Punching Through the Punch List

The last week here was so hot and so humid. I kind of morphed into a zombie and did all the rudimentary things in the day and absolutely no more. The temp died down a bit this weekend (down to 85 ;)) which has inspired me to whip on the good old house punch list and start karate chopping my way through. Oyyyeeee. Karate chop. (That was the voice inside my head doing an Asian inspired karate chop, if you couldn’t tell). Karate chops and punches, are the same in my book. 😉

After I tackled the living room mantle, I got to thinking that there were still a few stones unturned in the rooms that were doneish. Rooms like our Master. It functioned, the furniture was all in place, but there were little details still nagging at me when I walked in there. Like our sheets. We’ve got some off-white, some white, and some with burns on the back (whoops, don’t put a pillow over a light, apparently, my bad).

Burnt Pillow Cases

Our official punch list in this room before it’s done includes:

  • Put artwork above the bed
  • Get new sheets (these)
  • Hem curtains

Other rooms, like the guest bedroom basically just had a bed, so it was more of an open slate. That’s my optimistic way of saying we ain’t done anything in this room. Nada. Well, we did make the bed, so that is something.

Guest Room Design

To finish this guy off, I’d like to do:

  • Purchase and install curtains
  • Purchase and install a rug
  • Get an ottoman for the end of the bed (DIY?)
  • Get a small bookshelf/storage unit
  • Add artwork
  • Get a new light fixture

Rooms like the Dining Room and Kitchen have made tons of progress in the last month or two, but largely due to the timelines of our materials coming in (slow), we’re currently without a few essentials. Like, a countertop, for instance. Or a backsplash, or cabinet hardware, or a sink. You get the picture. 😉

How to Install a Dishwasher

To “finish off” the kitchen and dining room(s), I’m hoping to bust out the following:

  • Add trim beneath door in dining room
  • Paint around light in dining room
  • Add hardware
  • Install counter
  • Install backsplash
  • Install crown
  • Install sink and faucet
  • Add art work

How to add trim around door

And then there is the Living Room, which is also inching toward progress. Kind of one step forward and two steps back in this room right now. Love the new rug, don’t love the new fireplace. Move the mirror above the dresser to the mantle, need art work for above the mirror. It’s always so much more fun when you go through all the effort of beautifying something and you love it. When you slave away and your reaction is just meh. Not as satisfying.

White mantel with round mirror

In this room, we still need to tackle:

My goal is to get all these (or most of these) done by the early fall, so that we can start to tackle some of the auxiliary spaces not on our main floor. Namely, we are looking to convert our attic into a Master Suite (squeee!!!). We are currently in the process of getting quotes for this, and we’ve been really pleasantly surprised at how affordable (knock on wood), this addition is going to be. Since we are planning on doing all the interior work ourselves, the quotes we are getting only include the framing and exterior work and the first one came in at $6,000. Certainly not cheap but for what we are getting in the space, we’re leaning toward it being well worth it. Here is one of the picture’s I’ve been drooling over on pinterest as my inspiration.

Attic Conversion