Lemon Grove Interiors

Lemon Grove Interiors

Hey y’all! I get a few emails each week asking if I’m still doing design services so I thought I’d get back in the game and offer up (5) slots per month where I can work with a design client. 🙂 If you’re interested in using my design services, read on for details on how the process works!

For each client, I create:

– A custom design board (inspiration board)
– Specific product recommendations for furniture, art, decor, fabric, accessories, and drapes.
– Product source list (shopping list)
– A true to scale floor plan illustration (an accurate birds eye view of your new space)
– Paint color recommendations
– Tips for incorporating current pieces
– Specific furniture placement suggestions (as seen in your true to scale floor plan)

So a board like this:

Lemon Grove Interiors

And layout, like this!

Lemon Grove Interiors

All packages are $75 per room and include direct links to all products sourced.

Here is an example of someone I helped design a space for. This was the before:

Before Dining Room

And the after!

After Dining Room

I also will do a single source question, like asking for (1) light option for a room for $10 each. I had a client recently move into a new house, and I was able to help source light fixtures for each space to provide a cohesive and put together final look.

Lemon Grove Interiors

I’d love to work with you! Packages can be ordered directly here. Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions 🙂

10% off to all new clients with code LEMONGROVE 🙂

  • 2+ rooms (10% discount off all)
  • 3+ rooms (20% discount off all)
  • 4 or more rooms (30% discount off all)

Lemon Grove Interiors


Black Friday | Get Em While Their Hot

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with your families! To celebrate Black Friday (who doesn’t love a deal) I’ve got an extra special promotion going on at Lemon Grove Interiors.

Black Friday Sale

Through Sunday (11/30) – snag 30% all design services for any space in your home! Just type in BLACKFRIDAY at checkout!

Whether you’d like to update your Master:

Bedroom Mood Board

Or your Living Space:

Living Room Mood Board

I’d love to help transform your house into a space you love coming home to.

Order here, with discount code BLACKFRIDAY through Sunday.

End of Summer | Flash Sale!

Looking to spruce up your space before the fall temps set in? Lemon Grove Interiors is having a flash sale – 30% off all services for the next 36-hours! Just type in FLASH30 at checkout.

Whether you’re thinking big with a full bathroom renovation.


Or you want to add some details with new lighting …

Lemon Grove Interiors

Or you just want to add some style to your living space …

Lemon Grove Interiors | Flash Sale

I’d love to work with you to make your home a space you absolutely love coming home to! Packages starting as low as $17.50 per room, with the discount. Get em’ while their hot by typing FLASH30 at checkout. Promotion ends August 2nd.

Lemon Grove Interiors | New Service!

One of my favorite things about blogging over the past year or so, has been all the unexpected connections I’ve made with people and ideas that have come up as a result. It’s so fun virtually get to know people, and to have y’all offer input and insights into the design process for our home. A metaphor for life, I guess, it’s better with friends along by your side 🙂

When I started offering boards a few months back, I literally had no idea how much interest there would be in affordable interior design services. I have had a blast working with each and every one of my clients, and I’m super excited to say that I’m starting to offer a few additional services, based on feedback from all of you!

First, inspired by our own kitchen renovation, I’ve decided to start offering kitchen design services.

Kitchen Design Services

I recently had a client approach me about helping her select some details for her kitchen renovation and for $25, I created the board above for her. Now she has finalized choices for her counter, flooring, cabinets, fixtures and back splash. Along with a paint recommendation and some art, too! 🙂

Since we’ve always purchased older homes, and have never built new, I also never thought to create builder packages for those looking to source all the little details that go into a finished home. So when Marie approached me about sourcing the lighting for her new home, I did a cartwheel, high fived my cat, and then said – OF COURSE! That sounds like so. much. fun!

So, working within her budget, I sourced all the lights she needed to give to her builder for her new construction home. Devil’s in the details, right?

Lemon Grove Interiors

Lemon Grove Interiors Lemon Grove Interiors

I told her that putting these boards together made me want to update all the lighting in our house, too!

Of course, in addition these fun, new services, I’m still offering my “normal” room design services. Here are a few rooms I’ve been working on in the past few weeks.

Like this entry way.

Entry Mood Board


And this cozy and eclectic TV room.

TV Room Mood Board

Or for clients that already have the furniture and are just looking to accessorize, I’ve put together a package for that too. This client just wanted artwork and other details sourced to compliment her existing furniture.

Living Room Mood Board

Here is a more traditional take on a Dining space – I love the way this formal Dining Room came out!

Dining Room Mood Board If you’re interested in getting design services for your home, I’d love to help you! Packages start as low as $25 per room, with multiple room discounts for 2 or more rooms 🙂

Get more information on design services here. Ready to order? You can do that here.


