’m leaning toward Benjamin Moore Rockport Gray. Here’s the color in Rhoda’s house, from Southern Hospitality.

Buffet and Lamps

Love the board and batten treatment in her house, but we’ll probably only go half way up the wall, vs. 3/4, like she has it.

Just like the living room, I put a board together to help guide my style evolution for this space, as well. Here’s what I have so far.

Dining Room Mood Board

I like the idea of going more mismatched in this room, with lots of the same elements to help tie the space together. I’m considering (not certain if we’ll do this or not) bumping out the counter on the island in the kitchen in order to make room for some additional seating – if I do that, I’ll definitely be using bar stools like the one pictured above.

Here is a snapshot of the layout, so you can see what we intend to do with the wall adjoining the kitchen/dining room.

Removing Wall Between Kitchen and Dining Room Timmmbeeer, it’s coming down. Now, since we’ve done the whole wall removal rodeo before, I’m pretty sure we can pull this off. That being said, I’ve got a few lingering concerns, namely – is there HVAC or any type of plumbing in the wall. The rest is pretty easy to deal with, but those two variables could really impact our overall bottom dollar. Like the last house, we’re majorly crossing our fingers that there isn’t anything too significant in our way when we grab the good old sledgehammers and start working away.

Since we haven’t been able to answer those big picture questions quite yet (don’t think the current owners would be too keen on us creating some exploratory holes during our final walk through…), I’ve been working on some of the smaller details around here – to the tune of a massive thrifting expedition. I’ve got a confession to make. I seriously spent $45 at the goodwill, which to me, is crazy town since I didn’t buy any furniture. I usually spend like 10 bucks at goodwill, but the good times were rolling man and I just kept adding things to my cart.

For the dining room, I found a few winners.

Artwork for Dining Room

For $2 each, I thought this artwork would look fun nestled on a small space on the wall. I’m thinking a good spot for it will be on the wall between the built-in and the basement door.

I’m also seriously in love with these salad servers I found.

Unique Salad Servers

If you can’t tell from the zoomed out picture, they’re little zebras, just chilling at the top of the servers!

Zebra Salad Servers

Probably my take the cake thrift/craigslist find so far though, has been these (2) slipcovered dining room chars that I scored for $25 – for both!! Huzza!! They a tiny bit beat up, but I think we can remedy most of the problems they have with a deep steam clean.

Slipcovered Dining Chairs


Fancyfing This Joint

Actually, there is very little fancyfing (fancy-fi-ing) 😀 going on in this specific joint, but by George, the rest of America is getting in on some of that action. I can’t even tell you how much my palms are twitching over here with all the design work I’ve been doing for the rest of y’all. Let’s just say my little brain is stirring with all sorts of ideas for our new space once we’ve well, got a new space to move in to. Oye. Patience Mary, patience… 😀

In the mean time, I thought it would be fun to swing in with my monthly round up of designs I’ve been busting out for clients. I can tell you one thing. Once I’ve got my own little home sweet home, you betta bet that I’m putting a mood board together to get my mojo going. In the past, I more or less had an idea of what I kinda sorta wanted to do in my head, but seeing everything down on paper and producing finished rooms for clients has me taking a whole new approach on how I plan to attack our new spaces once we get settled.

Probably my favorite room to design this month, was my very first mini human room. Not little tike room for the pre-schoolers getting their first big kid bed, nope, this was the fresh out of the womb, just pushed that wrinkly beast out, welcome to the world type of room. Yes siree, my very first nursery. SQUEEEE!!!

Nursery Mood Board

Have you guys seen the Sharon Montrose Animal Prints? I loved using these for this space and think all the art is adorbs. Like this little monkey print – so dang cute. I’m pretty smitten 🙂

Monkey Print Nursery

Another fun, and very different project for me for was designing a fancy little loo. Being the big picture lady that I am, I really take a darn long time to get around to nice little spaces like my b-room. I think I need to change that – look at all the fine details that got added in this room.

Bathroom Mood Board Not going to lie, this next client pretty much has the best set up EVER for her bedroom. It’s got a sunroom attached that was pretty much the size of my last bedroom. Oye. Jeal-ous. What I would DO with that much space, I can’t even begin to tell you.

Bedroom Layout

Crazy sauce amazingness, right?! This is what I came up with for her space.

