May Monthly Roundup

Spring was a long time coming this year in the mitten, but lucky for us, it seems like mother nature is going to kick it into high gear and bring on summer. About time. Now, instead of wrapping up with a blanket and looking out dismally at snow (yes, it snowed in April), we are knocking out some serious projects. Something about that sunshine just puts the pep in yo step. For a little monthly re-capping, in April, we:

Basement Bathroom Remodel

Started renovating the downstairs bath. After testing lots of paint colors, we landed on Benjamin Moore Northern Cliffs, for both the vanity and the walls. After slapping down some marble tile, we just need some artwork and new lighting before we call this one done.

Benjamin Moore Northern Cliffs
Basement Bathroom
Northern Cliffs Bathroom
Basement Bathroom | After

Bathroom Reveal | Upstairs Bath

Since we already had the tile saw out, we decided to tag team the bathroom renos. Although our upstairs bathroom renovation started in March, we capped this guy off in April. We are still searching for the perfect mirror (procrastinators…) but overall, this room is functioning MUCH better (and looking a bit better, too!).

Completed Bathroom Renovation
Bathroom Renovation
Herringbone Subway Tile
Herringbone Subway Tile

Painted Doors

In addition to ripping out our bathroom(s), we decided to tackle some low hanging fruit too. Sometimes you just have to go for the easy win, right? We painted the last two doors in the house that had previously been paneled and pink. Not my cup of tea.

White painted paneled door
Attic Door | After

Installing Gas Line

After starting the process of reinvisioning our kitchen, we opted to do a gas line switcher-roo and move our oven over onto another wall. We opted to hire this one out. $250 (in my mind) is a small price to pay to have this one checked off the list with all our limbs intact.

How to install a gas line
New Gas Line

Countertops + Cabinets

Wanting a white and bright open kitchen space, Jay and I decided we were looking for something that aesthetically resembled marble, but without the upkeep associated. We found a few winners, and in the end, we are leaning toward Sugarbrush Quartz, through Lowes.

Sugarbrush Quartz with Shaker Cabinet
Sugarbrush Quartz with Shaker Cabinet

Wall Removal

Oh, and I almost forgot, we knocked out a wall. Almost didn’t happen, but gotta tell ya, so. very. glad. it. did. The kitchen/dining room space has been absolutely transformed by this decision. More light, better flow, bigger. Every time I walk into the room now, I smile.

How to remove wall
Removing Wall

Studor Pipe Vent 

And in the spirit of the wall removal, we had to mention our studor solution. Studor may or may not be my new favorite word. 😉

How to install air admittance valve
Installing Studor Pipe

Monthly Round-up: April Showers Bring…

April. Oh April. You let me down. Snow, check. Heat still pumping away, check. Sticking it where the sun don’t shine, check. Life in the Mitten – just chalk it up. But the good news with our crap-tastic April weather, was that we got a whole lotta house renovating done. 😉 A bit easier to stay motivated when going outside is that rough. He he. Well, here is the round-up for ya!

Making Plans

We started out by making some long-term plans, and re-thinking some renovation strategies. Final conclusions still pending, but we are leaning toward keeping the house footprint as is, and converting our screened-in porch to a rockin’ sunroom. Stay tuned!

First Floor Layout
Layout of First Floor

Bathroom Built-In

We started the bathroom built-in, best decision eva!! Can’t say it wasn’t with it’s trials and tribulations, but this little guy is definitely going to be a serious asset in the storage category.

Built-in Shelf
Built-In Shelving


I came, we searched, we conquered. Found some hardware to start and finish out the water room. The orange tabby is pretty happy to be reunited with his faucet. The guy likes his water. Like a fish. I think he may grow scales.

Kingston Brass Cross Handle Tub Faucet
Kingston Brass Faucet

Bathroom Numero Dos

While we had the tile saw out, we thought we would get crackin’ on the basement bathroom. Helped that each tile was one square foot, and the bathroom is all of 20 square feet, didn’t take too long to get this room looking in tip top shape.

Marble 12x12 Tile
Marble Bathroom


We installed a sink. Some shims came in handy, always do! Looking classy America! Looking good.

Porcher Sink
Porcher Sink

Storage Solution

After slaving most of the month, we wrapped up our bathroom built-in and finally got to add some good ole’ accessories. Yippie skippie.

Bathroom Builtin
Bathroom Built-In