Finishing Touches

Our kitchen had a pretty big day last Friday. Now, I’m practically weeping as I type this, because it’s actually still not done, but we did finally get a trip out here from the guys at Home Depot, to keep things moving along. Das es good.

As I’ve said before, once we’ve got the whole shebang done and over with, we’ll do a full review of our experiences. For now though, I thought I’d offer a glimpse into the kitchen, as it looks today.

We recently unearthed all our artwork, so I’ve been busy adding a few finishing touches to our little white and bright kitchen.

Gold Accents in Kitchen

Everything was feeling a bit too white and sterile in our kitchen, so when I spotted these two little gold frames in the bottom of our art box, I snatched em up and brought them right downstairs for their moment in the sun.

Just look at the little orange boy’s baby picture. If that doesn’t warm your heart while you’re cooking up some dinner, I don’t know what will.

Benjamin Moore Sandy Hook Gray

To remind us a bit of our last home, we also added a big Ann Arbor poster, which we now proudly display in our eating nook. That little city holds so much of our heart, it makes me smile each time I see that guy hanging up there now.

I even got super industrious and crazy and put some outlet covers up on the wall. Ha! 4-months coming on that one, y’all.

Adding Outlet Covers

We also had a big, empty wall above our toaster, so I decided to mix things up with a twofer on this wall. Jay’s parents got us that nutcracker for Christmas one year, and although I know you’re actually supposed to use it to, crack nuts, I vastly prefer it as a piece of artwork on our wall. The wood is just so darn beautiful, I think it looks great up on the wall, and that it adds some more warmth into the space.

Kitchen Artwork

On the cabinet front, we also made some progress. Alas, getting the right cabinet door installed on our end cap was not them. Whomp, whomp. I kid you not, this is the 3rd time the store has ordered the wrong cabinet door.

Wrong Door On Cabinet

One thing that does have a whole new look is our spice cabinet. When the cabinet installers left 4-months ago, they also left this guy, not able to shut.

Martha Stewart Cabinets

We were actually super nervous about the fix for this, since the new cabinet guy that came out warned us that the only way to fix this issue would be to cut the cabinet. Cutting into our brand new cabinets had us a bit weak in the knees, but in the end, it came out looking fantastic.

Martha Stewart Spice Cabinet

An extra bonus, the door now completely closes.


That makes me one happy camper.

Spice Cabinet Drawer

Can’t say it’s always been easy, but man it feels good to have the kitchen well on it’s way.


Sometimes, you’re without something for so long, you forget what it’s like to actually have said item. Take kitchen cabinets, for instance. Who needs em’ when you can just keep all your stuff in boxes. All your stuff. After countless delays and countless headaches, y’all, we’ve finally got our kitchen back. I don’t know if I should cry, or grab a hula hoop or chest bump my neighbor, but I must confess, it feels good to be reunited with our cabinets.

Now, our kitchen transformation is not complete. Far from it – see we’re still missing an important detail known as our countertops. Without those, we are unfortunately still sans dishwasher and sink, but I’m celebrating the victory at hand for what it is.

Although this room is still light year’s away from being done (notice how I keep mentioning that) 😉 , I’m happy to report it no longer looks like this.

Martha Stewart Kitchen

Most importantly, however, it no longer looks like this:

Kitchen Before

Old cabinets, be gone. Welcome to the 21st century kitchen.

Martha Stewart Kitchen Cabinets

Now, if you erase that lovely pink paper on the ground, and the missing backsplash and the lack of counters, I’d say we’ve got a pretty swanky looking space on our hands, no? This room is leaps and bounds better (in many ways) than any other kitchen we’ve had to date. Things like our built-in microwave stand make my heart sing a nice little tune.

Built-in Microwave Cabinet

We decided to go with the Martha Stewart Wellston cabinet front, which is an embellished shaker style door. Very classic looking and I’m absolutely dying to see what it looks like with our new counters installed and our backsplash up.

Martha Stewart Wellston Cabinet

We nearly had disaster strike when our kitchen designer at Home Depot put in the completely wrong fridge size, but when we worked to reconfigure the space, we actually landed up with a happy little accident. See this guy, nestled between our cabinets?

Built-in Spice Drawer

It’s a built-in spice drawer, also known as the best use of 3″ in a kitchen ever. When you live in a small little vintage house, every little nook and cranny needs to get utilized to maximize your storage space, so I’m absolutely loving this new addition. Here it is in action.

Installing Spice Rack

Some things on this kitchen are the same, or very similar to the last one. Since we knew we already liked the look (and price!) on things like our hardware, we decided, why reinvent the wheel. Here is how the hardware looks up and installed, with a breakdown of the sources for each item.

Martha Stewart Wellston Cabinet

Although the baskets we used for storage in the last house don’t fit quite as perfectly in these cabinets, they’ll do just fine for now. Am I the only one that gets giddy from organizing cupboard space 😀 I see a trip to HomeGoods in my future. #basketheaven #husbandhell 😀

Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Look how lonely my new lazy susan looks without baskets 🙂 Oh, by the way, not sure how I lived without a lazy susan before now. It’s pretty much amazeballs. so. much. storage.

