You Light Up My Life

Sometimes I get so caught up on the – let’s get this done already – that I take a wrong move. It’s rare, but it happens. 🙂 Now when we first moved in, the guest bedroom was highly adorned with a ceiling fan that essentially matched the froo froo decor already rocking that joint. Shall I take you back? Here is the room as it looked when we first moved in last October. Cute as a button, just not our thang. Guest Bedroom Before So in my haste to get the room moving more toward a modern-ish/traditional-ish look that we like, I bought this guy. I quickly learned that this little ORB globe that could, was also not working for me. Live and learn, live and learn. Good news, listed this guy on craigslist and we got $35 bucks for it. Not too shabby. Still a $15 mistake, but not too shabby.

Semi Flush Drum Light

And the reason for my light purge? Well, I just happened to stumble across this little gem.

Semi Flush Drum Light

Jay and I were browsing over at the depot last week, when much to my eyes approval I spotted said light chilling up in the rafters. $50 seemed like a steal of a deal for such a beaut, so I started calmly frantically shuffling through all the boxes to find my light. After minutes of said shuffling, the hubby finally concluded that they were plumb out of the light my heart desired. Say it ain’t so, Joe.

Being the determined little laddie I am, I bribed Jay to do some inquiring with the sales guy (he just looked so intimidating and official in the orange vest), who also concluded they were plumb out of my little light. As I’m look up at the ceiling all bummed out that my light ain’t going home with me, he looked over at me and suggested we take the floor model. Genius! Why didn’t I think of that!

Linen Drum Shade

Now the shade was a little bit scuffed up around the edges, so he said he’d knock off an extra $10 from the price tag. It had some bumps and bruises, but my general thought – it’s up on the ceiling, who’s going to know other than me. Ok, other than YOU and me. And Jay, I guess he knows, too. But I started to think – sounds good – $100 light for $40, me likey.

Then something magical happened. He pulled out his little beeper stun gun to price check our new fixture, and it came up as $35. So that brought my previously $100 light down to $25 after our floor model discount. This may or may not be when I started break dancing in the aisles of HD. Holla!! Yep – you better bet I bought it. I scurried my booty on over to the check out before they had time to change their minds.

Clearance Lights Home Depot

In no time flat that baby was up on the ceiling and looking mighty fine, if I do say so myself. It’s got a bit more pazzaz than the last light.

Semi Flush Mount Linen Light

I especially like the detail from down under. Most of our drum lights in the house just have a panel that covers up all the under parts of the light. This one is all loud and proud though, baring it all. It’s sexy and it knows it. Just how I like my lights to be. 😉

Semi Flush Mount Drum Light



How do you do, Homegoods?

Homegoods is like my homeboy. We tight. I used to be 1/4 mile from Homegoods, so whenever the mood would strike {which was often, let’s be honest} I would put on my walking shoes and head-on-over. These days, I actually got to grab a set of wheels to get my tuckus over there. Although I do try to strategically plan all of our weekend trips to revolve around that side of town, I am seeing a little less of my main slice these days. And you know, absence has only made the heart grow founder.

The second I walk into this joint, it’s like a calming drug. Actually for like one second it’s calming, and then my bargain hunting sensors engage and I’m off with my shopping cart in hand. The pillows are always my first stop, cause I’m always on the hunt for a new set. Just got a soft spot for those plushy fabulous things. And, they are right next to the door, so they usually suck me in first. Then, I’m off to the clearance section. 😉 Like a moth to light, I just have an indescribable force that slowly pulls me in. I try to resist it, but it’s futile.

Here are some of my favorites from our most recent trip. I held back, and didn’t walk out with all of it. But it was a struggle, I’m telling ya! Look at this lovely, lovely lamp. Gah! I wanted it so bad. Still might go back and snag this beauty for the downstairs office area.

Homegoods lamp
Homegoods | Linen Drum Shade Lamp

I loved these little ikat storage containers, perfect for keeping all those drawers neat and clean. Love it. At $5.99 a pop, I think it’s a pretty nice way to snazz up a drawer.

IKAT Storage Container
IKAT Storage Container | Homegoods

Baskets. I don’t think you can have enough of em’. I liked how these ones were a bit different than the typical fare I go for. I think these would be great for kiddie storage, or for throwing some extra blankets in, no? It almost looks like a little drum. He, he. I love it.

Natural Fiber Baskets | Homegoods
Natural Fiber Baskets | Homegoods

Check out these curtains. They would be a great pop of color in a more neutral room. I had my eye on them for our guest bedroom, or maybe, if I felt like getting all ca-razy town I would put them in the living room.

Tahari Curtains | Homegoods
Tahari Curtains | Homegoods

I got a soft spot for unique picture frames. I think that it just adds a little bit more pizzaz to a gallery wall, or desk shelf. This little guy was a total winner. I usually wait for the picture frames to go on clearance though, test my luck a bit.

Bone Picture Frame | Homegoods
Bone Picture Frame | Homegoods

And of course, I couldn’t walk out empty handed – ya know what I mean?? I snagged myself some beuts with these ikat pillows and this rockin’ horse book stand. I’ve got big plans for the horse once we finish installing the bookshelves in the basement. Think he is going to look awfully handsome keeping some books all propped up. Can’t wait to do some bookcase stylin.

IKAT Pillows | Homegoods
IKAT Pillows | Homegoods