New Year, New Projects! | January Recap

You know it’s been a busy month/beginning of the year, when I don’t get around to the monthly recap until mid-February. Fail.

It’s pretty exciting to think that for the next monthly recap, I’ll be able to include a FINISHED attic. Omeergggauuud. That makes me feel like chest bumping the next stranger that walks down our street. Pumped, I am. (Yoda talk)

March Blog Sponsors

I’m also SO excited to announce that the month of February/March will be chock full of some pretty sweet giveaways thanks to some amazing new sponsors for the blog! Think personalized address stamps from Blush Paperie, Artwork from Eva Juliet, Jewelry from Junghwa Jewelry, and some sweet etsy finds from Hearts Beat Electric. I know, right?! Get excited blogosphere, it’s going to be epic.

But before we get all pumped about the future, let’s dwell in the past and see some of the projects the Sell household got done in the fine month of January.

Raise the Roof

How to property insulate attic

In the month of January, we finally bid farewall to our insulation fun fest and installed our final round of foam. Can’t say it didn’t feel good to finally have a completely insulated and air tight upstairs.

Plus, we got our DTE bill this week and it looks like all that insulating is paying off, too. For the month of January, our bill was only $158. Last year, even with our brand new high efficiency furnace, we were at $190! Anddd it’s been considerably colder this year (polar vortex, anyone?).

House Hunting with Mary

Durham Real Estate

I’ve got a  new Thursday tradition round these parts with the start of my house hunting with Mary posts. Cause really, couldn’t we all use some real estate eye candy every once and a blue moon. For serial house hunters like me, the only way to get my fix is to pretend I’ve got a million dollars lining my pockets and go out and find that next beauty. Ahhh, to have a dream.

USA for Jesus’s Day

We set a pretty lofty goal this year and tried to have a completely China Free christmas. For those that actually check tags before you buy something, I think you can agree that this is a harder task than initially imagined. In the end, we actually did pretty good and tried to buy as many locally sourced, USA made products as possible. I definitely think this is a tradition we’ll be looking to keep!

Gifts Made in the USA

Mission Organization

Chalk it up to the new year, but we’ve been I’ve been on an organizing kick the past few weeks. Closets, drawers, my underwear. Nothing is safe. 🙂

Plus, who doesn’t like having an excuse to search for cute organization bins? Count me in!

Inexpensive Basket Locations


Drinking in some Drywall

Ah, yes. I’d almost wiped the drywall saga from my memory. Two contractors and way more money than I wanted to spend later, we finally had a finished attic. Finished, in your dreams Mary!! We had an attic that had drywall kinda sorta up, that needed a decent amount of elbow grease before it’s day in the sun. Even though the drywall install did not go as planned, it was a pretty exciting moment to finally, FINALLY, have walls up in our attic!

Drywalling Attic

Picking La Paint

After we slaved for a weekend or so and fixed up all the jankiness that we fondly refer to as our drywall, we decided it was high time to paint this joint and make it actually look like a room instead of the bunker it had been for the past 3-months. I don’t know about all of y’all, but I do have to confess that painting has to be my favorite part of the room transformation. On this room in particular, the addition of paint really took it from ugg to on it’s way.

Best Greige Colors

Board and Batten

For $20, this project was without a doubt my favorite home renovation DIY to date. I just can’t get enough of this stuff, it just makes such a difference on the wall that was kinda meh before.

Here’s how everything look post install. Yummerlicous.

Twenty Dollar Board and Batten

Plumb De Dumb

What better way to close out the month of January than with the install of our lovely marble floors in the bathroom. Just like your favorite go-to little black dress, err leggings in my case 😀 I’ve gotta say that this new pattern is going to be in my back pocket for future homes. A bit trickier than a traditional subway tile pattern, but only incrementally. And by George, I’d say the look is leaps and bounds sexier. Am I right, or am I right. 😀

Marble Subway Tile Herringbone Pattern

Seriously, Where Did September go? | Monthly Round-up

Fall has always been my favorite season, but this year the weather has just been out of the ballpark. Every day has been bursting with sunshine and in the mid-70’s. Perfection. Makes me never want to leave the mitten (ask me in January, you may get another answer) ;). Along with enjoying being outside as much as we could, we mustered up the energy to bust a few projects, too.

Let’s look at all the fun things we did on the abode in September, shall we?

Trash Talk

Simply Human Trash Can Review

After four years of a defunct trash can that could raise the dead every time the thing clanged shut, we decided to upgrade to a new Simple Human canister with both recycling and trash – what, what! Fancy pants, I’m telling ya. We found this size to be just right for the two of us and love that we don’t have to have tons of space dedicated in our wee little kitchen for our trash and recycling.

Crowning Glory 

How to Caulk Trim

Our cabinets are now properly adorned with some swanky little hats compliments of the hubby. This was our first time installing crown molding, so it took a bit of time to kind of figure out how to get things going. Overall, I think you could safely say I’m obsessed with the new additions. They make the kitchen look hella polished.

When everything was said and done, the crown was looking like this. De-licous.

Installing Crown Molding

Parking Lot on Our Lot

Football Parking Tailgate

Our new favorite Saturday activity is to park cars on our front lawn. Rather unconventional in most parts of the country, here in A2, it’s just another weekend. One of our favorite thing about parking cars for games at the Big House is the little bit of extra cash it gives us to do house projects 🙂

We’ve already put some of the dough to good use buying supplies for our built-in and attic insulation. Oh, and the hubby bought a new commuter bike that he pretty much is ready to name as his replacement wife. A wee obsessed, I’d say. 😉

French Door Surround

How to Install Trim Around Door

 After leaving this door totally unfinished for the better part of 6-months, we decided it was time to adorn this little dude with some trim. And man alive, am I glad we did. This door went from trashy to classy all in a Saturday afternoon. Check out the transformation here, if you missed it.

Basement Built-ins


We ended out the month with a nice plump cherry on top, starting the bookcase install for our basement entertainment center. Overall, this project wasn’t actually all that bad in terms of difficulty, especially since we purchased the lower unit cabinets pre-fab from Home Depot (on sale for 20% off, HUZZAHH!)

We’re still needing to pop some paint on it, add crown and finish off the area behind the TV, but overall, we DIG it. Now my hubby keeps egging me on for a new TV. Men, I tell you.