Serena and Lily Duvet

This post is sponsored by Serena and Lily.

Y’all, I’m irrationally excited about a life development that goes something like this. Serena and Lily sends the nicest, softest, chicest duvet cover you’ve ever laid eyes on and asks you to pop it on your bed and share what you think of it. Y’all, our last duvet was, well, not nice – and it was pilling already so I think that’s a sign that it’s kind of done for, right?


I was so dang pumped about busting this beauty out of it’s shipping box that I snapped these photos at dawn (basically), right before I carted the kiddo off to school for the day and hit the road for work. Multi-tasking, it’s what parenting is all about! 😉


The duvet has some buttons along the bottom portion that keep the insert in there nice and snug. Plus, it adds a little pop cute factor in my book, compared to the zipper we had on our old duvet. The fabric on this duvet is incredibly soft as well – I absolutely love how it feels after a long day y’all. Like hotel luxury 🙂

It’s also got a beautiful satin trim along the sides that make the bedding look extremely tailored and practically custom made. Especially compared to what we had before, you can tell this bedding is significantly nicer and made of much higher quality materials.


I’ve always been a fan of a neutral base for the bedding, and then some little accents with blankets and throw pillows. I know this will last us for a long time given it’s super high quality, and the white will go with anything we decide to do if we change things up. Duvet covers in general are a staple for me as a Mom especially since I know we can always just stain treat them and easily throw them in the wash if H comes up with gross hands, or I decide to eat ice cream in bed. Both equally plausible scenarios in the Sell Casa.


For now, I’m pretty stuck on our current configuration though, and love how this crisp, bright white duvet helps the little accents we already have to pop too. One thing for sure, Serena and Lily has luxury duvet covers like my eyes have never seen you guys. I feel like Kim Kardashian and Queen B. In fact I think I’ll start going by Queen M as I fade into my beauty sleep – I wonder if I can get Jay on board with that?


Also – for all y’all that may also have a strong desire to get your hands on some decked out bedding, valid for one week only Serena and Lily is offering 15% with blogger code: DUVETLOVE-LEMON. Treat yo’ self!!

Master Bedroom Mood Board

Our Master Bedroom was not my favorite room when we moved in. There are things I LOVE about the space (walk in closet, en suite bath), but the color (matching the laundry room and the nursery and office), was not my fav… See what I mean? It looks like a creepy motel room to me.

Master Bedroom Before and After

Which is why I had to get a Master Bedroom mood board going on – just to give me hope that this room could have a new beginning. Light – simple – open – airy.


Master Bedroom Mood Board

I want this room to have some fun pops of color, too, which is where the navy comes in. Although I’m a sucker for a neutral undertone in a room, I do love some good accents to give it a bit of spice.

This wall, for instance, against the closets is in need of attention. A dresser, mirror and lamps is what I have planned for some additional storage options.

Master Bedroom Before

Right now I’m kind of in inspiration land with the space and slowly but surely, I know we’ll get there. Here are some of my favorite master bedrooms that inspired my mood board.

Like this beauty. I just love this room – totally on point and exactly the look I was trying to create in my master bedroom mood board. Now where to find that quilt for the end of the bed …


Love the pop of coral on this one – need to find a room I can get some coral in – it’s such a pretty color!


Those throw pillows – that lamp. Yep.


Talk about oversized mirror, but y’all, I kinda like it!


All the sources for can be found on my pinterest page, here!

Upstairs Tour

Now that y’all have had a chance to see our downstairs last week, I wanted to stop back with a few photos for an upstairs tour as well. Our new house isn’t large by “American” standards, but it’s absolutely huge to us. All said and done, the house is around 2,200 square feet. All our other houses never got about 1,500 square feet, so we’re kind of scratching our heads on what to do with all the extra space.

Upstairs we have (3) bedrooms, a laundry space, and (2) bathrooms.

Hardwood on stair landing

When you get upstairs, there’s a little hallway that connects everything together. The doors to the left there are the laundry space – it’s just a little closet area. It would be nice to have a full room, but meh – it’s got lots of shelving in there so I think we’ll be just fine with it the way it is.

Niche at top of steps

There’s also a little bookcase at the top of the stairs. Other homes in this neighborhood actually have this bookcase as a small linen closet, and I like that idea, so we may convert it back in the future. Other than the bedroom closets, there really isn’t a place upstairs to store a vacuum and other essentials, so I think it may be better served as an extra storage space.

Continuing on with the upstairs tour, you can see with the Master, and the hall side by side, there is a lot of dark green in this house. They’ve basically used 3-4 dark colors throughout the house, so I know we’ll be stocking up on primer when we get new coats of paint up on the wall 😉

Master Bedroom with ensuite

This is the first bedroom we’ve had that’s big enough for a King! It’s a-mazing!!! King beds feel like 52 times larger than Queen beds to me 🙂

We also have a bathroom off to the side with this ginormous (albeit rather dated) shower.

Walkin Shower DImensions

And another area for a double vanity up against the wall AND we have a little toilet room – ha ha! Just add it to my list of things I’d never have in my house. 😉

Double Vanity in Bathroom

The other two rooms upstairs are for our little guy and the office space.