Bedroom Mood Board

I rounded out the month with another living room design board. I’m a total sucker for the little details in a house and totally fell in love with the sweet bay window Kristen had in her living space – perfect for a quaint and peaceful sitting area. (She lives near the ocean (!) , swoon)

Living Room Layout

Although each design board comes out very different, and with it’s own unique twist, I think you can tell that I really like the white drapes with bamboo blinds look 😀 Especially on a beach house! 😉

Living Room Mood Board

As always, if you’re ever interested in designing a space you absolutely love – I offer 10% off to all my lovely readers! Just type in “THANKYOU” at checkout! 😀

Feeling Moody | Giveaway!

Mood boards are one of my favorite ways to envision a space – it’s the best way to get my design mojo a going and my pinterest button a clicking.

For instance, when we were working on the downstairs bathroom remodel last winter (seriously, was that last winter?) I put this little guy together to keep track of some of the details I was hoping to incorporate into the space.

Marble bathroom, antique bronze, polished nickel And as a point of comparison, this is how our tiny water closet turned out.

Traditional Marble Bathroom

We went with the floors from the Tile Shop and LOVE them. They make me feel like tap dancing. Which I’d do if the room wasn’t like 2 feet x 3 feet. I tap dance in my head anyway.

White Painted bathroom threshold

And although I didn’t get all the gold accessories I was initially pegging for, I did spot this little antique painting at the resale shop, and I think that it adds some warmth into the room. Still working on some final details for the space, but it’s coming along.

Small Antique Frame

When I was looking to get all inspired to tackle our latest and greatest project up in the attic, I also popped some images together to get my vision aligned with reality. Now, were not nearly done with the attic, but I’m using this board as a general template to help guide us as we work on each component of the room.

Plus, it helps me to begin the sourcing process, which can be tedious at times when you’re having a hard time finding exactly the right item, in exactly the right price range. Actually it’s usually easy to find the right item, it’s that pesky budget that gets in the way. 😉

Master Attic Conversion Mood BoardAnd now that we’ve started working on the basement in a bit more earnest with the built-in, I also decided to throw it down into the mood board gauntlet and get all inspired for that space, too! Just looking at it makes me start fist pumping, which is exactly what an inspiration board should do, get ya all hyped to get that space purty.

Living Room Mood Board

So, are ya wondering what the giveaway is? 😉 Kept ya hanging, didn’t I. 

Since I’m such a mood board maven, I thought I’d holla at all my buddies out in the blog land and offer a free mood board to (3) random readers! Got a room you’ve been dying to tackle? Just comment below and tell me, what room is giving you the blues? Why do you want to revamp it?

Here’s the scoop on the details: I’ll contact the (3) random winners a week from today (10/23)  and get crack a lackin’ on a designed space just for you, which will include sourced materials so you can hunt down all the specifics after! I’ll announce the winners at the bottom of this post, and the bottom of my 10/23 post, too! Good luck!

Making Some Grand Attic Plans

One of my favorite things about moving into a new house is the complete unknown of new spaces, and new rooms. Making each area into your own and learning about the homes full potential. This attic renovation has kind of been like finding a space in our house and rediscovering a new room, like when you just move in. Sure, we knew the attic was up there, but we’ve left the door shut to the space for the past year, so opening this room up has just got me thinking about all the possibilities.

Here is the overall layout of the space.

Attic Layout

Pretty basic room, lots of potential. Initially, we were thinking about bumping out the back wall a putting in a dormer. But the more we thought about it, the more we became content with the layout just as it was.

We interviewed (3) contractors about a potential dormer, and in complete honesty, we just were not crazy about any of them. Each one had their own perspective on how to go about the changes, and it just felt overwhelming and like we would be giving up all control of the project to someone that might not have the same vision for the space that we did. Plus, it was going to cost money, and we like to keep money in our pocket as much as possible. So the more we pondered about it, the more we started leaning toward just working with the space we had. Done.

  Master Attic Conversion Mood Board

1. Since our attic is chock full of knee wall space that would otherwise go unutilized (and will be totally accessible after the spray foam install), clever storage is the name of the game in our attic. The entire wall to the left of the steps as you walk up the hall will be closet space. A legit his and hers closet. Yours and mine, no ours. 🙂 With Jay booted to the guest room the second we moved into this joint, it’s going to be fan-freaking-tastic to have all our clothes and booties in one place. Wootie Tootie, all our bootie’s.

