Stacking Up

Don’t know where it came from, but Thursday afternoon I got a legit burst of energy. For someone who’s days consist of barely being able to get out of the bed in the morning – this was a BIG deal. And as I was stumbling along past the laundry room to start my morning, I thought, you know, it just might be time to start switching things up and making our room look a bit more sprucified. Get things in there a bit closer to my light bulb laundry moment vision.

Since it was looking like this and all.

Washer Shaking on Second Floor

We knew we wanted to organize the storage along the left side of the room, to optimize the flow in this little space.

This was the general layout we were thinking about before we went out to buy the wood.

Laundry Room Storage

Since we had to first get up and around all the plumbing and electrical that runs along the floor, we decided to raise the base shelf 8 inches. We just used a 2×4 base to do that – so it was super cheap, about $6 to build out the base.

Building Base for Storage

For building out the shelves, we decided to use a combination of (1) 4×8 piece of 1/2″ MDF and 1″x12″x10′ pine shelves. Here was our complete source list

  • (4) 2×4’s
  • (1) sheet of 1/2″ 4’x8′ MDF
  • (2) 1″x12″x10′ pine boards (made 4 shelves)
  • (1) sheet of 5mm thick underlayment, 4’x8′

Total cost: $109.87

Alright, here’s how it came together – it was actually pretty quick, took about (3) full hours to get the shelf to the point it is at the end of the post (pre-paint).

For our side panel, we had to use a few more 2×4’s, to give the side something to connect on to. We had to get a bit creative with this, but in the end we created a mini little framed wall, to attach the mdf directly to.

We popped in some mdf onto both of the bases we had built, and then started in on the shelving. This is where we used the pine shelf. It was a little bit more sturdy than the MDF, and we wanted to prevent the shelf from bowing as we added additional weight on it with our storage down the road.

Adding Shelving to Laundry Room

We used a 1″ piece of pine for the shelf to rest on. We just screwed it right into the side of each panel (of MDF).

About 20 minutes later, we had all the shelves up and you could really see the direction things were headed in!

Floor to Ceiling Storage

We had some serious storage, y’all! Jay and I were both like kids in a candy store by this point. Man, did it feel good to have an actual, legitimate shelf adorning our tiny little laundry room. So much more functional!

At this point, we realized we’d need to run back to HD to grab a small (thin) piece of wood to come through and finish off a few extra details. Like our base, which still needed some attention.

Adding Custom Storage to Laundry

We also knew that we’d have to add a skin panel to the front of each of the shelf brackets, to help cover up the ugly fugly little brackets we used to prop up our shelves 😉 The front of the shelves were a bit rough looking, too (knotty).

Creating Floating Shelf

After day one, and our custom little veneer numbers we added on the fronts, we had this!

Built in Storage in Laundry

Not done, but definitely closer!

Now our list looks something like this:

  • Add trim
  • Add a surround to the area around the stacked washer/dryer
  • Patch the side wall
  • Paint the built-in
  • Grout the floor

Laundry Storage