Swedish Obsession

When we lived in Michigan, we were 15 minutes away from an IKEA. The things we take for granted mi amigos, the things we take for granted. See – now the closest IKEA is 2+ hours away. Did I still convince Jay that it was a good idea for us to cart our booties there last weekend? Why yes! Yes I did 😀

I had a specific checklist of baby room items I wanted and there was an added bonus. It was the spend more money than you should, and EAT FOR FREE day at IKEA! Never heard of it? Well those tricky little Swedish marketers came up with the idea that if they could persuade you to spend $100 or more on home furnishings, that you could eat all the swedish food your heart desired. To a knocked up women and a man that puts over a hundred miles a week on the open road burning calories on his bicycle – this sounded like a splendid way to spend a Saturday.

And so … off we went … on our Saturday adventure, where this happened.

Eat for Free at IKEA day

Yep, that’s food for just the two of us, well the three of us, if you’re getting technical. I think Jay likes to pretend he’s growing a baby too, since his spread out paced mine by a few sides.

I’ve gotta say, between the food (oh, the food!) and the splendid array of wonderment that lay before my eyes, this was one fun IKEA trip.

Best IKEA Furniture

My favorite item – BY FAR – was this little sofa that was just way too chic for it’s own good. And by it’s own good, I mean mine, because I’ve obviously got to make it mine.

IKEA Stocksund Sofa

As much as I lovey dove IKEA, I’m not usually a furniture shopper there, since the swedish lines are a bit more modern than I typically jam with. I’ve got a house chock full of their baskets and picture frames, but this sofa man, that really stopped my heart a beating for a quick second.

It’s even got a matching ottoman, to boot! Want, neeeed, must haveee ittt allll.

IKEA Stocksund Ottoman

They’ve actually got an entire collection (of armchair and sofas) so you better bet I’m saving my simolians to buy one of those beauties down the line.

Here are some of my favorite new picks I spotted on our most recent trip. I can’t wait to show you what we picked out for the nursery! (we’ve even got a paint color up in there!)

Best Things From IKEA

Stocksund Sofa // Dorthy Pillow // Pjas Basket // Himalayamix Plants // Graslok Planter // Stocksund Ottoman // Ryssby Table // Magga Basket // Ribba Picture Frame

Ditching the Theme

When we first moved in this fall, the Master Bedroom became my first priority. This bedroom had a SERIOUS personality. I mentioned in the door renovation post that the house had some “taste specific” themes going on in the house, and I think the Master Bedroom was the crowning jewel of that concept 🙂 Why yes, glad you noticed, those curtains DO match the wallpaper. Crazy town, I’m telling ya…

Master Bedroom – Before

Needless to say – I was looking for more serene and neutral bedroom decor, so we opted to strip the wallpaper off and paint the walls a nice calming color. We brought our bed over from the last house, Jay helped me construct this baby and I seriously love it. It set us back about $175, but was modeled after a bed that cost nearly 2K. H to the izzo. I’ll have to put up another post about constructing that beast – because in all honesty – if ya got a staple gun and a bit of will power – you’re good to go! Below is a mood board of some of the elements used in the room, so you can see where I was headed.

Bedroom Mood Board

Right away we needed some {small} night stands for storage and extra lighting in the room. I scoured craigslist, but alas, I came up empty for the dimensions needed. That, and my hunting time frame was like 48 hours, because, let’s face it – when I get my mind set on something happening, that’s about my time capacity for waiting it out. Patience is a virtue I just don’t got. Sorry ma.

Luckily – I found a PAIR, at TARGET on CLEARANCE. Yes, you heard me right. It was like the shopping gods aligned my lucky stars. I had the night stands pinned on pinterest for a few months, so I couldn’t believe my luck when I found two on the target end cap. I stopped right in my tracks – Jay couldn’t really understand my amazement at the situation. Men, I’m telling ya. I think it helped my case that there was no assembling required 😉 Here are some current pictures to show how the bedroom is looking these days.

Bedroom: Progress

Some curtains to soften up the space – and to block the outdoor lights at night. Plans to pinch pleat the top once I get over my fears of sewing machines.

Bedroom: Progress Bedroom Side: Progress

And, the closet door. Painted and ready to go!

Detail Shot: White Door

The bedroom has continued to evolve, and I would still love to get some more details in the space to make it feel a bit more homey and cozy. Notably – we are in need of some additional storage space, looking to do an IKEA dresser hack in the next few weeks to help with that. It’s a small space though – so there really isn’t much room to add too much additional storage. At 9×10 this is a COZY space, so we have had to be very strategic about how we design for and utilize the space.

Here is the source list for the space:

Paint: Benjamin Moore Ballerina White

Bed: DIY, Inspired by Colette Bed from Crate and Barrel

Lamps: Homegoods

Bedroom Tables: Target

Overhead Light: Overstock

Curtains: IKEA Lenda Curtains

Rug: World Market Ivory Classic Carved Rug 

Basement Progress

The basement is FAR from finished, but we finally got some artwork up. We put a collage on one side of the window, and I was able to snag a sa-weet poster from IKEA for $12 green backs. Highly recommended, this thing is huge! Only downside to the size was that we had to buy the largest frame for it, which was $24.99. Our local IKEA has a special where you can eat for free if you spend $100 in store, so we just make strategic trips over on the weekends they are running this promotion so we can fill our bellies while we empty our wallet 😉 Last time Jay and I got $30 bucks worth of food – ha ha! It was a Swedish feast at it’s finest.

Here is the IKEA Bild Poster

Here it is hanging in the basement, along with the collage on the other side of the window.

IKEA Bild Poster Basement Collage Basement: Progress

When we are finished with this side of the basement, I would love for it to have some of the flavor from the collage below. White cabinetry, nice hardware, great storage, etc. Next steps – painting the cabinets and installing an all-wood counter perhaps?

Basement Office: Idea Board