Upstairs Office Space

Once again – more dark green 😉

Dark Green Paint Color

Oh and last but not least on the upstairs tour, we also have a bonus room over a garage! Pretty cool, huh? This is a vast and open space that I know will be great for guests once we get rid of the sea of red 😀

Bonus Room Over Garage

A Room Of Our Own

Although our bedroom was one ugly duckling when we moved in, I’m a firm believer that this space has got all kinds of potential once we snazz it up a bit. One of the things that I’m the most excited about is the prospect of reorganizing some of the space to create a pretty sweet Master Suite. That’s right, y’all, we’re planning on adding a bathroom to this little room of ours.

And in all honesty, by little, I mean way bigger than rooms we are used to. Namely, we’ve got a little nook just hanging out in the corner of the room that feels awfully underutilized right now. Just like my light bulb laundry moment, I had a bit of an epiphany when I walked into this room when we were house hunting.

If you remember from our overall house tour, the two upstairs bedrooms are very similar, however the second bedroom has a small office/playroom/future nursery/flex space attached to the back. I thought that a similar layout would work in the Master, but we’d just make that area a bath, instead! Peeerrrfection.

Second Floor Layout That being said, with all the other projects we’ve got in the hopper right now, this is definitely something that we will have to wait a year or so to do, which will allow us time to save up some cold hard cash to help pay for it. We’re pretty committed around here to doing all our renovations with cash on hand (vs. using our credit card), so if we want it, well just have to wait a bit for it! And believe you me, I want it. 😉

Here are some before shots of our bedroom, so you can see what we’ll be working with.

This is the main wall when you walk in, and most likely where we’ll position the bed.

Master Bedroom Before

This little nook below is where our bathroom will go! I think it’s the perfect size for a walk-in shower, toilet and vanity.

Adding Bath to Master Bedroom

So far, the only real progress we’ve made on this room was removing all the wallpaper. I’ve sampled a few colors up there, but this room is giving me heartburn on paint, too.

A Room of Our Own

As you can see, we inherited some pretty nice trim work in this room. We’ll definitely be working with that to create some type of wainscoting down on the lower side of the room. When we moved in, the trim in this room as all a creamy/yellowy off-white that just wasn’t my jam. Here’s a sneaky peaky at what I’ve been working on the past few days at the house. Just look how different Benjamin Moore Simply White looks up against the trim that was there before.

Painting Wainscoting

Needless to say, I think things will be improved for the better once we’ve got the bottom half of the room painted in a nice crisp white.  This room reads kinda dark right now (if you can’t tell from the pictures) so I’m looking forward to small changes that we can make in the room to brighten it a bit.

As far as layout for the space, after thinking about it quite a bit, I’m pretty sure the configuration below is pretty much the only option that will work for this room.

Master Bedroom Layout I seriously want to squeal like a pig looking at that proposed bathroom add-on. It just makes my heart so dang happy.

Here are some yummy plans for the bedroom.

Master Bedroom Mood Board

And eventually, for the bath!


Master Bathroom Mood Board

We’re hard at work this week finishing up some painting in this room – I can’t wait to show y’all some official before and afters! 🙂

Scrape it Sista

Y’all my arms hurt. It’s quite possible it’s from helping Jay bird all weekend with some demo and floor laying (yep!! the floors are finally going in!), but I think my aching arms may also be due to all the scrape action that’s been going down in this joint.

Since I haven’t really formally introduced y’all to our Master Bedroom, without further ado, rrrr she blows.

Master Bedroom Before

The room’s decently large and actually has a little nook off to the side. For now, it’s great for a little sitting area, but down the road I definitely plan on making this a bathroom to complete this room as a finished Master Suite. (eeee – isn’t that exciting!)

Adding Bath to Master Bedroom

Like the other bedroom upstairs, the Master also has a nice front dormer, which I’ve found perfect for stalking all our dog walking neighbors.

Dormer on Cape Cod

Yep, glad you noticed, that wallpaper definitely does match those ultra chic window treatments. Ultra. Chic.

Wallpaper Matching Curtains

It’s cute, it’s nice, but I hate to say that it just had to go. Well Jay was working on the initial round of demo in the kitchen, I tasked myself with with some serious scrape action. Now, truth be told, I’ve tackled this hairy beast before, and although it very tedious, it’s really not rocket science. It is however, a decent arm work out. 😉

My tool of choice for this tricky little task was a smallish little scrapper that I actually scored for a quarter at my new favorite thrifting local (this place is epic, it seriously warrants it’s own post!) This little tool worked like a dream. Since I’ve always used larger scrappers, I started out my wallpaper removal extravaganza with both and thought (for the most part) I’d be using the larger one. More surface area, right? Seemed like the better option. But ya know, once I got my arm a twerking, I started to see that the smaller one actually worked vastly better due to it’s ability to flex a bit as I was removing the paper. Turns out that makes a heck of a lot of difference.