Martha Stewart Lazy Susan

Although we’re so happy to have our cabinets in, there are still quite a few things that need attention in the room from the installers, including:

  • Toe kick installation
  • Panels on fridge
  • Fixing a gouge in one of the cabinets (replacing it, I’d guess…)
  • Adding a back panel to the peninsula
  • Ordering a new cabinet face for one

Blame it on my fried, overworked brain, but it took me a quick second to realize that final bullet. I kept looking at one of the cabinets and thinking it looked janky, until I realized, yep – totally the wrong cabinet face. Fail, Home Depot, fail.

We’re working with the installers, and hopefully the list above will be accomplished very soon!

Wrong Door On Cabinet

Has anyone else out there done a Martha Stewart kitchen? We still have a few odds and ends that need to get taken care of, but for now, we’re pretty over the moon to have a spot to store all our goods!

The Big Box Duel

Buying cabinets – it’s quite the adventure. I have to add – especially here in the south. I’m convinced that people work at just a bit of a slower pace down here. This northern girl that sprints everywhere is still trying to adjust 😉

In the name of being thorough, we decided that we’d scope out both Home Depot and Lowe’s this time around and report back on which one was our favsies. A big box duel, if you will. Are you ready to rumbllleeee???


Since we got our cabinets for our Michigan house from Lowe’s we figured that it was a logical place to start. We weren’t bowled over by the process the first time, but things went smoothly enough and we thought that we might as well start there again. Plus, Home Depot makes you pay in advance to come out and measure, and that seemed like a bit of a hassle to us, too.

So we set up an appointment and found a few cabinet styles we liked. When we started the planning process, we were leaning toward this style (Culver), which is pretty much a traditional shaker style, with an extra inset panel. Nice.

Gray Diamond Cabinets

This is what the Culver cabinet style looks like in a full kitchen, and in white (which is what we’d be doing). Swanky, right? I’m a sucker for traditional cabinet styles, so I’ve always been partial to a nice shaker door.

Diamond Culver Cabinet

This is another, similar, door style that I had in mind as well. Just a hair different than our kitchen in our last house – thought we’d mix it up just a little since we liked how these door styles provided a bit more visual interest.

Diamond Reflections Shaker

We went through the entire planning process (laying everything out, customizations) and then we got a zing-zing-zinger. The cabinets we picked out at Lowes we’re going to cost us about $11,000. WOAH. Now, for context, our first kitchen from Lowe’s set us back just under $5,000 and this one is certainly not twice the size. Herrumpph.

Initially, we had it in our heads that we wanted to go through Lowe’s since last time we got some pretty sweet Memorial Day savings, including 10% back as a gift card to Lowe’s. Now, when you’re moving into a new pad, any bit of $$ is helpful, so that was pretty enticing. Needless to say though, once we got that big fat total from Lowe’s we decided it would be worthwhile to at least look at Home Depot. I remembered last time we were on the hunt that I really liked the Martha Stewart Line – so I decided to start there.

And wonder of wonder’s I found a cabinet door that made my heart go a pitter patter. Martha just came out with a new door style, called Wellston and it might as well be called the key to Mary’s heart – cause I love it.

Wellston Martha Stewart

What do y’all think?! I was really liking the more updated take on the shaker cabinet door. Yummy. Note, the photo above is of the cabinet in cream – we will actually be getting “Picket Fence”

Here is another, side angle shot. Classy!

Martha Stewart Wellston Cabinet

Now, unfortunately this cabinet style is so new that there really are not any examples of it online. Boo.

That being said, Holly over at Life in the Fun Lane has an awesome Martha Stewart kitchen, also in picket fence which provided a general idea of what ours would look like once installed. Truth be told, I’m officially geeking out looking at these photos 😀

Martha Stewart White Kitchen

We loved that in addition to being beautiful cabinets, that the Martha Stewart line also carries lots of nice (optional) upgrades to make your space that much more user friendly. Considering the cabin style bases we had before, we are beyond excited for sweet details like pull-out shelving and spice drawers. To optimize space, we’ll actually have a drawer like the one below, but just for spices (it’s only 3″ wide!). It was so much nicer to be able to use that 3″ for functional storage though, vs. a filler piece.

Martha Stewart Kitchen

We also decided to upgrade and get the pull-out drawers, to make our stored pots and pans that much more accessible.

Martha Stewart Cabinets

Lucky for us, the Martha Stewart line came in $2,500 less than the Lowe’s counterpart we had selected. Bam.

Added bonus, since we ordered the cabinets during a Memorial Day sale – we got an extra 10% off our total, bringing our total out of pocket cost, with tax and installation, to $7,200. Now in my book, that’s certainly nothing to bat a stick at, definitely not chump change! But since we knew we’d want to invest in some key features in our new home when we first moved in, we set aside some dough from the sale of our last house to help us pay for all of these initial renovations up front. We definitely feel like this will be money well spent!

Overall, here are the pros and cons we found for each location.


We officially ordered the cabinets last Friday, so now we just wait! It’s going to be close and truth be told, we may be kitchenless for a hot second when we first move in. At least we’ve got the grill, in a pinch! 😉 Next up, counter options!!