Living La Vida Loca

So now that I’ve officially got that big bad list up of all the things we hope to accomplish with this house, I wanted to hone in on each room in a bit more detail, to kind of show you what I hope each space will look and feel like. Putting together a room you love is a super iterative process, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from creating boards for all of my design clients, is that it’s definitely helpful to get everything down in one space so you can develop a clear picture of how you want the room turn out in the end.

Right now, this is my inspiration picture for the new living room space.

Living Room Inspiration

Found it on pinterest, and I’m pretty sure it’s pulled right out of a magazine (old school, right?). Look at all that yumminess – what’s not to love! 😀

My favorite rooms are soft and neutral, and I really want this next home to have rooms that feel comfortable and lived in, as well as stylish. We’ve got a few staple pieces that we intend to incorporate, namely our big old olive colored velvet sofa. As far as comfort goes, this guy takes the cake. 😀

Deep Velvet Sofa

As I mentioned in the post yesterday, the room is pretty large, so there is a lot of space to get creative. I plan on making a few distinct sitting areas in this room to give us space to spread out a bit. All and all, this is what I think I’d like the room to flow like (at least for it’s first design iteration).

Living Room Layout Since we don’t have a separate TV room, I’m thinking that the TV will have to be directly above the fireplace. Not perfect, but at least that allows for lots of different angels for TV watching! 😀

Here is the mood board I’ve got started for the space, too. I know this will continue to evolve and change, but for now, I feel like it gives me a good starting place to help direct the types of items I’m looking for.

Living Room Mood Board

Much to Jay’s chagrin (since we have NO space in our apartment), I’ve been loading up on items I see on craigslist … when I see a good deal, it’s just so darn hard to pass it up! 😀

This is what the view from my “office desk” looks like right now. In the event of a fire, we’ve got a few obstacles in our path these days.

Moving From House to Apartment

Other than the $12 chairs that the orange tabby is peacefully slumbering away on (!), I also scored some beautiful vintage rattan chairs that I’m super pumped about adding into the mix in the new living room. I found a set of these that I plan to use to flank the back wall for additional seating. They’re pretty small, but very sturdy, so I think they’ll hold up well for the long haul.

Vintage Rattan Chairs

I’ve also got a HomeGoods induced heartbreaker on my hands. See this jewel?

Slipcovered Dining Chair

I found it on clearance for $185 – I know, right!? Considering I’ve been eyeing a nearly identical one at Ballard Designs for $699, I was pretty excited about that price. The only trouble is that I really want two chairs, one to go on either side of the couch. Well, I definitely called the 40+ HomeGoods, TJMaxx and Marshall’s locations in our area and I came up completely empty handed. (Weeping in corner)

Here’s a side shot of this lovely little looker.

Slipcovered Dining Chair

Although it’s possible that they’ll bring in more inventory, I guessing that’s unlikely since it had a red tag on it :'( I’m going to hold onto it for at least a few weeks and see if I’m not able to find me another one (which would be the best luck EVER). #WishfulThinking

I know many of us, myself included, aren’t always able to just snap their fingers and have a room come into place. Although it would be nice to drive on over to Ethan Allen and go on a shopping spree – let’s face it – purchasing all new furniture for a room can be super expensive! With this house, I’m trying my darndest to get as much furniture as possible used (craigslist, thrift store, etc), but it can be pretty tricky to find just what you’re looking for. I guess all that extra work is worth it’s weight in gold when you pay pennies on the dollar for all your new duds, right?

And in closing, I couldn’t resist a cute little photo of the orange boy. 😀

Cute Orange Tabby


Flash Sale!

Happy Sunday, y’all! So for anyone that’s been postponing their design dilemmas I’ve got some great news for you … your procrastination has paid off, because Lemon Grove Interiors will be offering 30% off, for the next 36-hours. From 9am Monday, until 9pm Tuesday (4/29) all services will be slashed by 30%.

Act fast people, get em’ while their hot! 😀 To get your red hot discount, just type in “Flash30” at checkout! Annnnnndd GO!

Flash Sale


Simple and Sweet | Mood Board (only $17.50!)

For those just looking for a sourced list of products for a space, the Simple and Sweet Mood Board is a great place to start. I’ll work within your budget to create a space you love coming home to. This package includes:

  • A custom design board (inspiration board)
  • Specific product recommendations for furniture, art, decor, fabric, accessories, and drapes.
  • Product source list (shopping list)

To create the look, simple purchase the items sourced and you’re on your way to a fresh and transformed space!

Investment | $25 for 36-hours only, $17.50 (Order here!)  just type in “Flash30” at checkout

Lemon Grove Interiors

I Want it All | Complete Design Package (only $31.50!)

Want a little bit more? This package will include everything you need to turn your room into a space you adore!

  • A custom design board (inspiration board)
  • Specific product recommendations for furniture, art, decor, fabric, accessories, and drapes.
  • Product source list (shopping list)
  • A true to scale floor plan illustration (an accurate birds eye view of your new space)
  • Paint color recommendations
  • Tips for incorporating current pieces
  • Specific furniture placement suggestions (as seen in your true to scale floor plan)

This package will include a layout of your room interior, to help you create a look that looks as good as it feels. Detailed drawings will include furniture layout and accessory placement.

