New Day New Door

We all have irrational things that we shouldn’t want, but we just do, you know what I mean? I blame the internet for giving me ideas, but I’ve made an executive decision that I want to redo all of the hardware in our house on the doors – oh and redo the doors, too 😀 Silly … most likely, but ya know what – judge me all you want. 😉

See it all started with this door, which leads to our back garage area. I wanted a solid door here and we had a 15-panel glass door, like so:

You can see another angle/version of this door in our desk post from a few months back, too.

Especially after my work space was added to this nook of the house, I found myself giving that door the icy glare more and more. First I tried to be like Joanna Gains and get a door that was vintage but that back fired. Public service announcement, antique doors are not standard heights 😉

Would have been cute but no dice.

After some husband begging – I convinced him to replace this door with a new shaker style one with a streamlined black door knob.

We also added in a new rug to the space and it’s just the ticket to make the space feel more cozy. There is also a heater vent right under that chair locale, which has helped to keep me motivated and working comfortably through these colder winter days (can’t complain too much in NC, but we did have a few colder days this year!)

Not a huge update, but I love the improvement for this side of our casa. Now that we’ve done one door, I just have to convince Jay to help me with the rest! 😉

In other news – baby girl gets evicted from my womb next Tuesday so things may be a bit quieter around here for a few weeks! I’ll try to post some updates after life settles down and bit and we adjust to life with two kiddos. Send us good vibes – and bourbon and/or sleeping pills.

Farmhouse Table + Flowers

Our house was pretty landscaped when we moved in a year ago, and with a 2-year old, and an interior I wanted to get cracking on, we’ve literally done nothing – like nothing – to the outside of the house. Well I guess Jay did trim the bushes once last year – ha! But that’s been it! Oh and he’s built this table, which I’m obsessed with. Plan from Ana White, here.

Farmhouse Style Table

So this planter and been growing away over time … by now, it’s a bit overgrown. We had some basil in there that we transplanted into a small planter we keep in the kitchen for cooking.


I’ve always loved the look of houses with tons and tons of hydrangeas all over the place. That or peonies but now that I have a kiddo and ants like never leave my life (ummm food crumbs all the time), the thought of a plant that attracts ants is not something I’m mojoing for too much.

We have a tiny little courtyard around our house, so I’d really like to give it a bit more of “us” character over time, and get rid of some of these tall wacky trees we have planted all over the place.


These are some of the images that I swoon over when thinking about designing our backyard space.



Do you think I could get away with turning our house into a tree, a la the photo above? I think Jay might fa-reak out 😉

Or what about turning the house into a bush, like this photo? Maybe I should just paint it green with a faux finish 😉 Something about that ivy/plantings growing over the wall just makes a space look old and lived in, I think. I love it!



Or this one (that table is a bit too weathered for my liking), but the droves of hydrangeas is definitely something I can get behind. And that charcoal shed tucked in the corner – mmm hmmm. Nice. Hydrangea_Backyard_Courtyard


So one small step toward this oh so lovely vision was to turn our planter introduced at the beginning of this post, into a small spot for some hydrangeas to grow. We picked up two from Home Depot this weekend, and y’all I am so excited to watch these babies grow. Down here in NC things do grow pretty fast, so hopefully they take off quickly!


I’m desperately hoping I don’t kill these beauties – I found this article helpful – and others attempting to grow hydrangeas may as well!

Next up, a porch swing (?) and some dark navy paint perhaps a la this photo. It hurts my heart I love this photo THAT much.

Outdoor Porch Swing