Tips for Removing Wallpaper

And although I’ve heard many people recommend a steamer for getting the paper off, in all honesty, I’ve always had lots of luck with a good old spray bottle and lots and lots of water 🙂

The main thing I found that’s key (in my opinion) to getting the paper off the wall, is to actually let everything marinate a bit on the wall before you tackle it. To get started on each section, I’d just take the scrapper and try to remove a bit of paper right where a seam began, or a door or window was, since I found it easier to start a new line at these locations. Once you have some of the wall exposed underneath, you just spray water to your hearts content.

How to Remove Wall Paper

My main strategy was to move both left and right from my origination point, to allow the water to seep in a bit before I started scraping at the wall. Since the water works best when it’s soaking in below the top coat of the wallpaper, I’d work to expose as much of the adhesive coat (the white paper, underneath the patterned wallpaper) then spray it. If it’s been sitting long enough and if it’s wet enough, then it literally just slides off with your scrapper. Just like butta. In general, I found that letting the water soak in for a minimum of a minute helped to make sure that the paper came off easily for me. Anything less than that and I’d find myself having to wait a bit, since the water had still not done it’s magic to loosen everything up.

Once I finished scrapping all the paper that came off easily, I’d douse it in water again and then move over to the other side of the wall and repeat. It took a while, but eventually it all came off. See, look how happy I am about all that wallpaper be gone progress a happening.

Best Ways to Remove Wallpaper

Another (small) thing I found that made a big difference for applying the water was putting the spray nozzle to mist vs. a stream setting. Mostly, this setting just covered more surface area, but it also kept me from getting totally wet in the process 🙂 It was so hot down here in the south last week, that I was actually using the water bottle to cool off as much as I was to spray the walls, so in the end it was a win win situation 🙂

Once I got all of the wallpaper off the walls, I did a quick booty shake happy dance and then moved on (a day later) to washing everything down with some warm soapy water to get all the extra residue off the wall. Even though it felt like I was completely done after the initial pass through, when you looked a bit closer on the wall you could definitely see bits of paper left over from the initial scrape.

Although not nearly as tedious as the wallpaper removal itself, washing down the walls still took me the better part of an evening to bust out. All’s well that ends well though, since we now have this!

Removing Wallpaper in Old House

See ya later, flower powered walls 😀

Removing Wallpaper From Walls

Pillow Fight

I like white things, they speak to me. My pillows though, they were screaming at me to do something about their general state of disrepair. Actually, it was the pillows and the pillowcases, both were in an awfully sad condition. Proof.

Yellow Sheets

Lumpy, check. Yellow, check. It just wasn’t working. Now I’d had my eye on these little beauties over at IKEA for a while, so when I burned the back of one of our pillowcases, I took it as a calling to go to the magical blue and yellow land from Sweden and buy myself some new duds.

Burnt Pillow Cases

Plus, IKEA was having an eat free weekend here in the mitten, so if you buy $150 worth of swedish stuff, you can eat all the food you want. For free. We went to to-wn. 😉 $45 of food later, our bellies were full, and our wallet was empty. America, right there. Shining examples. I’m still full.

Eat Free at Ikea

Yes, I think we can all agree. It was high time for an upgrade. Plus, remember my punch list mentioned here. I just happened to of knocked TWO things right off that bad boy. We hung up some art and put new pillows on this bed. Done and done.

Linen upholstered bed

The picture was actually repurposed from our last house. We’ve had it in storage since we moved in and when we started moving some stuff around this weekend it just started calling our name. Haannnnggg meee. I was planning on popping it on top of our current couch, but it just didn’t look quite right and I got a light bulb idea to try putting it above the bed. It looked like a cherry on top of an ice cream sundae. Perfect.

Here is a close up of the sheets we picked out. They have the prettiest little detail along the hem of the pillow and the cover sheet. Lovely lace. My hubby almost nixed them since they have a lower thread count, but beauty won out in the end and we handed over $50 for these lovely lacey sheets.

Emmie Spets Sheets

Swoon. The detail looks lovely on the bed sheet, but the main reason I purchased this sheet set was for the pronounced lace detail on the pillows. Since these are on display, and we don’t have any shams, I wanted something that was a class act. And I think I found it.

Emmie Spets Sheets

I just smile now when I walked into our room. Instead of seeing drab, yellow, totally deflated pillowcases, I see this picture of tranquility. It’s the perfect time of the year to have the windows open and a breeze blowing, so the orange tabby is usually watching the day go by from one of our windows, which makes me like the room even more. 🙂 I’ve got a soft spot for that bugger.

Emmie Spets Sheets IKEA

While we are on an I love white things kick, I’d also like to introduce you to my lovely new bath towels. They are from – wait for it – J Lo. Yes, ultra classy or ultra sassy, I’ll let you be the judge but Jenny from the block is the official outfitter of our new bath towels via Kohls. We had a Kohls gift card, and they were on sale for $7.99. I had to just go for it.

We asked for a slew of white towels when we got married, but apparently people think that is a boring gift, because we got (1). Yes, one. We’ve been basically using that and random beach towels since we got married (more than 4 years ago), so it was time to upgrade.

Jennifer Lopez Kohls Towels