Investment | $45 for 36-hours only, $31.50 (Order here!) just type in “Flash30” at checkout

Lemon Grove Interiors

Lemon Grove Interiors

Fancyfing This Joint

Actually, there is very little fancyfing (fancy-fi-ing) 😀 going on in this specific joint, but by George, the rest of America is getting in on some of that action. I can’t even tell you how much my palms are twitching over here with all the design work I’ve been doing for the rest of y’all. Let’s just say my little brain is stirring with all sorts of ideas for our new space once we’ve well, got a new space to move in to. Oye. Patience Mary, patience… 😀

In the mean time, I thought it would be fun to swing in with my monthly round up of designs I’ve been busting out for clients. I can tell you one thing. Once I’ve got my own little home sweet home, you betta bet that I’m putting a mood board together to get my mojo going. In the past, I more or less had an idea of what I kinda sorta wanted to do in my head, but seeing everything down on paper and producing finished rooms for clients has me taking a whole new approach on how I plan to attack our new spaces once we get settled.

Probably my favorite room to design this month, was my very first mini human room. Not little tike room for the pre-schoolers getting their first big kid bed, nope, this was the fresh out of the womb, just pushed that wrinkly beast out, welcome to the world type of room. Yes siree, my very first nursery. SQUEEEE!!!

Nursery Mood Board

Have you guys seen the Sharon Montrose Animal Prints? I loved using these for this space and think all the art is adorbs. Like this little monkey print – so dang cute. I’m pretty smitten 🙂

Monkey Print Nursery

Another fun, and very different project for me for was designing a fancy little loo. Being the big picture lady that I am, I really take a darn long time to get around to nice little spaces like my b-room. I think I need to change that – look at all the fine details that got added in this room.

Bathroom Mood Board Not going to lie, this next client pretty much has the best set up EVER for her bedroom. It’s got a sunroom attached that was pretty much the size of my last bedroom. Oye. Jeal-ous. What I would DO with that much space, I can’t even begin to tell you.

Bedroom Layout

Crazy sauce amazingness, right?! This is what I came up with for her space.

Bedroom Mood Board

I rounded out the month with another living room design board. I’m a total sucker for the little details in a house and totally fell in love with the sweet bay window Kristen had in her living space – perfect for a quaint and peaceful sitting area. (She lives near the ocean (!) , swoon)

Living Room Layout

Although each design board comes out very different, and with it’s own unique twist, I think you can tell that I really like the white drapes with bamboo blinds look 😀 Especially on a beach house! 😉

Living Room Mood Board

As always, if you’re ever interested in designing a space you absolutely love – I offer 10% off to all my lovely readers! Just type in “THANKYOU” at checkout! 😀

Client Redesign

I’m seriously in love with helping all y’all design some new snazzy spaces. I had an absolute blast helping Kelly, who’s setting up a new place to call home with her fiance, figure out a few final details to make her space that much nicer to come home to. I loved some of the items I sourced so much that I decided to snag them for myself! 🙂 (Ongoing theme, I know) 😉

Here is what I came up with for her living room.

Living Room Design Board

One of my favorite looks for a living room is something nice and cozy, with everything snuggled up together, ideally around a fireplace. Lucky for Kelly, she’s got a room perfect for that configuration!

Kelly Design Layout

She lives in a beautiful home that’s totally a blank slate pre-move. In addition to putting together a sourced list for her living room, I helped put together a board for her bedroom as well.

Bedroom Design

Kelly’s bedroom had a big blank wall where I thought some nicely arranged art would help to make a statement. Can you tell I’m loving those water color botanicals?

TV Art Layout

I loved finding all these sweet details for Kelly’s home so much, that I started to think about some of my all time favorite looks for furniture pieces. Kelly had some great staple furniture, which made putting a room together for her that much more enjoyable!

Here are a few of my favorite finds for couches:

Best Affordable Couches

1) Bryant Sofa, Ethan Allen, $1,599

2) Lounge 93″ slipcover sofa, Crate and Barrel, $1,700

3) Fulham Sofa, Home Decorators Collection, $999

4) Monterey Skirted Sofa, Ethan Allen, $1,889

5) Chesterfield sofa, Design Studios, $649

And here are my favorites for living room chairs!

Best Living Room Chairs

1) Charles Armchair, Home Decorators Collection, $499

2) Aiden Accent Chair, Home Decorators Collection, $389

3) Voltaire Lounge Chair, Home Decorators Collection, $459

4) Flanders Accent Chair, Home Decorators Collection, $429

5) Stella Armchair, Home Decorators Collection, $299

If you’d like help creating a space that you adore, I’d love to work with you too!

Packages start at just $25. PLUS, I’ve decided to extend 10% off to all you lovely readers! Just type in “THANKYOU” in the promo code box at check out!