2. Ooommmeerrggaaauuuddd. Like look at this little light o’ mine. To say I dream of these little candelabras that could every night is an understatement. They must be mine. ALL MINNNEEE.

3. Oh, and these little sconces. Ain’t dey cuties?? I’m thinking we’ll have these flank the bed. Classy.

Attic Conversion

4. Since the pink stairs are u-g-l-y, I think we’re going to channel our basement wainscoting stairway and pop up some beautiful trim work. I also think that the stairs will provide a nice transition between the upstairs and downstairs. Wooden treads with a runner that matches the carpet upstairs. I think that might just fit the bill.

5. Well look at that. I forgot a 5 in my little purty graphic. 5 can just stand for a mysterious unknown element. Spicy. Wait and see, my friends. 😉

6. We wanted to find a door that fit the rest of the house, and when I saw this little dude chilling at the Depot, I pretty much signed on the dotted line. We’ll be installing a pocket door off the bath in the Master Suite, so we unfortunately couldn’t reuse a door (that matched) that was already in the attic since it will have a big old hole where the knob was. Shucks. Can’t win em’ all.

White painted paneled door

7. Although I love our dark hardwood floors, I’ve already mentioned they’re kinda high maintenance. 😉 For the upstairs I wanted something that was soft and inviting, and also something I could rake a vacuum and not worry about scratching the heck up. We’ve been hunting for carpet the last few weeks (just for fun, ya know, since this will be the absolute LAST thing we do in the space) and this loopy stuff is like cashmere. I just want to pet it all day long. So soft.

8. We’re a big fan of light colors in our house, but for the upstairs I wanted to just go a hair darker. Something to warm the place up. Like a mocha frappe latte.

9. Upholstered beds. I love em. Problem is, the orange tabby loves them, too. Darn cat claws the helllooo dolly out of these things. Still. I can’t resist.

10. Built-ins. Have I mentioned they’re going to be a big part of the space? On the wall opposite the closets, we plan on popping in even more store. Practical and pretty. Winning!

I Spy …

Wish List
I Spy … Wish List

Would spring like GET here already! The 10-day forecast here in the mitten is actually quite sad. I’m ready to plant my petunias already! Since I’m thinking spring (even though spring is apparently not thinking it BACK), I thought I would put a lovely post together of brightly colored products that make me think sunny and warm thoughts.

1. Market Basket! We have our eco-bags for hitting the market right now, and although they work fine, I’m ready to get my paws on one of these cutie patuties. Seriously – every time I see someone in the market with one of these lovelies, I want to grab it from them and run 🙂 My favorite market basket I’ve found is at Downtown Home & Garden. Lovely store, complete with a lovely cat. Seriously – does it get better than that?

2. Rusk Speed Freak 2000: Since my hair blow dryer is like 5-years old and on the fritz, I’ve had my eye on this lovely little beaut for a while. Still pinch my pennies for it, since it’s not cheap! They other pull is that it’s supposed to dry your hair in lightening fast time – since my hair is thick – knocking some time off my beauty routine in the am would be sa-weet! 🙂

3. Kiehls Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Shampoo: This is on my short list. I’ve always bought like $3 shampoo and my hair is starting to feel mighty neglected from my cheap-skate ways. Once in my life, I want to atleast try some swanky soap and see how my tresses like it. Since shampoo last me around 6-months, I figure it’s really not THAT much. If it totally transforms my look, that is. Oh, and Jay will be strictly prohibited from using this. He can only look at it. He can wash is hair with a bar of soap – this shampoo is MINE.

4. Litlle Oinkers: I mean, maybe I just have a thing for pigs, but I pretty much need this gold plated little bookends. Oink, Oink. Actually, pigs really don’t say oink, it’s more of a snort, right. Odd. Now it’s bothering me, where does the oink come from?

5. Clementine Sandal: What can I say, I got a soft spot for Jesus shoes. Must be my catholic up bringing 🙂

6. Fancy Schmancy: Love the look – but not the price. Gonna go on a thrift hunt and search for some vintage winnas! I can just see it now – it’s spring – the sun is shining (let’s make it 75 and sunny) and I exuberantly walk out the door with a similar vintage style plate. But I pay $10 for ALL of mine, not $19.99 each. No way, Jose (Thanks, Angel!) 😉 . Not on my watch.